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  • Installed it yesterday, bc one of my friends started playing, so i am screwing around now.. Not collecting anymore... I told to myself, lets try a MP i didn't play it in a
    Screenshot 20190805-233449

    Shiny in its new shiny car...

    long time... And on 4th race, who we have here... :)

    Did not play in a long time.. It feels wierd now... But i think that i still got it.. ;)  Great fight there :) First race against new Lambo. WP, GJ :) 

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  • I mean, I guess. I played a few MP races, and I saw the nickname. Was it you? If so, then good races man.

    Screenshot 20190314-141428 Asphalt 8

    Screenshot 20190314-141659 Asphalt 8

    Screenshot 20190314-141943 Asphalt 8

    We also raced at Barcelona Reverse, I forgot to take a picture.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Shin, hopefully you are well and the fast lane update did not destroy your fun for Asphalt 8.

    There are a few topics, I would love to have your opinion for:

    • what do you think about the update in general?
    • do you have an idea, where to get the new stats for the cars, to be able again for some A8 maths?
    • am I right, when I expect your AIE being the star of MP now?

    My ARSE is not useless but also not a dominant car in MP any more, so I don't use it any more. However, my M2 SE with a high 1500 tune (new ranking) took me to champions league easily within a few days, before on Feb 19 the matchmaking system was switched to the new ranking. Since then, even my M2 SE is useless.

    I think I will ask GL to downgrade my AIE and start carefully tuning it again for MP, or are there so many 1600 tunes AIE in MP, that the competition is too hard?

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    • @Leigton

      Hello my friend! I've been great, hope you've been well too. Sorry for the late reply!

      This latest Update?  Where should I begin?  There's so much stuff that's been changed, it's unbelievable. I think it's made the game much worse, but there are a few good things that came with it.

      My thoughts so far on the changes:

      - no more Mastery, which is (was) a vital source of Credits for a lot of players. This also means we lose the chance to practice on certain tracks for TLEs that aren't available for Quick Solo Races, and RIP to the cars I spent so much time working on so I could farm with them. My main farming cars were my Veneno and my Egoista, and I can't do McLaren MP4-31's Season race because it needs more upgrading. So now I need to MAX my 488 Pista so I can farm again. Which car(s) are you now going to use for your farming?

      - certain MAX Upgrade prices are now much higher than ever, and PRO Upgrades too. Even for older cars, they're now much more expensive than ever. This is not a good thing because we can't keep up with the expenses, and also not good for new players.

      - Pro Kit Cards are now more than before. Now vehicles need more parts, and we will need more space in the Inventory to fit them all, which means spending more Tokens.

      - there is a big increase in R&Ds over the course of the last few Updates, compared to other Event types. Too much of these means less chances to win anything. Maybe if we had more Championships, World Tours or Enduro Double Downs there would be more variety. Did you notice that there have been no new Credits cars in the last 15 months?

      - there is a trend in new cars that require Engines which absolutely no one has. The R&Ds for these new cars never give you enough Engines, and you can't get them anywhere else - unless you buy the Boxes from the Event which cost Tokens.

      - PRO Kits are essentially Tokens-Upgrades now. Especially for the new cars and those Engines. Never thought we would see the day.

      - Heat Races have been removed (WHY?!?!). These were a great way to get extra Credits, Tokens, Boosters and parts. The new Divison Cups give rubbish rewards.

      - Super Racer Kit Box is replaced by a Daily Kit Box with only 10 Cards in it. It should be 24 Cards, to make up for the loss. At least it's free.

      - rank changes to the entirety of the A-Class have destroyed a range of MP Tunings. I'm still experimenting so far with this, so I will tell you more in the next few days. But one thing I like is that you don't lose points for coming 2nd or 3rd.

      - Season rewards are less varied, and too much of a gap between the prizes. I used all of my Season Tickets and the MP rewards doesn't give more Tickets, so it's now 4 Tickets per race for me. There are no Tickets in Exclusive Deals for me either. So, I can't play for many hours session and increase my Rating by much. But at least there's more Tokens.

