Audi R8 tyke

aka an R8 driver

  • My occupation is A meme-making hobo with more than -2000000 credits in A8
  • I am a dank R8 V10 Performance
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  • Recently I've show your comments on my blog, that the McLaren MP4-31's banner is wrong. I've fix a new one for it. Thanks for your attention!!

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  • Alright, I have two things to say. One: I can't write the story.... Sorry about that! Two: What's your crew name in csr 2?

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  • there are 3 things. first of all, when is your final episode of season 5 coming? also, i enjoyed the 12 days of Asphalt christmas.

    second, we'll need a good name for the racing team in Real Racing 3. and i'll need the tag for it. how else am i going to join?:P

    and third, what was your favorite line from the rap battle against Tweak? of course, mine had to be the "having a tantrum, 'cause you want Gameloft to fear your wrath?" because it's the Asphalt 8 fans in a nutshell.

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    • I'll be working on my epilogue in DA, mostly featuring some scenes of spending time in my destination.... and sereval other events not related to racing.

      I might include sereval screenshots, one of which includes a photo with those friends I regrouped with (obviously sketched on my own, and not an actual photo. You think I am going to involve my real life friends without their permission?)

      Current city setting is mostly influenced by my own city preference and open world games that involve the city (which do not feature racing as the core aspect at all).

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    • Still working on the episode of the Escape from AsphaltLand as they lift off to space

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  • the Apollo IE R&D is back. now's your chance to get it.:)

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    • Meanwhile I will try to stay away from the battle. Since it is due to personal issues, I better keep my arse away.

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    • Yup. I'm keeping my ARSE away too, in order to keep me and my R8 SE sane. (Get it? arse? ARSE that represents R8 SE?)

      (Yup, that's a bad pun)

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  • The Carrera GT which could be a potential MP car has token upgrades on the 5th levels of top speed and nitro -_-

    You needa get some free upgrades from other sources. Hope the car can be won with just 0404 5050.....

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  • i know i'm acting like Pink Sheep and Pink Guy from ExplodingTNT's videos when he makes a new weird comments video, but i've been waiting forever for your episodes to come up. let me know when you'll make those. and sorry for bothering you.

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  • you read it correctly. i was wondering if you wanted to be part of TraceG11's first "Asphalt stories" episode. you'll love it.:)

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  • you read it right. got a new episode of "Asphalt stories" just for you, if you're reading this after school. still, we gotta do what we gotta do, right?

    also, i plan on making a top 10 of my favorite soundtracks in the future and many more.

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    • so, i decided to make another new episode, which is the last of season 7 and until a new event starts and/or i get a new car -once i fully upgrade my "Boat 2.0" and Onuk, that is-, i'll get to my top 10s and top 5s. i also included a rap battle between you and me in the end and then getting to take down Mike458 together, which is a reference to SMG4's War Of The Fat Italians 2016 video.

      also, you might want to write your own episode that takes place in between the events of my episode. because i want to know if you got the SLR McLaren or not and i'm not sure if you got it. just saying.

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    • I haven't got the SLR... yet. But I guess I will make that episode.

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  • first of all, collaborating with you would be so awesome, because we can suggest ideas to each other for our episodes. second, i want to tell you more about the characters in team Azelfland and Vivendi and their personalities. so, here goes.

    Me: leader of team Azelfland. always ready for anything.

    TheHawtDawg1: the brains of team Azelfland (watch his top 5s to get where i'm going with this).

    NEKON: the brawn, but with more brains than your average brawn. also, he makes funny montages.

    Anthony Jose: the guy who has a good time, no matter what.

    Hanna the Batfox: the total badass girl and leader of the team of justice, team Harmony. you might know her better as HannaLeinH. also, in the series, she happens to be my girlfriend. in real life, i'm a big fan of hers and we're not related.

    Feuerrm: just like me, only he multiplayer tunes his vehicles.

    Spudanky: the veteran noob.

    Aris Cheese God: the teen Asphalt Youtuber that gets the job done. and i'm 3 years older than him.

    TheGoldenThunder: he's a friend of mine who happens to get cars that are cheap to upgrade.

    Kri: Thunder's girlfriend. also a total badass.

    Vincent Bollore: the boss of Vivendi. nuff said.

    Anais: Vincent's wife.

    Shadow Azelfland: TweakRacer's creation. he's a clone of me, only he's the edgelord.

    McLaren P1 boy: after the Dendrobium championship, he joins us on our quest to take down Vivendi.

    Silver Azelfland: another clone of me, only he's 2 years older than me. also, he has the power to summon Ultra Wormholes at his will, when nessesary.

    TweakRacer: we used to be enemies, but after the incident with the R8 LMS Ultra, during the Kawasaki Z800 championship, he joined us to take down Vivendi. also, he's a white fox now.

