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Cards in Asphalt 8: Airborne have the disadvantage that they cannot be bought directly. They can only be obtained through random containers, the Pro Kit Boxes, so players never know exactly which card they get. There are only two values for a rough orientation about the probability of getting a card:

Besides, there are more difficulties to determine the probability of getting a card:

  • Drop rates are only provided for the three rarity classes, not for single cards. These drop rates by rarity are different for every box type.
  • Boxes themselves have drop rates, too. While general boxes like the Random Box 1-5 Random Box 1-5 can be obtained in larger numbers, special boxes like the Tech Box 1-5 Tech Box 1-5 are only given out by one Time-Limited Event per week.

Realistic drop rates

WikiProject Statistics has therefore selected 10 of the most common boxes based on their availability, resulting in a sample of currently 16,554 cards since the last changes.

  • As some of these boxes are more frequent than others, it comes naturally that players contribute more cards from these boxes than from rarer ones.
  • The amounts of cards from the different boxes were used as weights to calculate a weighted average for the frequency of every single card. This reflects both the statistical outcomes and the different availability of the boxes.
Drop rate (%)
Tires - D Suspension - D Drivetrain - D Exhaust - D Part - D 4.16
Tires - C Suspension - C Drivetrain - C Exhaust - C Part - C 4.12
Tires - B Suspension - B Drivetrain - B Exhaust - B Part - B 3.18
Tires - A Suspension - A Drivetrain - A Exhaust - A Part - A 1.56
Tires - S Suspension - S Drivetrain - S Exhaust - S Part - S 1.42
i4 Engine i4 Engine 1.66
V6 Engine V6 Engine 1.89
V8 Engine V8 Engine 1.69
i5 Engine i5 Engine 1.02
Four-Stroke Engine Four-Stroke Engine 0.07
V-Twin Engine V-Twin Engine 0.02
i3 Engine i3 Engine 0.54
Hybrid Engine Hybrid Engine 1.25
Electric Engine Electric Engine 1.2
Serial Racing Engine Serial Racing Engine 0.65
High-Grade Engine High-Grade Engine 0.55
Forced Four-Stroke Engine Forced Four-Stroke Engine 0.04
Forced-Induction V8 Forced-Induction V8 0.7
F6 Engine F6 Engine 0.72
V10 Engine V10 Engine 0.96
V12 Engine V12 Engine 1
F12 Engine F12 Engine 0.71
W16 Engine W16 Engine 0.78
Rotary Engine Rotary Engine 0.49
i6 Engine i6 Engine 0.56
V16 Engine V16 Engine 0.52
Custom Racing Engine Custom Racing Engine 0.58
Exceptional Engine Exceptional Engine 0.58
Legendary Electric Engine Legendary Electric Engine 0.48
V12 MPI Engine V12 MPI Engine 0.41
Early Tech Early Tech 10.15
Initial Tech Initial Tech 10.06
Mid-Tech Mid-Tech 1.46
Advanced Tech Advanced Tech 0.72
Common Tech Common Tech 0.41
Rare Tech Rare Tech 0.31
Pro Tech Pro Tech 0.1

The list below shows the amounts of cards from each box and the average Fusion Coins Fusion Coin value per card. The table to the right contains the weighted average drop rate for each card.

The weighted average card value from the most common boxes is Fusion Coins 857 per card.

It can be seen that the concept of rarity is completely arbitrary and often misleading. For example, if bike parts and engines are only granted by extremely few boxes, the chance of getting them is extremely low as well. The same goes for certain engines that are only granted by selected boxes, for example the i3 Engine.

Furthermore, the other engine drop rates do not correspond with their rarity either. The "legendary" V12 Engine would have to be at least rare, while the "rare" Serial Racing Engine would have to be clearly legendary.

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