      - TLEs are screwed up now too. You need to have many fully-upgraded cars just to stand a chance, but farming is less of an option now.

      - Asphalt Moments are for VIP members only now. This is horrible.

      Secondly, the best people to ask about A8 maths would be @WKPQ, @Guy Bukzi Montag and @Mr. Mysterious Spyman.  I'm also trying to find out some new stats too, but it looks like Gameloft is still modifying the MP match-ups. Sorry to hear about your M2 SE, that car's always struggled to shine from the beginning.

      Third, yes you are mostly right. I've had quite a lot of good races (and a few very bad ones too). My Apollo IE is still my main MP car, but the competition has more types of cars now.

      I face more same-rank IEs, McLaren X2s, Carrera GTs, McLaren MP4-25s, Hussarya GTs, Vandas, RX-8 SEs, Sagaris SEs, high-rank R8 SEs, high-rank MP4-8s and now even that new BMW i8!

      It looks like there are also more 1600+ R8 SEs and they give me a good challenge. I lost one race today after a Vertical Knockout from a R8 SE. I need to play more races to be sure.

      It might be a good idea to ask for downgrade, but think very carefully before you do it. Gameloft will only give you 1 update per account, so make absolutely sure that you want it.

      It would be good to start slowly and experiment your way back up until you find the best Tuning for you. Remember the Apollo IE has Tokens-Only Upgrades, so I hope you have a few spare ones you can use for it!

      What are your thoughts on the Fast Lane Update?

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    • @Leigton

      Just to help you decide before you go for it, here's some extra info about the Apollo IE from @Mr. Mysterious Spyman


      The Apollo IE still does well against the McLaren X2.

      The McLaren X2 is superior for TLEs. In Multiplayer at full PRO, it is very slightly slower (not a big deal) and accelerates slightly faster. It has better handling but it skids very frequently and has a weak grip on the ground. The McLaren X2 has decent nitro efficiency but the Apollo IE's is better.

      There are several situations where the Apollo IE is superior to the McLaren X2:

      1. The Apollo IE can be tuned to 5505 5555 @1761 whereas the McLaren X2 must be tuned to XXXX @1816. The Apollo IE has the advantage of being able to be tuned without handling upgrades, which gives it a higher chance of encountering lower-ranked vehicles. The 1761 Apollo IE will still encounter the 1816 McLaren X2 very frequently, as the rank is not low enough to avoid the 1800s.

      2. The Apollo IE is stable enough that it can be steered easily in a straight line. For example, on Azure Coast, you need to drive extremely carefully to squeeze between the parked Buses near the beginning of the track. The Apollo IE is much better than the McLaren X2 at this task because its grip on the ground is very strong. Meanwhile, the McLaren X2 has a very high chance of driving in a curve rather than in a straight line, and thus, will be more likely to crash. Even though the McLaren X2 can still be driven in a straight line if the steering controls are not touched, the McLaren X2 will be forced to steer if another vehicle bumps it.

      3. The Apollo IE's nitro efficiency is better than the McLaren X2's, so it is slightly better for tracks like Tokyo and Iceland.

      4. Below a rank of 1800, the Apollo IE is always slightly faster than the McLaren X2. At rank 1800+, the Apollo IE is minutely faster than the McLaren X2; this is mostly insignificant. Both cars have great drifting and acceleration, with the McLaren X2 accelerating quicker. The Apollo IE can still overtake the McLaren X2 due to its stronger grip on the ground and its superior nitro efficiency.

      5. Additionally, the Apollo IE is cheaper to upgrade than the McLaren X2. 


      Overall, the Apollo IE is still very viable for Multiplayer (it can achieve 2300+ rating) and it's decent for TLEs.

      The McLaren X2 is very good for Multiplayer and it is the king of Class S TLEs, but it's very difficult to fully PRO, so most players will have it at only X0X0, which still leaves it viable for sub-1700s Multiplayer.

