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  • Hi,

    I agree that's useful, but please fill the first tab with the most recent information. People are more interested by the current update of the game, not by what it used to be.

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    • Hi Geceo. Thanks for pointing that out. It looks like PQ's gone and fixed it, but I'll keep that in mind for subsequent edits.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Androgeos Exeunt,

    just in case you didn't notice the comment on the 2019 Holiday Update page, here's the news in a personal message:

    We'd like to thank you for your contributions to WikiProject Statistics with a reward for your efforts:

    Fusion coins full a8 209,471 and A8 tokens full 2,095!

    Please go to the comment linked above for details how to get your reward.

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  • Hi,

    is the New Year Box already offered on your device? I don't have it here.

    • If you change the official box description or any other official value in a box template, please set the "last checked" parameter to the date you checked (and/or changed) the data. We can better trace changes in the box history like that, and readers know if the information is up to date.
    • Don't change official box information if you don't have the box on your device.


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    • Hi Guy. Thanks for letting me know. The box is currently on offer on my device; that's why I went ahead and changed the information. I've updated the "last checked" parameter in the template so it's current now.

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    • Cool, thanks.

      You seem to be in a time zone far ahead of mine. :-)

      You are the first to update box templates, so here's a few remarks how I've handled it so far:

      • Normal checks: Usually after new game updates to see if they've messed with the drop rates. Also when someone noticed a change in the description or other official parameters.
        • Parameters to check: Name, price, description, items, drop rates (in parameter "box info"; some boxes also have parameters co, ra, le which are the same as in box info. I want to get rid of the box info parameter in the long run, bot for now, both stay).
        • Parameter last checked has to be updated every time a check was made, even if nothing has changed.
        • Edit summary:
          • Checked. if nothing has changed.
          • Checked: blah blah. if blah blah has changed.
          • It's important that the edit summary contains a remark when drop rates have changed. This remark will later serve as an orientation where to split the box data as we need a new version when drop rates have changed.
          • Example for edit summaries in a page history:
      • Statistics updates: When statistical box data has been added. This is done automatically and only by my software.
        • Parameters: Everything after
          <!-- Do not change parameters below this line -->
        • Edit summary: Statistics update.
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I just wanted to thank you for your edits regarding speed modification! Many people do not understand how the speed modifiers work. Your edits are helping to fix their image.

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