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The Lynx DCC 2016-J is a fictional low B-class buggy that was in the original lineup of 35 cars in Asphalt Xtreme. Originally purchasable with credits, the DCC 2016-J now requires Class-B Blueprints 10 to be unlocked, and starts at a rank of level 10. Oil changes take 30 minutes, and cost Credits 200 for each refill.

Being of fictional design, the DCC 2016-J's general rendition takes inspiration from single seat Baja and Dune buggies. Notable features include a custom wedge-shaped frame, with a roll cage integrated with the frame, a spare wheel on the roof of the car, and a V12 engine placed at the rear.


The Lynx DCC 2016-J stands as one of the best buggies in the game, being truly rivaled in its archetype by only the Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS. The DCC features strong acceleration and nitro power, as well as having very responsive steering that makes the DCC very tail-happy. Its handling behavior is similar to muscle cars before their handling nerf, in that it appears to find grip and turn-in by drifting on bumps. Without the aid of bumps, the actual drift radius leaves a lot to be desired, carrying low speeds on corners that can be found in Svalbard or Coachella Valley. The DCC's strongest trait is its acceleration gain from drift-boosting, being so powerful, that it almost instantaneously gets the Lynx to top speed, especially at max level. The major drawback however is the very low top speed, especially when using long nitro.

Being a buggy, the Lynx has high airspeed potential, and can pull off a quick succession of stunts very easily. It also gains substantially more boost performing stunts from any other class. The performance traits specific to the DCC combined with the benefits the buggy archetype offers makes the DCC absolutely dominate certain tracks in the game, and compete in most tracks.

Being a class B car, the Lynx is capped at Level 25 without any use of rank up tools. While the Lynx is great in this rank, its true potential lies within it's Level 50 performance. Drivers competent in gaining airspeed will find the DCC to be an excellent choice for multiplayer races. Acceleration off the start is strong, and can be improved even more if the driver drift-boosts on their second long nitro, this technique almost always makes the Lynx impervious to knockdown attempts from monster trucks. While a Mini All4Racing X-Raid may have much more ground-based top speed, the Lynx in turn has much better airspeed potential, which can be a huge asset in air-speed oriented tracks. The Lynx's top speed still makes it susceptible to being beaten by cars such as the X-Raid and the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016, especially if the driver is not good at taking advantage of the airspeed potential, or is unable to. The GMC Sierra 2500 HD is the Lynx's most direct threat at this rank, sharing a similar playstyle, and having better max airspeed and top speed, but having worse acceleration, nitro efficiency and power, in addition to being harder to drive.

At Level 50, the true power and potential of the Lynx can be seen here. From standstill to max speed, the Lynx is unrivaled thanks to its excellent acceleration and nitro power, and now ludicrous acceleration gain from drift-boosting. Drift-boosting on ramps allows the Lynx to reach its maximum airspeed very easily, often times with just using long nitro, and sometimes just simply activating the boost for the first time. The DCC doesn't run into physics issues anywhere near as often as other archetypes do, and is much easier to drive fast than any other pickup in the game. Top speed remains a significant concern however, being severely outclassed by what other archetypes can bring in terms of both long and all-in nitro. At this level, the Lynx excels in air-speed demanding tracks that also require high levels of acceleration. It dominates tracks such as Urban Playground, The Factory, and all the Gobi tracks in the game. The Lynx is also a viable choice on many more tracks, being at the very least a few seconds off the pace, and at best one of the fastest options there is available. Examples include Mountain Village (rivaling the Perlini 105F Red Tiger and Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Monster), Himalayan Mountains (rivaling the X-Raid, Polaris, and a skilled Chevrolet 3100 driver), and Ancient Relics, (rivaling the X-Raid). Pure top speed oriented tracks is where the Lynx truly struggles, it is best to avoid most of the Svalbard tracks as well as both variations of Coachella Valley.

Speed Modifier Approximation

Modifier: 99.8 %* km/h mph
Real Displayed Real Displayed
No Nitro 232.8 km/h 233.3 km/h 144.7 mph 145 mph
Long Nitro level 1 259.5 km/h 260 km/h 161.2 mph 161.6 mph
Long Nitro level 2 264.5 km/h 265 km/h 164.3 mph 164.7 mph
Long Nitro level 3 271.8 km/h 272.3 km/h 168.9 mph 169.2 mph
Long Nitro level 4 Extra Tank 276.4 km/h 277 km/h 171.8 mph 172.1 mph
All-In Nitro 290.4 km/h 291 km/h 180.5 mph 180.8 mph
All-In Nitro Extra Tank 298.4 km/h 299 km/h 185.4 mph 185.8 mph
Max Airspeed 331.3 km/h 332 km/h 205.9 mph 206.3 mph
Max Airspeed Extra Tank 336.3 km/h 337 km/h 209 mph 209.4 mph

* when using the Land Rover Defender as 100 % benchmark

The Lynx's long nitro and all-in top speed is very poor, being comparable to the Sierra's top speed in addition to its own archetype. Ultimately, the ease of getting to its airspeed is where the Lynx shines the brightest. Extra Tank does fortunately provide benefit in that it can increase speed at the sacrifice of having to manage an extra tank and worsened handling (although it isn't too noticeable for the DCC). It may not be a direct upgrade at all circumstances, but it can shed off a second in lap time if utilized correctly. The Lynx is highly recommended for multiplayer if the driver is good enough, filling a role in being able to thrash any other archetype in certain maps, as well as being capable on most other tracks. The Lynx also can recover from wrecks very quickly provided that there is some nitro available. It may be quite difficult to use the Lynx as it may wreck as a result of gaining airspeed on barrel rolls, so cars like the X-Raid and Red Tiger might be a better fit for most people.

In terms of time-limited event usage, the Lynx is an essential car to have if one is to go for top position on some of the tracks in the rotation, and is very viable almost anywhere given the right hands, it also can be used in buggy solo challenges, but won't always be available for all championships.

The Lynx DCC 2016-J is an essential car to upgrade to Level 50 assuming the Polaris is not maxed out already. It is on the same level as the X-Raid and 105F in terms of usefulness and is the king on certain tracks. It also lends itself well into helping drivers understand the mechanics of drift-boosting so they can use their skills for the harder pickup archetype.


Lynx DCC 2016-J Blueprint Lynx DCC 2016-J Blueprint – Last checked: May 27, 2021
Price: Credits 119,700 or Tokens 90
Rarity: Class B
Vehicle: Lynx DCC 2016-J (10 to build, 8 to overclock)
Availability: Boxes, Black Market


The Lynx is required for a Stars Star goal in the following career races:

  • Race 140 (Class B, levels 23–25)

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