      The McLaren X2 vs Apollo IE can be compared to the McLaren MP4-31 vs AH GT, with the McLaren X2 being an upgrade to the McLaren MP4-31, and the Apollo IE being an upgrade to the AH GT.

      In my experience with the MAX+PRO AH GT and full PRO McLaren MP4-31, the two vehicles are roughly equal for Multiplayer purposes (though the AH GT is more reliable, especially if you aren't so good at driving F1 cars), and the McLaren MP4-31 is superior for 90% of tracks in Class S TLEs (the AH GT is useful for longer tracks like Tokyo and Iceland).

      Hope this helps!

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    • Thanks a lot my friend, your answers are like always very detailed and informative, in any case worth to wait for....:-)

      I agree with you in nearly every aspect, as far as the fast lane update is concerned, however there's one major issue which I do not understand. GL has had a very successful game with many, many paying customers worldwide, and it looks like they try to do everything possible to get rid of those players. I mean, I can understand, when they would try to optimize their profit by changing here and there things carefully, but the changes beginning last September up to now just leads to the conclusion that they don't want to stay ppl in A8.

      The game is much much more expensive as before, it is nearly not possible to calculate reasonably tuning actions any more, so it's more gambling then before, the intellectual components of the game gets lost, so players with the requirement of thinking and understanding a game and what players have to do will lose their interest, I guess.

      That is even the reason, why I will not ask GL to downgrade my AIE, because I would just honour what they are doing in paying my tokens and other inventory to optimize another car after they screwed up everything. Me and others paid a lot for cars like the ARSE, M2 SE, AIE, Centenario and the like, and GL changed rules with the result that most of what I paid for is useless now and I would have to pay more time and money to get useful cars again? For how long? Until the next update? No, I won't do that.

      Meanwhile I found my 959 quite useful for MP, however it's a shame that 2 weeks ago my races had been in a speed range between 450 km/h and 500 km/h, and now I'm niggeling with a speed between 300km/h and 350 km/h....realy a shame and reminds me on my kids driving their Bobbycars.....

      With 68 cars in total my choice is not so big to find other cars useful for MP, I did not change even one car's tuning after the fast lane update cause I don't trust GL, waiting for further changes in the game and it's rules, and like you said, without tokens or real money you are unable to get new cars since more then a year, which could be useful for more then just filling up your garage. So I have to stay on my 959 in D class MP races, but it's more then funny to see, how many champion league drivers and even some elite league drivers come down to D class MP races in order to get their unsaved points, protecting them against higher rated opponents when going back to their usual  cars for MP...:-)

      Farming credits is not a big issue for me, cause I do not pay much credits for the time being (I do not change things right now), so my credit balance is quite stable between 1 and 2 millions, and if I need some more I use one of my many double credit jokers. My favourite farming source now is the season 9 for the McLaren M14A, it is a one lape race at London Eye, so quickly done in less then a minute and paying 6.300 credits  (of course double with the double credit joker).

      Take care and hope to read you soon again!

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    • One more thing, maybe you know it already. The website do have the new stats for the affected cars from the fast lane update. So tuning in a reasonable way seems to be possible again.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • First of all many thanks for your detailed explanation. I am not a native english speaker, so I did not understand everything. I prefer to ask for more details here instead of the public chat.

    1) When I was at a low 1700 rank,  I Max Pro'd my AIE, because I was consistantly paired with other Max Pro'd AIE's and X2's, which I was without any chance to survive. When you are @ 1695, you should be paired with similar opponents then me at that time. How do you manage that?

    2) You mentioned " And we race at 100% risk to ensure our survival, because at 0% risk we get tougher opponents - i.e. MAX+PRO opponents like you. " What do you mean with that?

    I am asking this, because I mainly drive in MP with my ARSE, ranked 1403 (5502-5555), and even here I get paired only with other ARSE's higher ranked then mine. I am really struggeling with this situation and don't know what to do. I even asked in asphalt wiki for it, but did not get any answers or suggestions yet.

