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Multiplayer Limited Series is a feature in Asphalt 9: Legends. Unlike the World Series, only a certain number of cars can be used in this series. Sometimes, there will be one featured car which everyone can race with at Max, sometimes with unlimited fuel.


Using the same system from World Series, there are 5 Leagues in total.

  • Novice League: Every player start each season in this league after a race.
  • Rookie League
  • Pro League
  • Elite League
  • Master League

Rating requirements for each league may change each series.


League Rewards
Novice Credits 30,000
Rookie Credits 50,000
Pro Credits 75,000
Elite Credits 150,000
Master Credits 300,000
Top 3000 Body Kit Pack
Top 1000 2x Body Kit Pack
Top 500 3x Body Kit Pack
Top 100 4x Body Kit Pack
Top 10 5x Body Kit Pack
Top 1 6x Body Kit Pack

Note that rewards will change each season.