    Loraine the Batfox: Hanna's older sister and co-leader of team harmony. she had other boyfriends before Silver Azelfland and dumped them, because they were jerks. but she and Silver Azelfland have a very great relationship and they love each other more than anything else.

    Flora the Cat: the brains of team harmony. when she meets someone new, she's very shy.

    ThunderWolf: my friend and rival and Flora's boyfriend. they met when Thunder zapped himself with his un-OCer.

    Chica the Cat: she's Flora's younger sister and despite being the mascot of team Harmony, she's got some great hacking skills.

    Shadow the Hedgehog: he's still the edgelord of the Sonic franchise, but this Shadow has love interests. he started dating with Chica after test 2 of the Hommage R&D and after i beat up P1 boy with my Devil Gene's temporary effect.

    Wendy the Hedgehog: she's the speed demon of the team. and she's a capoeira master. also, she care for her friends.

    Sonic the Hedgehog: this Sonic is different from the one we know. through this series, he matures, but still maintains his personality. and he started dating Wendy after lab 2 of the Hommage R&D.

    Alice the Hedgehog: Wendy's younger sister and the upgrader of team Harmony. she knows a lot about how cars and bikes work and she can assemble any kind of car or bike.

    TheHedgehogOne: TheHawtDawg1's Sonic OC version of him. he started dating Alice after season 3 of Moto Blitz.

    Diana the Fox: she's the brawn of team harmony, but with more brains than your average brawn. also, she's sometimes sassy.

    Shelby the Fox: she's Diana's younger sister and she's the healer of team Harmony. she started dating Shadow Azelfland, after saving my Geely GC9 back in the great wall of China.

    Wanda the Bat: she's the flying girl of team Harmony and she's very athletic as well. she started dating Tweaks -TweakRacer's nickname- after some counselling with Hanna's father.

    Persephone the Bat: Wanda's older sister and the weapons expert of team Harmony.

    Carl the Cat: he and his twin brother Sean came to life after TF2014 got zapped by Thunder's un-OCer. he became Persephone's boyfriend on Valentine's day.

    Cynthia the Rabbit: the wild party animal of team Harmony, but with more brains than your average wild party animal. her goal is to make her friends happy.

    Knuckles the Echidna: still the same, even in this series. however, he and Cynthia have been dating for a long time.

    Emily the Rabbit: she's Cynthia's older sister and she's the elementalist of team Harmony. and just like her sister, she wants to make her friends happy.

    Sean the Cat: Carl's twin brother. just like with Carl and Persephone, Sean became Emily's boyfriend on Valentine's day.

    Audi R8 tyke: yep. that's you. and as you know, you got your butt kicked by Tweaks and you joined us to take down Vivendi.

    TF2014: he's another friend of mine. his goal is to kill Vincent to save AsphaltLand. but he'll do it when the time comes. however, real life is going to hit him really hard in 3 weeks.

    and that's that. hope you like the list.:)

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    • Of course YES! Can't wait for the collabration! ^_^

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    • glad to be with you on this. and here's a list of the extra characters in the series and the characters i'll add in the future, which i forgot to point out on the list.

      the Porsches: the 918 is the speed demon, the 959 is the brains, the 911 GT3 RS is the leader of the bunch, the 718 Boxster S is the wild party animal and the Cayman GT4 is the brawn of the Porsches.

      the EDD vehicles: any cars i have on any EDD will be normal, BUT the boss car and any car that i don't have will be mind controlled and speaking the L33T SP3@K. if you don't get the reference to Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, i feel sorry for you.

      the cars and bikes i own: every car has its own personality, like my Sesto Elemento being my signature car, my C63 and the MP4/8 being my left-and-right-hand cars respectively, my 675LT and Huayra BC being my farming cars and so on.

      the boss of Roaring Thunder: if you played the MP4-31 championship, you might get this one. he tried taking us down, but he failed. once i get the blueprints for the MP4-25 or get it on the potential revival of its championship, we get to the point where we kill him.

      Mike458: VIncent's new right-hand man and one of the new characters.

      ShinnyShin: he's another new character and one of the members of the community and i'm thinking of adding him, by making a reference to the mission "Big Smoke" from GTA San Andreas. just like i did with Feuerrm, Spudanky and Geceo.

      Geceo: he made an appearance when i went to get the Ferrari FF out of Vivendi's second base in Grand Canyon. also, he gained my respect when i got the Hommage.

      Rouge the Bat: another new character to the series. and in the series, she's Cynthia's friend and rival.

      Nick the Wolf: P1 boy's Sonic OC version of him and another new character. and of course, after the GT by Citroen multiplayer cup, he and Rouge will confess their feelings to each other and start dating. both will be introduced in the same episode, which i'll write.

      there will be more, but that's all i have. looking forward to collaborating with you.^_^

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