    3) I also do have a Centenario, currently on 5555-1050 (rank 1722) which is not competitive im MP and I am still uncertain how to proceed with it.

    Since my class S cars (AIE and Centenario) are still both not competitive in MP I am driving them currently only in non tickted races. If once we meet there, it will be my plasure to learn from you. My drivers name is "Driver 9325".

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    • Unless I have a twin or a fake me running around, it's not possible.

      I only play on Android at the moment, so if you see a ShinnyShin anywhere else, it isn't me.

      I would like to play on iOS if there was a way to move my progress to there. Hopefully one day it might be possible

      - ShinnyShin

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    • Hi Shin, hopefully you are well and the fast lane update did not destroy your fun for Asphalt 8.

      There are a few topics, I would love to have your opinion for:

      • what do you think about the update in general?
      • do you have an idea, where to get the new stats for the cars, to be able again for some A8 maths?
      • am I right, when I expect your AIE being the star of MP now?

      My ARSE is not useless but also not a dominant car in MP any more, so I don't use it any more. However, my M2 SE with a high 1500 tune has carried me to champions league easily within a few days, however either because of the reduced token price for tickets (I race much more now), and because your hint with saved and unsaved points is working much more efficient after the update...that's at least my impression.

      I think I will ask GL to downgrade my AIE and start carefully tuning it again for MP, or are there so many 1600 tunes AIE in MP, that the competition is too hard?

      Last but not least, if you come across the Ducati XDiavel S (class B vehicle).....take it. I met one at a ticketed race in San Diego Harbor. I was with my M2 SE (high 1500 tune), and the Ducati had a mid 1400 tuning. It smoked my M2 SE on a single lap in San Diego by more then 5 seconds...really amazing.

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  • Has your Aunt Mary by any chance asked what gift you'd wish from her?

    If she asks tomorrow, why not an old forgotten-but-working phone she left in some drawer when late Uncle Ken gave her a then brand-spanking-new one.

    It might (or not) prove to be gratifyingly useful, even if only in a compensatory/ vindictive sense, after all I can only imagine Greedloft has been putting you through in all these years.

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    • Dude!!

      Are you psychic or something?? I almost accidentally dropped my phone when I read this!  I actually DO have an aunt called Mary. Unreal!

      She did give me her old Nokia 3210 to play Snake on when I was a kid, but I doubt she'd land her current phone in my hands if she were to get a new one - living on different continents kinda gets in the way - and shipping.

      I had a look at your dual-device strategy just now. Your idea of "borrowing tunes" before committing them to your car permanently is genius. Especially since you don't need to create a brand new account just for that purpose. I would say practice with caution, because you never know with Gameloft's dubious algorithms. But the ability to do that would be extremely handy if it was an actual included feature.

      Don't like your Tuning setup? No sweat, you can always undo your choices, then it becomes permanent at the end of the R&D. That would certainly get my vote!

      I do appreciate the time both you and Guy have taken to put together your extensive findings, it's essentially made Asphalt a science in itself!

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  • 1st race I met, defeated you. 2nd race, you WHACKED me and I lost. Colossally.

    Anyway what a challlenge!!
    Screenshot 2018-10-25-17-42-08

    While I beat you in first race.....

    Screenshot 2018-10-25-18-15-17

    I had a colossal loss in the 2nd race.

    Forget about the lost points, I was only using it to get better matchmaking (as proven by Feuerrm and Dr. Healusion) rather than gaining the rewards.

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    • Dude! My bad!

      I had no idea that was you, I'm so sorry!

      The second race was truly one of the most intense races I did in a while - everyone was using an IE! I managed to take a picture of that one but not the first.

      Nice to come across you though, you sure gave me a run for my money!

      Have Feuerrm and Dr. Healusion's tips given you much success? I hope you managed to get back those lost points =(

      Screenshot 2018-10-25-11-20-22-1-

      GG! I'll be more careful next time!

