Tuning Kits blocked by Falken Tyres ad [Edit]
Oct 16, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8
Players in Europe are currently experiencing a removed ad button for Tuning Kits. We have reported this to Falken Tyres. The company was not aware that their ad is obstructing players. They apologize for the inconveniences and have announced to contact the game developers immediately in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible.
King of the Fall Update is on the Asphalt Wiki [Edit]
Oct 15, 2019 – Damian103 ASPHALT 9 ASPHALT WIKI
You can also find everything that was added in the new update right now on the Asphalt Wiki by clicking here!
Patch notes for next update released [Edit]
Oct 15, 2019 – Avengersman1420 ASPHALT 9
Short summary: new cars, more customization for select cars, control swapping, new blueprint interface, new garage level system. See the complete post on the Asphalt 9 Facebook Page.
Box news: Boxes on sale and old friends [Edit]
Oct 12, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8 STATISTICS
– The Enhanced Split Box is recommended because of its good price and content.
– The drop rate of common cards in the B-Class Parts Special Offer has been reduced by around 10 %. As this also means that the drop rate of (common) B-Class Parts is reduced, this box is even less recommended than before. Players should only buy it as a last resort.
– Before blueprints are completely removed from the game: Players who still have Compact Shuffle Boxes and Compact Split Boxes in their inventory should know that these boxes still grant (common) blueprints. Those who are missing a few blueprints for some vehicles may want to open these boxes now.
New event: Acura NSX GT3 Evo Research & Development [Edit]
Oct 11, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8
The Zenvo TS1 GT 10th Anniversary Edition Special Event has started! [Edit]
Oct 4, 2019 – Avengersman1420 ASPHALT 9
The Zenvo TS1 GT 10th Anniversary Edition Special Event has begun! Check out more information in the main article here.
New event: Rimac C_Two Research & Development [Edit]
Oct 1, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8
The Rimac C_Two Research & Development has been launched.
New event: Pontiac Solstice Research & Development [Edit]
Sep 26, 2019 – WKPQ ASPHALT 8
Important! Advanced BP Box grants all Blueprints again! [Edit]
Sep 25, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8 STATISTICS
Not announced by Gameloft, the last update has removed the restrictions for the Advanced BP Box. Players are strongly advised to open their Advanced BP Boxes before the next updates turn the remaining BP vehicles into Token ones—especially if they only need a few more cards to assemble them. As some former Blueprint vehicles are already “out of the pool”, the probability of getting a desired Blueprint has even increased.
V8 drop rate study released [Edit]
Sep 25, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8 STATISTICS
The V8 drop rate study is finished and all data has been evaluated. The study deals with some of the most discussed questions among players:
1. Is there a “golden rule” that players have to keep a certain number of specific cards they need most?
2. Does the game decrease drop rates for needed cards during events?
3. Are drop rates dependent on the vehicles in a player's garage?
4. Does the game withhold cards for recently upgraded vehicles?
Find the answers on the study page!
Festival Coin Pack not fair [Edit]
Sep 22, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8 STATISTICS
Players who are planning with expected amounts of Festival Coins granted by the Festival Coin Pack should be aware that the box is not fair. The expected value of a fair box would be 7 Coins per box, but the real outcome is much less. See the box page for details.
More Asphalt fonts for design nerds [Edit]
Sep 20, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag EDITORS
Two more Asphalt fonts have been added: Hemi Head Bold Italic from Asphalt 6 and Asphalt Offroad from Asphalt Xtreme. See their articles for more details.
New Update for Asphalt 8 released [Edit]
Sep 18, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8
The Sixth Anniversary Update (previously announced as 2019 Autumn Update on this site) has been released today for Android and iOS. As usual, the update may take some time to be available for all users. According to Gameloft Community Managers, the Windows version will come a bit later.
Recommended: Enhanced Split Box [Edit]
Sep 14, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8 STATISTICS
The Enhanced Split Box which is currently being offered has a good price (A8Tokens 25 per card), fixed drop rates, clear rules and good content: Parts of the granted cards come in pairs, so it is a good opportunity to even get two desired cards at once. Besides, it is one of the very few boxes that still grant bike-specific cards after the 2019 Spring Update. See the box article for details.
Asphalt 8 fonts now available on Asphalt Wiki [Edit]
Sep 14, 2019 – Guy Bukzi Montag ASPHALT 8 EDITORS
Accidental Presidency and Monkirta Pursuit NC, the official Asphalt 8 fonts, are now also integrated on Asphalt Wiki. See their articles for more details. There is also the new template {{Font}} which makes it easier to assign fonts to wikitext for editors who don't like CSS code. Please keep in mind that the fonts should only be used for illustration purposes or gimmicks on your own userpage.
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