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The McLaren Senna Special Event was released as the 7th Special Event as part of the Tune It Up Update and is the first event in the King Of The Fall Event series. It was available between September 6 and October 4, 2019. The event has 24 stages with a time limit of 28 days once the event has started.


Stage 1 - September 6 

  • Finish Race x5 - Event Pack x5
  • Finish Race x20 - A8 credits small 25,000 x 5 (Skippable for A8 tokens full 15)
  • Nitro Time 20s - A8 tokens full 25 x 20
  • Beat Race Time 1:25s - McLaren Senna Blueprints x4

Club Rewards

  • Win The Race (5 Members) - McLaren Senna Blueprint

Vehicle Requirement: None

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