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Introduced in the Hot Summer Update, Car Mastery (or just Mastery) is another single player game mode. It offers 15 single-lap races, called Challenges, for each car of the game, with the possibility to earn Credits, Car Upgrades, Pro Boxes, Boosters, and Licences. The announcing pop-up hints that this mode is only available for players with at least 135 stars in the Career Mode.


For each car in the game, there are 15 Races available, in increasing difficulty: the cars of your NPC opponents will be gradually increase from initial rank to max to max+pro. To be able to accept a challenge, i.e. take part in the race, you have to complete the previous challenges. Also your car has to have a certain level, challenges 1 to 5 being available without upgrades, increasing until Challenge 15 which requires a maxed and pro'ed car. While Challenges 1 to 10 have traffic, Challenges 11 to 15 are without traffic (except for the usual stationary vehicles).

Challenges are either of type Classic, Unplugged or Flawless. Classic means you have to finish first, Unplugged means finish first without Nitro refills on the track, and Flawless finish first withtout crashing: if you crash, you are immediately disqualified, and the race ends, without credits earned.


Licences work as an experience level, similar to the star system, which you cannot buy but only earn. However instead of giving you access to new levels, the licences give you access to new Decal packs, as well as some cars apparently exclusively available through licences: Camaro Z/28 (300),  Datsun 280Z (650) and Shelby Cobra 427 (1050). See the detailed contents of each decal pack on the page Car Mastery Rewards.


The Mastery mode is not interesting for farming in the classical sense unless you have pro'ed your Class S or Class A car. For instance: challenge 15 for the Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning in Tokyo gives Credits 5,925. But because Tokyo is a long track, the race type in this race is Unplugged, and the opponents are at the same car upgrade level as you, the credits per second are pretty low. However, the <a href="">Lamborghini Veneno</a> Challenge 15 pays nearly 6,000 coins for less than a minute of driving, versus the Season 9 lap which takes twice as long and pays more than 1,000 coins fewer.

However in a less strict sense of the term, you can earn a lot of Credits Credits while playing: the total of Race Rewards are estimated to Credits 4.500.000, the medals reward around Credits 400.000, and the Challenge Rewards Credits 11.000.000, not counting the value of the Pro Boxes, Boosters or car upgrades.

Challenge Rewards

For each race you play in the Mastery mode, you get a number of rewards. Similar to events, you can cash in those rewards after the race, or you can decide to leave them for later.

For each Challenge you get a Credits reward, and for Challenge 5, 6 (mostly), 10 and 15 you get an additional reward amongst the following: