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  • Race 1: Welcome to Nevada. We'll chat more with whoever survives this Elimination.

  • Race 2: We need a driver who deserves a car as special as the McLaren Mercedes MP4-25. Show us what you can do!

  • Grand Finale: Let's see who deserves to make it to the second Tour after this Grand Finale!

Azure Coast[]

  • Race 1: Congrats. You're not bad. But that's far from enough.

  • Race 2: Still need to cut a few more losers from the running. ELIMINATION TIME!

  • Race 3: Glad to see you survived that test. I'll be watching your speed in this Qualifier.

  • Grand Finale: Think you're going somewhere? This Grand Finale will tell us for sure.


  • Race 1: Now I'm starting to see your talent! Keep it up in Tokyo and we'll be seeing a lot more of each other.

  • Race 2: You made a great entrance, but now let's set some new records in your McLaren Mercedes MP4-25!

  • Race 3: Your time in Tokyo is nearing an end. But you can still show us your skills with the McLaren!

  • Grand Finale: Now things are serious. Win and we move on. Lose, and you're through.


  • Race 1: Ah, Venice... "The Floating City." Okay, sightseeing over; time to RACE!

  • Race 2: Lose this Elimination and we drop you in the ocean... Just kidding! The real fate of losers is MUCH worse...

  • Race 3: Way to keep your head above water. But this Qualifier is going to really test your limits.

  • Race 4: You'd be surprised how many people just can't handle the pressure. Glad to see you're not one of them.

  • Grand Finale: Get your sightseeing done, because this is the Grand Finale before we ship you off!


  • Race 1: If you really are worthy of the McLaren Mercedes MP4-25, a little Icelandic wind should be nothing for you.

  • Race 2: Nothing seems to faze you, huh? Guess we'll have to crank up the challenge then!

  • Race 3: Getting thirsty? Oh, I didn't mean for water; I meant for a record-setting victory!

  • Race 4: Hope you've been upgrading your McLaren. Only an amateur would neglect to optimize such a beauty!

  • Grand Finale: Ready to hit the next city? Not until I see you roast the competition in the Grand Finale!


  • Race 1: The Alps are quite a change of scenery, no? Well, the goal is still the same. Show me your speed!

  • Race 2: You're practically a sherpa out there. Maybe you can show me the fastest way around these roads.

  • Race 3: These mountains are known for eliminating the weak. But that won't be you, right?

  • Race 4: Like living on the edge? Guess that's better than going off it, am I right?

  • Race 5: Your McLaren is looking pretty slick out there, but you may need more upgrades to keep from sliding off the mountains.

  • Grand Finale: Had enough heights? Then win this Grand Finale or take a flying leap!


  • Race 1: Here we are, down to just the last 2 tours. Barcelona is a fun city, but these races are no joke.

  • Race 2: I'm starting to see how you bring the McLaren to life on the road. You might be the one we want.

  • Race 3: Competition is getting tougher. We can't let up for a second. And you can't spare a second on this track!

  • Race 4: You're getting frighteningly close to the prize. Don't let the pressure of it all ruin your race.

  • Race 5: Have you mastered your McLaren Mercedes MP4-25? Well, you should at least be very close to it by now.

  • Grand Finale: This is the penultimate test of your worthiness to own the McLaren you're driving. So dust the competition!

Rio de Janeiro[]

  • Race 1: Congratulations on reaching Rio de Janeiro! The city that will pick the ultimate driver for the McLaren. Ready?

  • Race 2: Can't say I'm surprised you made it this far, but the competition has been tough... and it's only gonna get tougher still!

  • Race 3: You need to have the same force behind the wheel as the river you're racing over. No excuses here!

  • Race 4: This is the final Elimination challenge, and the competition is desperate to toss you to the hyenas.

  • Race 5: You're in the home stretch. Feeling confident? Nervous? Excited?

  • Race 6: If you're serious about winning this, now's the time to max out your McLaren's upgrades. Don't half-gas it here!

  • Grand Finale: I'm not surprised you made it to this final showdown. You deserve the McLaren Mercedes MP4-25... but so do the others racing for it!

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