League Rewards

Alfa Romeo 4C Amateur League Rewards
  • Amateur League
    • Amateur League Kit Box (Grants 5 cards. At least 1 will be rare or legendary)
    • 25A8 tokens full 25
    • 10000A8 credits small 10,000
    • 6x Alfa Romeo 4C BP
BMW M2 Challenger League Rewards
  • Challenger League
    • Challenger League Kit Box (Grants 10 cards. At least 2 will be rare or legendary)
    • 100A8 tokens full 100
    • 25000A8 credits small 25,000
    • 30x BMW M2 BP
Maserati MC12 Pro League Rewards
  • Pro League
    • Pro League Kit Box (Grants 15 cards. At least 5 will be rare or legendary)
    • 200A8 tokens full 200
    • 35000A8 credits small 35,000
    • 8x Maserati MC12 BP
McLaren 570S Champion League Rewards
  • Champion League
    • Champion League Kit Box (Grants 30 cards. At least 10 will be rare or legendary)
    • 500A8 tokens full 500
    • 50000A8 credits small 50,000
    • 55x McLaren 570S BP
Lamborghini Egoista Elite League Rewards
  • Elite League
    • Elite League Kit Box (Grants 60 cards. At least 15 will be rare or legendary)
    • 800A8 tokens full 800
    • 65000A8 credits small 65,000
    • 45x Lamborghini Egoista BP

This season awards blueprints of cars for all leagues and thus there are no alternate rewards for already owning the car. The players might only fuse any extra BPs after getting their rewards.

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