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The McLaren Senna Special Event was released as the 7th Special Event as part of the Tune-Up Update and is the first event in the King Of The Fall Event series. It was available between September 6 and October 4, 2019. The event has 24 stages with a time limit of 28 days once the event has started.


Stage 1 - September 6 

  • Finish Race x5 - Event Pack x5
  • Finish Race x20 - A8 credits small 25,000 x 5 (Skippable for A8 tokens full 15)
  • Nitro Time 20s - A8 tokens full 25 x 20
  • Beat Race Time 1:25s - McLaren Senna Blueprints x4

Club Rewards

  • Win The Race (5 Members) - McLaren Senna Blueprint

Vehicle Requirement: None

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