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Equip your colors! New Decals Based on country flags and other unique designs! More Than 300 new Decals are in the update!

The More than 300 Decals Update is a v1.8.1 subupdate for the Decals Update and was released on April 7, 2015.[1] Another subupdate, with version number v1.8.6, was released for iOS on April 22, 2015.[1] This update added more than 300 new decals, as well as fixes concerning the Cloud Save feature.


The following text was published on the Apple Store:

Discover the latest Asphalt 8 update and its amazing new features!

  • Equip your colors! New decals based on country flags and other unique designs. More than 300 new decals in this update!
  • Compete in races with style! The exclusive Enzo Ferrari is now available in the garage.
  • Significant improvements and optimisations for the cloud save feature.

Game Changes

  • More than 300 new decals added. They are based on country flags and more unique designs.
  • Issues concerning Cloud Save have been fixed.
  • No new cars were added in this update.


A subupdate for iOS, version number v1.8.6, was added on April 22, 2015. This update adds support for Apple Watch.


  • The Ferrari Enzo Ferrari depicted on the app icon has a decal consisting of three stripes: White, Red, and Green, the three colors of the Italian Flag, put on a white stripe. However, this decal has never been made available for the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari.


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