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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: Welcome to the ultimate test, Racer 8. You will be helping us test our AI protocols, as well as the capabilities of the Mercedes-Benz SLS. Good luck!

  • Test .002.: We've had a number of AIs go rogue recently -- not good for business. But no worries; we've turned down the difficulty to maximize control. Enjoy!

  • Test .003.: OK, so we've decided to ramp up the difficulty a tad. It helps better define the capabilities of the Mercedes-Benz SLS, and it's a wonderful car!

  • Test .004.: Amazing! You're clearing these with no problem whatsoever. We've decided to remove the AI for tune-ups. Routine stuff. Beat the race time -- go!

  • Test .005.: Hmm... I'm not sure what's going on here. We had a couple more timed tracks planned. Well, whatever it is, I wouldn't worry. Go grab first place!

  • Test .006.: OK, you know how I said not to worry? I take that back. The AI has gone rogue -- again -- and it's trying to take you out! Finish first and we can move on.

  • Test .007.: The Rogue AI has manifested itself onto the track. It's undefeated. Technically, it's never raced before -- but still! Losing here will set us back... DECADES!

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: Congratulations, Racer 8. You've managed to stave off the Rogue AI. Here at Lab 2, we've been trying to trace the source of these problems. All you need to do is race.

  • Test .009.: The more races you win, the more data we can extract. Not to mention the Mercedes-Benz SLS has the horsepower behind it to help you.

  • Test .010.: You're doing great. We're going to simulate an AI Infection in order to try to draw out the source and shut it down. Again, just go fast and take the top spot.

  • Test .011.: Frustrating! You were great out there, but we're no closer to finding this virus of a Rogue AI. Keep working your magic on the SLS, and we'll gladly hand you the keys!

  • Test .012.: Reports from Lab 1 say the last time the Rouge AI attacked, it was after a Timed Trial. Let's see if we can do the same thing here. Beat the time just like you did before!

  • Test .013.: Bingo. A virus just attached itself to our simulation and is running a "TAKEDOWN" program. Again, focus on finishing first and we'll be able to track it.

  • Test .014.: Nice work out there, Racer 8! We've got the Rogue AI on the run. Best way to chase it down is to continue what you're doing. Push the SLS to the limit!

  • Test .015.: We've tracked the Rogue AI to three possible locations. You just need to buy us more time. Any losses here will set us back, though, so be sure to go fast!

  • Test .016.: The Rogue AI has infiltrated the program, but we're keeping it from the mainframe. This might not be a normal race, but the goals are still the same -- be the fastest!

  • Test .017.: We're honing in on the AI's location, and have set up a safe zone in Sector 8. The virus is present here, but winning the race should eliminate it.

  • Test .018.: Nice! We've managed to locate the -bzzrt- Rouge AI. A win here should -wrrrr- defeat it for good. GO FaAaaaa5T.

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: Racer 8, where have you been??? You've been long overdue at Lab 2 since -- WHAT?! No... that's impossible! Focus on racing; I'll straighten this out.

  • Test .020.: The Rogue AI so thoroughly hacked Lab 2 that it masqueraded as one of us. This is bad. It's going to take a whole Lab to udo the damage. Help us out -- win the race!

  • Test .021.: The one good thing is that you got the Benz SLS practice we needed from you. Your results have been amazing. Keep pushing it to the limit.

  • Test .022.: I've managed to create a safe spot to run test trials. Since Lab 2 wasn't on the official record, this one is. Impress me here, and we'll be able to take the fight to the AI.

  • Test .023.: Great work, Racer 8, but from here on out it's not going to be easy. The Rogue AI has sent viruses out to nearly every program. Only way to clear it is by winning.

  • Test .024.: If you keep winning, I'll make sure we send you one of those Mercedes-Benz SLSes. You use it like a dream. Keep it up!

  • Test .025.: We're moving in on one of the Rogue AI's hubs. We believe it's located in a simulation of Area 51, but we need you to win this race here to make sure.

  • Test .026.: We got it! The Rogue AI is located at Area 51 and doesn't know we're on the way. We've set this course up as a distraction. Be the fastest, Racer 8!