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    • Their tips do. 

      And regarding the points, I don't really bother much.

      And of course, with everyone driving the same car, anything can happen. :P

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    • That's true, anything can - and usually does - happen.

      For instance, my IE exploded for no reason in 5 separate races and I lost around -25 points in total to lower ranked racers.

      I like to spice it up by driving different cars most of the time, but when serious points are on the line and competition is fierce, then it's the IE all the way (since a lot of my best MP cars are useless now).

      I've commemorated our first and second meetings by including your name to this section of my profile.

      Hope to see you again soon buddy - hopefully under safer circumstances!

      Keep on racing!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I have been thinking about this for quite some time, but would it be a good idea for the Asphalt Wikia site to have its own Discord server?

    If you want to find me on Discord, here is my username: MasterChief MCLR-S117#0035 (this is the same as my current YouTube/Google name but with a space removed).

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    • FMecha does have a general Asphalt server. There's also a G+ wikia group but it's been inactive for a few weeks.

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    • It's certainly a great idea to have one, I reckon. It would be a great way to find and keep in touch with our Asphalt gaming buddies in real-time. Since the game itself has no live chat feature or indeed an in-built messaging service, there's a niche right there.

      But I do have some concerns, however. Mainly with regards to trolls and malevolent hackers/cheaters. And let's not forget the shady hacker teams and clans.

      While it would help facilitate communication and tip-sharing among the legit players, wouldn't it also enable those ... less honest players to exploit the game in more ways? Asphalt is already rampant with cheaters, so we need to take that possibility into account.
      Are there easy ways to help prevent such things, should they occur?

      I've done a little research and it looks like Discord in general is a very good platform, but like most good things it can be abused.

      I will have a look at the one created by @FMecha to get an idea of how things are in the meantime.

      Thanks for sharing the link, @Profoundly Quiet and thanks for bringing the topic to light, @McLarenP1 Boy

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I love how your posts on this wiki are always so thorough, detailed, and helpful. Just clicked on your profile for the first time. Unsurprisingly, it's the same way. Very cool.

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    • @ Trvskth

      Thanks man! It's nice to hear such awesome feedback.

      I like to share what I discover, as well as learn from other players far and wide.

      I barely knew anything in my rookie days and used to just take shots in the dark in my approach, my resource management, my gameplay and my Tunings, until I came across this Wiki. This was barely a couple of years ago.

      In the meantime, I've made many gaming friends and learned so much from conversations and experimentations with them, watched some of the pros in action and in that process I've shared all of the knowledge that I've gained.

      I don't claim to know everything about everything, I still believe that there's a lot more to learn even though I'm a veteran by most standards.

      But whatever I learn, I share because knowledge is power, and essential. And it's a nice feeling to empower the fellow racing community since they've given me so much as well.

      Plus, I like to add my own kind of style to it. And I aim for the same type of consistency on my profile as well.

      Thanks again bud!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, nice to meet you, I am ZY Ko! I read through your posts and often found them interesting, therefore I followed you!

    As far as I know which update you found is the most memorable?

    For me it would be the Fall Out Boy update, as I personally think that compared to the Spring Update, the Fall Out Boy update brought us cars that are actually useful in MP and TLEs in Asphalt 8  (particularly the M2SE and ARSE).

    I've been through countless streams of EDDs, Championships and R&Ds, but which events makes you regret or disappoint the most? For me it would be the recently announced X2, as it can't perform well at 1600+ rank and the Kawasaki Ninja H2R. It is too fast and it is basically a SLK SE - Bike Edition. I threw like 3500+ tokens on these events.

    That say, nice to meet a fellow racer and a heartwarming person and hope to see you in MP soon! (Although I'm on IOS)

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    • @Cozy S5

      Hey! It's awesome to meet you too, thanks for getting in touch! I'm honored to hear (or read!) what you think of my postings!

