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New Asphalt 8 event: 2018 McLaren X2 Festival [Edit]
The 2018 McLaren X2 Festival has been launched. However, players hoping to get Kit cards for the X2 will be disappointed: the festival does not grant any.
How to display the disappeared Multiplayer Cup [Edit]
Due to a bug, the 2020-08-03 Multiplayer Cup is not displayed for Android players. There is an official workaround:
1. Switch off Wi-Fi or any internet connection.
2. Load the game.
3. Wait about 15 seconds till everything is set.
4. Switch Wi-Fi back on.
5. The event should load properly.
Source: Andreea (2020-08-04). Announcement. Asphalt 8: Airborne Discord server. Retrieved on 2019-08-04.
New Asphalt 8 update [Edit]
The 2020 Summer Update has been released.
New Asphalt 8 event: Porsche Taycan Turbo S Festival [Edit]
The Porsche Taycan Turbo S Festival has been launched. As with the last festival, Premium Pass owners get a high-end Class S car as reward for the first tier. This time it is the recently buffed Lamborghini Aventador SV.
Lamborghini Aventador SV performance update [Edit]
Jul 20, 2020 – WKPQ ASPHALT 8
The performance of the Lamborghini Aventador SV has been buffed. For further details, see its stats page.
Asphalt 7 font now available on Asphalt Wiki [Edit]
The font of Asphalt 7, Orbitron Zero, is now implemented. It is automatically displayed in all tables using class="table-a7". See font page for interesting details.
Asphalt Wiki history project (2): The navigation bar [Edit]
Part 2 of our tour introduces the history navigation bar. It is placed at the top of every history page, and its goal is to make every section accessible with only one click, no matter where you are.

The "Pages" row provides access not only to single day pages but also to overviews of time-limited events, special events and updates, filtered by game. The links in the "Categories" row have the same names but lead to the corresponding categories instead, each one sorted by name or date. The table of content (TOC) on history pages has been moved into the third line where it only appears when you move the mouse over the link. This is to prevent huge TOCs from blocking one quarter of a page before users get to see the actual content. Go to July 19 and have a look!

Special thanks go to WKPQ, Damian103 and AntoniuCalacean who are doing a great job by tagging, adding and creating pages to make the Asphalt history overviews more and more complete each day.
New Gharial Boosted Box available [Edit]
Two days after the release of the Gharial in Asphalt Xtreme, a new Boosted Box is offered for a 3-day period. According to the box description, it guarantees "at least 3 Gharial Blueprints every 5 openings". Players considering to buy the box to obtain Gharial blueprints are advised to read our detailed information on the box page.

And, if you bought the box, you are invited to share your complete opening results in a comment under the box page, as WikiProject Statistics is about to extend its activities to Asphalt Xtreme in the near future.
Asphalt Wiki history project (1): Day pages are ready! [Edit]
To our editors: Let your readers see what happened on that day! You can now turn every day of the year into a link by simply putting it into the usual double square brackets, for example [[June 24]]. Many of the day pages may still be empty but June 24 already gives an impression how they will look like as we continue converting our archives into the new system. In the coming days, we will inform you about more new features of the history project. In the meantime you can try it out and turn a few days into links.
Chrysler Firepower upgrades reverted to standard [Edit]
The upgrade requirements for the Chrysler Firepower have been reset to the standard progression (220 cards to pro). Players who upgraded the car during the short glitch with only 1 card required per upgrade seem to be able to keep their upgrade level.
Chrysler Firepower upgrade requirements [Edit]
To players planning to go full in for the Chrysler Firepower: Now is the time. As of now, the car requires only 1 single Chrysler Firepower Kit Card per upgrade. Please note that this is most probably a bug and will not last for long. We also cannot assume responsibility for possible sanctions by Gameloft for exploiting the bug.
Servers running again [Edit]
After yesterday's Asphalt 8 connectivity issues, players should now start their game and see if they can connect to the server. Rewards for watched ad videos that could not be claimed before should be granted now. Unwatched ad videos seem to be lost. So far there is no official statement about compensations for lost R&D progress. Players are advised to contact Customer Care and insist on a compensation.
WARNING: Do not play milestone ads! [Edit]
There have been several reports of players whose server connection was blocked after trying out the reintroduced milestone version of daily ads. These players could not continue R&Ds, upgrade vehicles, claim Festival Coin rewards, play Multiplayer races and claim free bundles. Players are strongly advised NOT to play ads because whole parts of the game can become inaccessible. We have reported the bug to Gameloft and will inform you about further developments.
New event: Chrysler Firepower Festival [Edit]
Jul 10, 2020 – WKPQ ASPHALT 8
The Chrysler Firepower Festival has been launched.
The BXR Bailey Blade GT1 Special Event has started [Edit]
The BXR Bailey Blade GT1 Special Event has begun. Check out more information in the main article here.
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