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The McLaren GT is a grand tourer based on the 570S platform with the engine from the 720S.


Text originally taken from the GT's page on McLaren's website.

The world has changed. The superlight McLaren GT is the Grand Tourer reimagined. Rejuvenated. And the results are extraordinary. Strikingly beautiful. And the lightest, quickest accelerating GT.

The GT is shaped by our relentless desire to challenge the established order. We took the key ingredients and reinvented and applied them in new, innovative ways. Then combined with the power, speed and performance that is undiluted McLaren.

The GT is a supercar that is thrilling, yet refined, dynamic and engaging. Never before has a GT car with such incredible dynamic capabilities been coupled with such class leading refinement.

The GT is supremely quick. In fact, it’s the fastest car and lightest Grand Tourer – with blistering acceleration. But it’s the way this astonishing performance is delivered that’s unique. The new McLaren 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine delivers near endless power and torque, yet it’s also tuned to be refined and efficient. Acceleration is seamless and smooth. Poise and polish are always part of the drive. The GT offers the perfect blend of body control and ride comfort. Thrilling handling is balanced with laser-precision straight-line stability. And then there’s that stirring exhaust note that you expect from a McLaren supercar.

Beneath the muscular elegance of the GT’s body lies a masterclass in engineering and innovation. The new McLaren 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 delivers 620PS and 630Nm of torque. Combine these figures with a weight of just 1,530kg, and performance is stunning… Standing start to 100km/h (0-62mph) takes just 3.2 seconds. While 0-200km/h (0-124mph) is achieved in 9 seconds. Top speed is as spectacular as you’d expect from a McLaren – at 326km/h (203mph). Built around its lightweight carbon fibre MonoCell II-T chassis, the GT has McLaren DNA shaping every bit of its personality. A lightweight GT with comfort and performance. Because more power shouldn’t have to mean more weight.

Asphalt 9: Legends Asphalt 9: Legends

The McLaren GT was added in the British Tour Season Update as a high-ranked Class C car with the following rank statistics:

  • Stock rank: 2,319 (Epic Blueprints 35)
  • A9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star grey.pngA9 icon star grey.pngA9 icon star grey.pngA9 icon star grey.png rank: 2,536
  • A9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star grey.pngA9 icon star grey.pngA9 icon star grey.png rank: 2,847 (Epic Blueprints 15)
  • A9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star grey.pngA9 icon star grey.png rank: 3,123 (Epic Blueprints 21)
  • A9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star grey.png rank: 3,452 (Epic Blueprints 28)
  • A9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.png rank: 4,022 (Epic Blueprints 35)


At its stock rank, the McLaren GT has a top speed rating of 326, above average acceleration rating (71.20), average handling rating (53.99), and poor nitro efficiency rating (34.61). The GT has a performance map similar to the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4's, but has better stock top speed, acceleration and handling in exchange for worse nitro efficiency and lower upgrade scalability in all respects, except acceleration. Thus, at lower ranks, the GT is able to take most corners at slightly higher speeds than the Gallardo. Because of its high stability, the GT has a tendency to perform fewer barrel rolls off curved ramps.

The McLaren GT's upgrades provide the greatest increases to its nitro efficiency, followed by its handling, with the least improvements to its top speed and acceleration. Compared to the Gallardo at MAX rank, the GT has better acceleration, giving it faster starts and corner exit speeds, but marginally lower top speed and nitro efficiency, as well as considerably worse handling, so the Gallardo has a slight overall advantage on straights and sharp/long turns.


Due to the British Tour Season Structure, unlocking the McLaren GT is one of the requirements to participate in the Ultima RS's Special Event; it also needs to be starred up to A9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star yellow.pngA9 icon star grey.pngA9 icon star grey.png to complete all conditions on the stages featuring it.

Among all Class C cars, the McLaren GT's acceleration-focused, but otherwise balanced, performance characteristics means it generally performs better on technical tracks, such as Auckland and New York, where it can make use of its high acceleration to get up to speed quickly after exiting corners. While it still performs reasonably well in speed-oriented locations, like Cairo or Scotland, these areas are dominated by cars with considerably higher top speed ratings (mainly the Arrinera Hussarya and Vencer Sarthe).

As it is one of the 5 top-ranked Class C cars at MAX, the McLaren GT is eligible for participation in the Elite: Class C event, held once every 5 weeks, which rewards Tokens tokens.


Main article: McLaren GT (Grand Prix)

The McLaren GT's Epic Blueprints blueprints were first obtainable from the following sources during its debut in the British Tour Season:

  1. its Grand Prix event—at least Epic Blueprints 2 blueprints are guaranteed for simply placing in the final rounds
  2. its own Star Hunt event, held from February 11-21, 2022—Epic Blueprints 8 blueprints are guaranteed from finishing and winning races, and the event packs feature increased blueprint drop rates
  3. reaching Tier 20 during the British Tour SeasonEpic Blueprints 1 blueprint is awarded with the Free Pass; Epic Blueprints 5 more are awarded with purchase of the Legend Pass, which costs real money
  4. limited-time offers in the Shop, with it as the featured car, available for 8 weeks from February 11, 2022
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