      A lot of the time, I post my content with the aim of helping players out, although some posts are purely observational, to learn things, or just for fun.

      My most memorable Update? Hmm, that's a tough one.

      But I'd say, for me, it was the Multiplayer League Update. I even wrote a blog about it, because it brought such a huge impact to the core experience of playing with other people online. It brought about some good things and bad things in equal measure, more or less.

      That being said, I did also write one about the Fall Out Boy Update too. I quite enjoyed the different type of challenge that it gave us, as well as the MP-friendly cars compared to most of the recent Updates which gave us mostly useless cars.

      My worst Update would have to be the Hot Wheels Update. It pains me to say this, even though I enjoyed getting those iconic cars from my childhood, it's what they all amounted to that irks me. None of them are any good in MP, none of them have any decent farming races or Mastery Challenges. I do like to take selfies with them when it's off-Season, though. And also, because Hot Wheels. Also, I like the look of that Trezor.

      As for my worst regret? I'd probably say it's when I missed out on the MP4-25's debut Championship. Didn't get much chance to play the game let alone that Event, and it took many months to collect all of the Blueprints for it. Now the one obstacle that's left is the lack of Custom Racing Engines, and without enough of them the car is useless. So I'm keeping it in Blueprint form for now until I either get enough Engines from Boxes, or the MP4-25's Championship gets revived.

      I don't regret getting the X2, however. It is indeed useless when it's not fully PROed, but I'm a patient guy so I believe it's just waiting to unlock its full potential. I do agree that the Ninja H2R's like a bike version of the SLK SE, and that car is super difficult to control at MAX+PRO. I remember how painful the Assembly Cup for it was, all those months ago.

      I didn't win the H2R because of a lack of time and resources.

      Likewise, my friend. It's a pleasure to meet you as well. Though it's unfortunate that Asphalt 8 doesn't support cross-platform gameplay, we won't be able to meet in MP (at least for now, I hope!).

      But I have plenty of gaming friends on this Wiki who also play on iOS, and we keep tabs on each other. We also try to get similar scores in Events regardless of platform, so in a way we're still playing with each other!

      Keep on racing!

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    • @ShinnyShin

      Thanks for the reply! You're right, the Hot Wheels event was one of the worst events, tied up with the Porsche event. In addition to needing their exclusive engines, these cars are not farmable in Mastery and all have no utility whatsoever in TLE or Multiplayer.

      As for the Porsche event, well, all five vehicles suffer the same fate as the Hot Wheels Event, although their Masteries still could be farmed (not that the rewards are very exciting). I just completed my Bolides car collection with the final blueprint for Mclaren MP4/8. Now I have a full Mclaren Racing Heritage Garage!  :D

      Custom Racing Engines still remains a pain for my three main cars, MP4-25, MP4-31 and of course the X2. I totally missed out on the first two cars, although for MP4/8 I completed partially. As such I need to upgrade them from scratch. The only Mclaren Championship that I managed to complete is the MP4-31 and X2.

      One thing to note that there is been a dearth of Elite Cars and Blueprint-based cars -- what do you think might be the reason? No cars were made blueprint-buidable for this update -- probably they were too exclusive? I remember last update the Vencer Sarthe was only Blueprint-buidable car -- perhaps that Blueprints are actually more expensive if you buy them individually? (I am 1 blueprint away from finishing my legendary bike - Suzuki Hayabusa).

      As always, thanks for the reply and hope to get another reply from you soon!

      Cheers, Cozy S5 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, I just followed you! I loved the thing you wrote on the subway trains, and that was so funny!

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    • @TraceG11

      Hey, how's it going?  Thank you for that sweet feedback!  

      You mean the one about the AHGT vs the Munich Subway's trains, right?  It's the product of a deliciously random mind on a rainy Sunday afternoon, taking the car out for a few adventures in MP and getting hit by inspiration as well as the trains!

      I'm glad you like it, hope you're good!

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    • A FANDOM user
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