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The Munich Subway or the Munich U-Bahn (German: U-Bahn München) is a track in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

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The location is presumably set in the U1 line of the Munich Subway.

Experience a breathtaking ride through the sunny streets and dark underground of the new MUNICH SUBWAY tracks!
In-game advertisement

Munich Subway has 4 track (2 forward & 2 reverse) variants:

Market Square Market Square Track starts at the entrance of the carpark, with access to the station platforms from the main street.
Rooftop Raceway Rooftop Raceway Track starts at one of the higher levels of the carpark. Access to the station platforms from the main street are cut off.
Mosaic Motorway Mosaic Motorway The reverse route of Market Square, starts in the carpark.
Rapid Transit Rapid Transit The reverse route of Rooftop Raceway, starts in the tunnel between the subway tunnel and the carpark.

The following vehicles have their banners depicted in Munich Subway:


  • This map can be considered to be a condensed & more difficult version of Tokyo, owing to the spawning subway trains in lieu of heavy traffic placement. Knowing the locations of each moving train is valuable info and can turn the tables on a race (Assuming that the trains do not have a random spawning element).
    • In Career/TLEs/Moto Blitz/Mastery and Quick Solo Race, the train spawn locations are fixed. They are randomized in Multiplayer.
      • Lacking that, time spent on the railway tracks should be kept to a minimum by using the pedestrian terminal route and banked curves. The speed and width of the trains mean that attempting to dodge one will likely end with a wreck.
  • Vehicles that excel in handling are recommended as there are 2 consecutive 90° turns and a 450° spiral in the parking garage.
    • Vehicles with poor drifting can "wall ride" the 90° turns to maintain speed.
  • Vehicles that specialize in high top speed and nitro efficiency are recommended as the map features long straights in the subway section and is scarce on nitro pickups & stunt ramps.
  • The moving subway trains can give up to x5 Near Miss. This is however not recommended for the aforementioned hazards in dodging & staying close to one.


  • With the Hot Wheels Update, the subway trains' color has been altered to a combination of dark-blue and white to match with their real-life counterpart. Previously it was just different shades of grey.
  • The subway trains in Munich are reminiscent of the subway trains featured in Electronic Arts' Need for Speed: The Run, specifically in the final race of "The Run" game mode in New York City. In that game, the protagonist ends up driving into a partially constructed subway tunnel while avoiding a rival that was about to shoot at him. In both games, the trains serve as obstacles that travel at high speeds and are capable of wrecking the player's vehicle.
  • Munich is the fourth track overall to feature trains (after Tokyo, Venice and Rio), and the third track to use the trains as obstacles (after Tokyo and Rio). Tokyo has emerald-colored trains that run on elevated tracks, which can be hazardous to players who launch their vehicles high enough over the elevated tracks. Players can also get wrecked from simply landing on the elevated tracks themselves. Venice has a stationary train that is partially blocked off behind a barrier before the 180° turn. Rio has a single small train that sometimes travels down an elevated section of railway; this train is usually avoidable unless a very steep ramp is taken.
  • Munich is the fourth track in which the track goes onto railway tracks (the others being Venice, London and Rio). In Rio, a tram moves on the track that can wreck the player's vehicle.
  • In the subway tunnels, there is graffiti that refers to the Asphalt and Angry Birds series. USA based players will also have a Simple Mobile logo in the station.
    • The Simple Mobile logo in the station marks the first time a real-life brand (excluding car manufacturers already in the game and Gameloft themselves) to advertise in a race course within Asphalt 8: Airborne, the first time since advertisements for Alutec rims in Asphalt 7: Heat.
  • The track is the third track that contains spiral curves, after Shanghai in Asphalt 6 and Venice.
  • On the subway tunnel start, near the 450° spin, there are four fictional movie posters.
    • Double C.R.U.N.C.H., release date June 2018
    • Extreme Hero, release date June 12
    • Hard Escape Mission, release date 08.01.2018
    • Stay on the Road
  • Similar to Dubai, there is a billboard of a W Motors Lykan HyperSport above the entrance to the parking garage.
  • In Championship Time Attacks, the challenges for Munich Subway involves full lap time trial of one of the layouts, instead of using sprint sections.
  • From August 5 to August 30, 2018, an advertising campaign for Asphalt 9: Legends was featured in the form of billboards in various locations across both versions of the track.
    • These billboards re-appeared on December 13, 2018, however the extra pre-race cinematics featuring said billboards are no longer present.
    • Munich, San Diego Harbor and Rio de Janeiro are the only Time-Released Tracks to feature the aforementioned billboards.


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