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Not recommended: Anniversary Kit Box [Edit]
The 2019 version of the Anniversary Kit Box has been released and is available for 10 days. It grants 70 Rare and Legendary cards, but the description now lacks the additional “2 cards of each type!”. As the drop rates are the same as in previous versions, it is probable that the box still grants 2 cards of each type, but no Hot Wheels, Legendary Electric or V12 MPI Engines. Given the extremely high price of Tokens 6,400 and the ambiguous description, the box is not recommended.
Finish Line Box is now VIP-only [Edit]
The Finish Line Box is now unavailable for non-VIP players. VIP players receive two boxes per day as before.
Beginner BP Box discontinued [Edit]
As of August 1, 2019, the Beginner BP Box is no longer granted as Daily Bonus reward. This makes the box de facto unavailable.
New update: Sixth Anniversary Mini Update [Edit]
The Sixth Anniversary Mini Update has been released.
New event: Infiniti Project Black S R&D [Edit]
The Infiniti Project Black S R&D has been launched.
Warning: BMW i8 R&D Basic Kit Box grants almost no drivetrain [Edit]
The BMW i8 Coupe R&D Basic Kit Box seems to grant extremely few drivetrain cards. Although the sample size is very small, players hoping for drivetrain on the last meters of the R&D should also open 1 Part - B Boxes.
New event: Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita Championship [Edit]
Aug 29, 2019 – WKPQ ASPHALT 8
Engine Boxes now grant i3 Engines [Edit]
The drop rates of Engine Boxes have changed. The good news: They now grant i3 Engines. The bad news: They now grant less legendary cards. It is unclear if Engine Boxes now also grant V12 MPI Engines.
Autumn Update scheduled for September 13 [Edit]
If it's not postponed, the 2019 Autumn Update will be out on September 13, 2019. Source: Gameloft Community Manager.
Engine Boxes now also grant V12 MPI Engines [Edit]
One of our WikiProject Statistics data contributors has just confirmed it: Engine Boxes now also grant V12 MPI Engines.
V12 MPI and i3 Engines in more boxes [Edit]
The Finish Line Box and the Daily Kit Box now also grant V12 MPI and i3 Engines. See Sixth Anniversary Mini Update for more Pro Kit Box changes.
Not recommended: Engine Special-Offer Box [Edit]
Caution: The Engine Special-Offer Box which is currently offered is not an engine box. Despite its outer appearance, it is a random box with only three guaranteed engines. Besides, the price has nearly doubled and the drop rate of legendary cards has been reduced. There are many good ways to spend tokens, but definitely not this box.
Update postponed [Edit]
The release of the 2019 Autumn Update which was scheduled for September 13 has been postponed. Source: Gameloft Community Manager. We'll let you know when we know more.
Patch notes for next update released [Edit]
Short summary: new track, new cars, changed festival event ("Festival Pass"), Elite status removed, forced rank requirements for some R&D tests. See the complete post on the Gameloft Forum.
Asphalt 8 fonts now available on Asphalt Wiki [Edit]
Accidental Presidency and Monkirta Pursuit NC, the official Asphalt 8 fonts, are now also integrated on Asphalt Wiki. See their articles for more details. There is also the new template {{Font}} which makes it easier to assign fonts to wikitext for editors who don't like CSS code. Please keep in mind that the fonts should only be used for illustration purposes or gimmicks on your own userpage.
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