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Introduced in the Multiplayer League Update, the Multiplayer League system, also called Multiplayer 2.0, supplants the pre-existing format as a multiplayer version of Enduro Double Down.


Both play modes are very similar as ranked races require tickets in order to participate. Each race will have a goal that has to be fulfilled to earn points. Once the objective has been met, players are given the same options of either saving the points, continuing unsaved but with a next race bonus, or paying a A8 tokens full fee for both. Each season lasts for 28 days with each league having its own prize kit.

There are 5 leagues in total, each with its own rating requirements:

  • Amateur League: Every player starts each season in this league
    • Tier 1: Rated between 1,175 and 1,249
    • Tier 2: Rated between 1,100 and 1,174
    • Tier 3: Rated between 1,025 and 1,099
    • Tier 4: Rated 1,024 or below
  • Challenger League: Reach a rating of 1,250
    • Tier 1: Rated between 1,505 and 1,599
    • Tier 2: Rated between 1,420 and 1,504
    • Tier 3: Rated between 1,335 and 1,419
    • Tier 4: Rated between 1,250 and 1,334 (redline of degrading: 1,221)
  • Pro League: Reach a rating of 1,599
    • Tier 1: Rated between 1,900 and 1,998
    • Tier 2: Rated between 1,800 and 1,899
    • Tier 3: Rated between 1,700 and 1,799
    • Tier 4: Rated between 1,599 and 1,699 (redline of degrading: 1,571)
  • Champion League: Reach a rating of 1,999
    • Tier 1: Rated 2,500 or above
    • Tier 2: Rated between 2,300 and 2,499
    • Tier 3: Rated between 2,150 and 2,299
    • Tier 4: Rated between 1,999 and 2,149 (redline of degrading: 1,971)
  • Elite League: Reach the top 100 in the global leaderboard
    • Since the Championship Update, reaching a rating of 2,500 is also required to enter the Elite League.

After each new season starts, the rating of each player is decreased by 2 tiers. For example, if a player finished a season at 2,006 (Champion League Tier 4), the player starts the next season at 1,800 (Pro League Tier 2). If a player finished a season in the Elite League, the player starts the next season at 2,150 (Champion League Tier 3).


Tickets are the main form of currency in this game mode and are needed to participate in ranked races. Tickets can be earned by:

  • waiting to be restocked,
  • watching video ads,
  • completing certain Daily Tasks,
  • completing daily Heat Events,
  • Paying A8 tokens full, either for a full restock of 4 tickets, or from Exclusive Deals.

Up to 50 tickets can be stocked at a time. Tickets cannot be used during the off-season.

Featured Cars

Each League season has featured cars that grants a 25 % points bonus for each completed task and races won. On several occasions, a 50 % points bonus is given for cars on a special offer or as part of its debut update.

Global bonus

50Apart from the featured cars bonus, players can also receive a global race points bonus which changes daily at 0:00 UTC (not the player's local time). The global bonus follows a repeating pattern of 50 %, 50 %, 25 %, 25 %, 0 %, 0 %, 25 %. These percentages are based on obervation and can change in the future. The current bonus is shown in the box to the right.

The box is generated by the {{Multiplayer global bonus}} template. Wiki users can add it on their own personal profile to have it ready when planning multiplayer races or as a service for page visitors.

Tuning Cars for Multiplayer

Multiplayer Cars are often 'tuned' for best speed at the minimum rank for matchmaking purposes. You can find a method to tune cars for Multiplayer on the MP math page, and an updated and improved MP-tuning guide here (under construction; check back often).

During the Heatwave Season which ran from August 30 to Septermber 17, 2018, Multiplayer was based on speed and not rank, which made it possible that when the player, for example, were driving a Audi R8 e-tron Special Edition at rank 1111, they'd face a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento at rank 1600, because they have similar speed. This meant that Multiplayer tunes were worthless most of the time. Because of that, cars with high acceleration were often in 1st place.

The Multiplayer-tuned variant was reinstated on September 20, 2018 with the introduction of the Fall Flash Season.

See also: Multiplayer Tips & Tricks, Best MP cars per Bracket, and Asphalt Street Storm Racing: Seasonal Leagues.


Similar to Enduro Double Down Challenges, saving points will award the player with rewards. For a comprehensive list, see its subpage.

Main article: Multiplayer League/Rewards

Video tutorial

Update Trailer - Discover Multiplayer Seasons & Leagues!

Update Trailer - Discover Multiplayer Seasons & Leagues!

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