Cards in Asphalt Nitro have the disadvantage that they cannot be bought directly. They can only be obtained through random containers, the Kit Boxes, so players never know exactly which card they get.

Besides, there are more difficulties to determine the probability of getting a card:

  • Boxes have drop rates, too. While general boxes like the A8Box Expert Kit Box Racer Kit Box can be bought for Credits small an Credits and be won with lower leaderboard positions in Rivals or Time-Limited Events, other boxes are either much more expensive or more difficult to get.

Realistic drop rates

WikiProject Statistics has therefore selected 10 of the most common boxes based on their availability, resulting in a sample of currently 1,219 cards since the last changes.

  • As some of these boxes are more frequent than others, it comes naturally that players contribute more cards from these boxes than from rarer ones.
  • The amounts of cards from the different boxes were used as weights to calculate a weighted average for the frequency of every single card. This reflects both the statistical outcomes and the different availability of the boxes.
Drop rate (%)
01Acceleration part card d an Top speed part card d an Handling part card d an Nitro part card d an Part - D 3.84
02Acceleration part card c an Top speed part card c an Handling part card c an Nitro part card c an Part - C 3.28
03Acceleration part card b an Top speed part card b an Handling part card b an Nitro part card b an Part - B 3.65
04Acceleration part card a an Top speed part card a an Handling part card a an Nitro part card a an Part - A 1.87
05Acceleration part card s an Top speed part card s an Handling part card s an Nitro part card s an Part - S 1.46
06Common tool card an Common Tool 23.79
07Rare tool card an Rare Tool 9.85
08Legendary tool card an Legendary Tool 2.71
09I4 engine card an i4 Engine 1.06
V6 engine card an V6 Engine 1.32
11V8 engine card an V8 Engine 1.23
13F6 engine card an F6 Engine 0.74
14Hybrid engine card an Hybrid Engine 0.57
15V10 engine card an V10 Engine 0.41
16V12 engine card an V12 Engine 0.82
12Electric engine card an Electric Engine 0.49
17Forced-induction v8 card an Forced-Induction V8 0.41
18W16 engine card an W16 Engine 0.24

The list below shows the amounts of cards from each box. The table to the right contains the weighted average drop rate for each card.

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