The McLaren MP4-31, if driven with extreme/above-average skill, can be one of the best Multiplayer Vehicles in the entire game, at full PRO (it can be used to reach 2300-2500 rating). The easiest method to avoid skids with the MP4-31 is to not steer the vehicle (ie, to drive the vehicle in a straight line, like a sleigh). Also, it is best to avoid "fights" with other drivers whenever possible.

The MP4-31 is certainly less impressive in Multiplayer than in TLEs, however. Its poor nitro efficiency is even more difficult to manage in a Multiplayer scenario; "perfect runs" can easily be cancelled if an opponent pushes the MP4-31 into a wall and nitro bottles can easily be "stolen" by opponents (also, there is no traffic for "near misses"). The MP4-31 also becomes more difficult to steer/control in a Multiplayer scenario, with the MP4-31 being terrible at "dogfighting" (ramming the vehicle into opponents), where it can easily lose its grip with the terrain. The MP4-31 is also disadvantaged in Multiplayer races with more than 1-lap.

In a Multiplayer scenario (~1800 ranks), the MP4-31 is ultimately inferior to both the Vulcan and the Hussarya GT due to the above reasons. However, the MP4-31 is often superior to the Corvette GS because of the sheer acceleration advantage. The MP4-25 is another rival for the MP4-31 in Multiplayer, with its extreme acceleration being its main advantage.

A good configuration for the MP4-31 that is worthwhile, until one has enough Custom Racing Engines to fully PRO the vehicle, is X0X0. This gives a rank of S1732 and a decent real total top speed of 299.3 mph (481.8 km/h) when compared to the MP4-25's 303.4 mph (488.7 km/h) at A1766.

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