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The Nepal Update (v1.6.0) is the sixth update of Asphalt Xtreme


The following text was published on the Apple Store:

Go beyond your limits in this new update! Check out the wild new roadster, more ways to maximize their power, and an even wilder new place to race them!

  • Take the high road in the frosty Nepal mountain track
  • Get in gear with 3 new off-road speed machines:
    • GMC Vandura
    • Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016
    • GMC SIERRA 2500HD
  • Take on a new Mastery challenge for each of the new cars
  • Break the limits of any vehicle by Ranking it up beyond its current max level stats.
  • Overclock your beastly machines to gain a powerful performance boost for a limited time.
  • Collect Blueprints and Tokens to Rank Up or Overclock your rides.
  • Subscribe to the Monthly Card to get tokens every day.
  • Overall UI adjustments and system enhancements.

New Vehicles

Class C

Class B

Class A

Game Changes

AX Loading screen Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring.png

  • New track: Nepal
  • New booster: Overclock Overclock
  • Upgrades:
    • All vehicles, regardless of class, can now be upgraded to Level 50
    • New upgrade card: Rank-Up Tools
    • The number of Tools needed and duration for upgrades have been reduced
      • For instance, the Class A upgrades will only need 7 tool cards, as opposed to 19-21 tools from before.
    • Opening a Box now gives the offer of watching an advertisement for another vehicle blueprint
  • Currency:
    • A monthly card that gives out Tokens 150 over the span of 30 days, Tokens 5 per daily login.
  • Cosmetic changes:
    • New loading screen of a Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016 in Nepal.
    • The Performance Class and Category icons now also show the Green upgrade icon if an upgrade can be installed.
      • The Garage button in the main menu now has an orange banner with "Ready!"

AX Update Nepal post 1.png

In-Game Update

An in-game content update mechanism was launched with the addition of the Lynx Raider and its Special Project on September 6, 2017. As the game is booting up, a pop-up mentions the new content and requires its download to continue while a post update screen shows the change(s).



Maserati Levante ax.png

  • Files for a Maserati Levante were included in the update but the vehicle is not announced in the update, nor is it available in the garage. It is possible that the Levante was meant to be part of the update but delayed for unknown reasons, as suggested by artwork of it in Nepal.
  • Similar to the Coachella Update, the Windows version of the game bundles the Black Market Update and Nepal Update with the Porsche Update

Post-Update Screens

Main Release

Soft Update

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