  • Test .027.: There it is... the Rogue AI. Beat it here and we'll have solved this whole mess before it got any worse. Oh, and Racer 8? Good luck out there.

  • Test .028.: This is crazy... It seems that the Rogue AI you just defeated wasn't actually the source of the virus. It's coming from somewhere else...

  • Test .029.: I'm tracking it, but I'm going to need your help. No matter what's thrown at you, you need to win the race. We only have one shot at this, Racer 8.

  • Test .030.: I can't believe it... The virus is coming from within one of our own programs. It's a Trojan. But where could it be coming from? I'll solve this as fast as you can race!

  • Test .031.: I've narrowed it to a few programs. A trivia app, suspicious data, and a GPS system. I'm guessing the suspicious data would be the first place to start. Go for it!

  • Test .032.: OK, so it's not the suspicious data. Has to be a corrupted GPS system. I mean, what kind of Rogue AI would hide in a trivia app?

  • Test .033.: The Rogue AI is based in the trivia app. I don't know what's going on, but whatever happens after this, Racer 8, you just gotta keep on racing.

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: Helloooooo there! I am TRIVIA BOT, your Rogue AI nightmare, and this is LAB 4! I tell you trivia, you race, and if you somehow survive, you get a BRAND... NEW... CAR!

  • Test .035.: Did you know that the Mercedes-Benz SLS you're driving has NOT depreciated in value since hitting the market in 2011? Unheard of! Like you surviving this challenge!

  • Test .036.: Wow! Can you believe you're still here with us? And also -- can you believe the top speed of the SLS? 197 mph! Doubtful you have what it takes to get there!

  • Test .037.: You are absolutely baffling! How are you making it this far, I wonder? Well... perhaps it is because the SLS can go from 0-60 in under 4 seconds! Cheater.

  • Test .038.: I guess it's a fact -- the Mercedes-Benz SLS can turn even Racer 8 into Racer #1. For a moment. Watch out -- you might get "ELIMINATED" here!

  • Test .039.: Hmm... It seems we need to cut to a commercial break. The drivers need to give their rides a tune-up. These racers are sponsored by speed -- the thing Racer 8 desperately needs.

  • Test .040.: OK, OK, OK, Racer 8. You've been hitting that nitro button a little too much. A true SLS master doesn't need it to win a big race. Do you have what it takes?

  • Test .041.: It seems you DO have what it takes! Exactly like the SLS! With a single-speed auto transmission, even Racer 8 can excel at it!

  • Test .042.: All right, Racer 8. What's going on? How do you keep winning? It is because the SLS comes in a coupe model? The seagull doors? How is this possible?

  • Test .043.: You really think you have what it takes to win a BRAND... NEW... CAR?! Well, if you want this luxury sports car for yourself, you're going to have to race ME.

  • Test .044.: That's right: TRIVIA BOT, the Rogue AI nightmare, is here to take you down in a one-on-one. You know how many times I've lost? Zero. How's that for trivia?

  • Test .045.: Make that ONE loss. You were good, Racer 8, but like the Mercedes-Benz SLS, I will come out with a new edition that will blow you away! For now... race.

  • Test .046.: The Mercedes-Benz SLS can run a quarter-mile sprint in under 12 seconds. You're going to need that speed on your side if you think you can take me on. Better practice now.

  • Test .047.: Sure, the SLS isn't known as a car to "drift" in, but what is? Of course, I can name them in alphabetical order. But I won't distract you. You have a big race ahead of you.

  • Test .048.: You're nearing the finish line, Racer 8. You beat me in the final battle and you leave with a BRAND... NEW... CAR! You lose, and you're stuck here. Forever.

  • Test .049.: The SLS is known to be one of the safest cars on the market. But even the safety this car provides isn't going to give you any comfort in the next race.

  • Test .050.: And here we are. Beat me here and win a BRAND... NEW... CAR! And make history. Because TRIVIA BOT has never lost *for real* yet. Rev that engine, Racer 8.
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