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Multiplayer Limited Series is a feature in Asphalt 9: Legends. It features similar functions to time-limited MP cups in Asphalt 8.


Using the same system from World Series, there are 5 Leagues in total.

  • Novice League: Every player start each season in this league after a race.
  • Rookie League: Reach a rating of 1100
  • Pro League: Reach a rating of 1200
  • Elite League: Reach a rating of 1400
  • Master League: Reach a rating of 1700
    • Including top 1-3000


League Rewards
Novice 4x Import Parts Pack
Customization Pack
Tokens small a9 50
Rookie 6x Import Parts Pack
2x Customization Pack
Tokens small a9 75
Pro 8x Import Parts Pack
3x Customization Pack
Tokens small a9 100
Elite 10x Import Parts Pack
4x Customization Pack
Tokens small a9 150
Master 12x Import Parts Pack
5x Customization Pack
Tokens small a9 200
Top 3000 Epic Import Parts Pack
Body Kit Pack
top 1000 3x Epic Import Parts Pack
3x Body Kit Pack
top 500 5x Epic Import Parts Pack
5x Body Kit Pack
top 100 7x Epic Import Parts Pack
7x Body Kit Pack
Feature Car Import Part
top 1 10x Epic Import Parts Pack
10x Body Kit Pack
2x Feature car Import Part


Players can only use feature cars that designated to participate this event.

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