Master Daily Bundle
Master daily bundle a8
"200 Tokens
2x Common Drivetrain
2x Common Exhaust
2x Common Suspension
2x Common Tires
30-Min Extra Tank
15-Min Tuning Kit
30-Min Nitro Starter"
Last checked Aug 14, 2020
Price 2.29 
VIP reward VIP 1-5 full a8 200
Availability Reoccurring offer
– Every 24 hours
Timer reset: 0:00 UTC

The Master Daily Bundle is a Bundle in Asphalt 8: Airborne introduced with the 2020 Lunar New Year Update. The Fifteenth Anniversary Update replaced the previously contained Pro Kit Boxes with

This means that the Master Daily Bundle no longer contains any random processes, which may be a reaction to changed legislation on simulated gambling in some contries, namely Belgium where it is prohibited to sell loot boxes (= Pro Kit Boxes) for real money since 2018.[1]

Furthermore, the changes reduced the number of granted cards from 20 to 8, with the additional disadvantage that the bundle grants no more Tech or Engine cards and that the rarity is now restricted to common cards only.


Bundle prices are directly linked to the prices of Token Packs. The Master Daily Bundle with A8 tokens full 200 costs the same as a A8 tokens full 200 Token Pack. The actual price can differ depending on the player's progress in the game; for advanced players it is 2.29  (the same in US$).

So basically players get A8 tokens full 200 for the normal price plus free cards and boosters.


The Master Daily Bundle is available every 24 hours; the timer is reset at 0:00 UTC.

From August 7–20, 2020, it was unavailable.

Previous versions


  1. Gerken, Tom (2018-04-26). Video game loot boxes declared illegal under Belgium gambling laws. BBC. Retrieved on 2020-02-04.
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