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Nothing can stop you: you can master any assignment with our MAN TGX D38, no matter how difficult or arduous it may be. Our power packet transports up to 120 tonnes in heavy-duty transportation without difficulty thanks to its powerful engine performance; its pulling power is enough to carry you up every elevation, no matter how steep. The enormous brake output of the sustained action braking system then allows you to make your descent safely.

The strong driving force doesn’t just make a lasting impression on long-haul or heavy-duty transport runs, it is also effective on difficult terrain such as construction sites and forest areas. Choose the right semitrailer tractor for your requirements and leave obstacles in your wake with our MAN TGX D38. Our MAN TGX D38 – the perfect symbiosis of unrivaled efficiency and unsurpassed pulling power.

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The MAN TGX D38 appears as a Class A truck, and was originally the highest class truck in the game until the Mercedes-Benz Zetros debuted in the Mini John Cooper Update.

The MAN TGX is one of the smaller trucks in the game, custom modifications include 5 spotlights at the front of the cab, and an over sized rear wing at the back.

The TGX starts out at a rank of 18, and requires Class-A Blueprints 20 to unlock. Oil changes cost Credits 250 credits to start and take 1 hour to finish.


The MAN's performance can be described as a mix of the rapid all-in acceleration and airspeed potential found in the Unimog U 4023 and the high top speed found in the H&H Bulldog Extreme 4X4. It's all-in acceleration is very quick, being only worse than the Unimog, and has a decent, albeit worse top speed than what the Bulldog can offer. The handling is the most unique aspect of the TGX, but is unfortunately for the detriment of the vehicle. The MAN's grippy demeanor and stubbornly poor steering responsiveness makes drifts on certain corners nearly impossible to do, which can force the driver to understeer into walls. It also make drift-boosting and gaining airspeed on ramps very difficult to pull off in some situations, and quick changes in directions are very tedious and sluggish with the TGX. Further adding into the sub par handling is a drift radius that is not great even by truck standards, drift-boosting around corners provides grip, but usually results in the TGX straightening itself out of the drift, which is problematic for sharp turns present in Svalbard and Coachella Valley.

Being an A-Class car, the maximum rank achievable without rank-up tools is 35, the TGX is decent at this rank, but is not particularly outstanding. Being a truck, the slow long nitro, large size, and unpredictable clipping issues make the MAN a poor choice on Gobi and Coachella Valley, and thanks to it's handling, a poor choice on Detroit, and even Phuket. The MAN can be used to compete in multiplayer at this rank, but it's viability is heavily dictated by the map choice, a stock Gharial or an upgraded Mini All4Racing X-Raid are more capable choices, that don't suffer the same pit-falls trucks can have in multiplayer.

Despite the less than ideal handling, in the right hands, the MAN TGX at Level 50 can be a legitimate competitor to the Perlini 105F Red Tiger. On some tracks, the TGX can even beat the Perlini and become the fastest vehicle on the track. As long as the track in question doesn't have too much twisty turns, has some ramps for gaining airspeed, and does not heavily rely on superior top speed, the TGX's far superior airspeed potential and acceleration will help distance itself from the pace setting Perlini, and the decent top speed will help ensure that the Red Tiger won't catch up so drastically. The best examples of tracks were the MAN can go toe-to-toe with the Perlini, and potentially beat it, are High Altitude, and Off-Piste Race. Tracks like Autumn Winds, Emerald Forest, or Steel Ruins either highly emphasize ground top speed, or have twisty corners that can drastically slow down the TGX's pace.

The displayed and approximate fake speed of the Level 50 MAN TGX D38 are:
(Speed Modifier is ~98.1% when using the Land Rover Defender as a benchmark.)

  • Top Speed w/o boost: 146.5 mph (~143.7 mph)
  • Top Speed w/ Level 1 long nitro: 164 mph (~160.9 mph)
  • Top Speed w/ Level 2 long nitro: 170 mph (~166.7 mph)
  • Top Speed w/ Level 3 long nitro: 177.7 mph (~173.7 mph)
  • Top Speed w/ Level 4 ET long nitro: 174 mph (~178.4 mph)
  • Top Speed w/ All-in nitro: 187 mph (~183.4 mph)
  • Top Speed w/ All-in nitro & ET: 196 mph (~192.3 mph)
  • Max Air Speed: 214 mph (~209.9 mph)
  • Max Air Speed w/ ET: 220 mph (215.8 mph)

The TGX's all-in nitro and airspeed potential is middle-of-the-road in it's archetype, it doesn't trail too far behind the Bulldog, but will get out-dragged by it and the Perlini if there are very long straights. While Extra tank can help the TGX go faster, the handling issues are amplified further, making hotlapping a lot more difficult to do with extra tank. In terms of Multiplayer, the MAN's ability to be one of the fastest trucks in some tracks makes the MAN a very potent vehicle as long as the usual conditions are met (The right map is chosen, no trucks are ahead of the driver and that the driver can refill nitro by running into obstacles). The handling does make the TGX more trickier to drive than the Perlini, so it is recommended to disengage nitro on punishing corners. The MAN can be used for Time-limited events, and while it can sometimes beat the Perlini, it's designation in A class limits the MAN's availability to only S-Class Championships, and makes it's blueprint quite rare to come across compared to lower class vehicles.

Ultimately, the MAN TGX D38 is a high skill, high reward type of vehicle that can beat the Perlini on some tracks if driven well, making it a worth-while car to upgrade to Level 50 if the player can manage the awful handling. It can be a worthwhile investment to upgrade both the TGX and the Unimog to Level 50, as the Unimog's easier handling and rapid acceleration can make it faster on tracks where the TGX struggles.


MAN TGX D38 Blueprint MAN TGX D38 Blueprint – Last checked: May 31, 2021
Price: Credits 287,700 or Tokens 225
Rarity: Class A
Vehicle: MAN TGX D38 (20 to build, 5 to overclock)
Availability: Boxes, Black Market


The MAN TGX D38 is required for a Stars Star goal in the following career race:

  • Race 200 (Class A, levels 33–35)
    • Recommended level: 33

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