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  • Hi Austin,

    while we appreciate your cleaning up of double redirects from time to time, we are, to put it mildly, astonished that an official Wiki Manager who should be familiar with the principles of discussion and consensus starts to completely change our top level category hierarchy without asking.

    The existing structure was the result of consensus, and many categories that may seem useless or redundant still existed because they were part of an ongoing category restructuring project.

    Now it is impossible to find many pages and categories that were on our to do list.

    Please respect commonly accepted wiki rules and do not interfere with top level structures again. Do not revert your changes. Do not continue editing categories. We will spend the next few hours doing so.

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    • I apologize for not asking first. The goal of my edits was to remove the default Browse top tier category as it does not show up well on search results as opposed to "Asphalt Wiki". I can revert all of the edits to save you the trouble if you'd like and I will discuss any future changes with you.

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    • The browse category was a relic of the default structure that was automatically set up when installing the wiki. It still remained as a to do list so we could find pages that would otherwise hang in the air.

      Our top level structure mainly follows the Wikipedia categorization scheme. A category named "Asphalt Wiki" would contain articles about Asphalt Wiki—there aren't any.

      Please do not revert your edits.

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    • While it would contain articles about the Wiki, it would also contain all game content (per the content category), media, etc. The Browse category is the default top tier category on all wikis and Fandom is trying to phase it out. If you were using it as a to-do list, why mot make a separate category that explains its being used as a to-do list or use Special:Community?

      My reasoning is based of these two blogs:

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    • A category named XY contains articles about XY—by definition. Category:Asphalt Wiki remains deleted until there are articles about Asphalt Wiki.

      There was such a category that contained all content, until you renamed it, made it a subcategory and moved its subcategories.

      We did realize that "Browse" was Fandom-specific non-standard thing. We've set up our own, Wikipedia-orientated category system alongside the initial one, working our way through moving the old categories to the new system.

      To us it is irrelevant if Fandom wants to phase out this or that category. We follow necessities, not naming fashions.

      "why not make a separate category that explains its being used as a to-do list?"

      Why not have a look at existing, well-organized categories like Category:Images before moving categories like Category:TRION NEMESIS Images to wrong categories? If you weren't sure what the "Miscellaneous images" category was for, you could have asked.

      Besides, templates like {{Tabs vehicle}}, {{Chronology}} and all DPL templates strongly rely on specific category naming conventions, some of them even without appearing in any "What links here" list. We cannot understand how you could rename, delete and recategorize categories and articles without prior discussion.

      You have already apologized so it's ok. But again, don't edit categories. Most of the work will be a task for Mass Categorization, not for single edits.

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