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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: Welcome to Rio, racer. Smell the seaside air... and get ready to replace it with burnt rubber! Let's see what you can do with that Nissan 370Z!

  • Test .002.: Excellent job, guv! Those racing moves almost made a Beefeater blink. Now, keep calm and race on!

  • Test .003.: Say, is that a sandstorm coming? Or is it just the dust you're getting left in? Better finish first this time!

  • Test .004.: Pow! You're like a rocket! Better not flame out. Beat the race time and teach our AI about reaching for the stars.

  • Test .005.: Evidently, we can't underestimate you, driver. Just like that Nissan 370Z! Finish first, or be forgotten!

  • Test .006.: En Fuego! You're as hot as cayenne pepper out there! Our AI is getting caliente too, thanks to your data. Don't start sweating now!

  • Test .007.: Do we see a mirage or did you come back to the desert to take on our Ultimate AI? Let's see if you can handle it, or if you'll just fade away!

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: Sweet swiss chocolate! We heard you turned Lab 1's AI into a pile of desert bones. Be first to the finish and everyone will yodel your name!

  • Test .009.: We're gathering data on that Nissan 370Z, a classic that demands a pro like you! We aim to challenge all your skills. Now, keep racing!

  • Test .010.: You're a rare breed, racer -- so try this rare landscape. In the end, we'll see if it's the lava and geysers smoking, or you!

  • Test .011.: You're good. Almost TOO good... A timed trial will help us see if there's something dodgy about your Nissan. Facts and figures don't lie!

  • Test .012.: Good news: You're doing great. Better news: Our AI is learning how to beat you! Better bring all of your tricks if you want to finish first!

  • Test .013.: Our AI's data suggests your skills are almost "otherworldly." Area 51 will be the perfect place to test that with a TAKEDOWN race. Go!

  • Test .014.: From how you handle your car, we see you like classics. Fortunately, this is a classic location... but don't go getting comfortable!

  • Test .015.: You seem to like pushing the limits, racer. But can you beat our TIME limit?

  • Test .016.: It's almost like you've become one with your car... Let's see if you stay in sync during our DRIFT test mode!

  • Test .017.: Amazing moves! We want to see if you can continue setting the track on fire in Sector 8! Or perhaps our AI will put you out...?

  • Test .018.: You certainly do seem confident... Take a moment to enjoy it before our AI wipes that smile off your face!

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: You just keep climbing to the top...! Let's see if there's an avalanche in your future, or if you can finish first!

  • Test .020.: Perfect form! There's talk in the Lab that you may end up going down in history. Or maybe they just said you were going down...

  • Test .021.: Epic speed, racer! We think you're ready for an Elimination round! If you don't make it, try to keep a stiff upper lip!

  • Test .022.: Exciting stuff out there! You handle yourself well under pressure, but let's see just how MUCH you can handle!

  • Test .023.: Daring driving out there. Let's see how you do with hairpin turns! You'll have to be one with the road to keep your speed up!

  • Test .024.: Stellar steering, speedster! Don't get lost looking at the stars, though -- the excitement is all down here on the track!

  • Test .025.: Top notch! What could possibly go wrong now, right? Right! So, let's try a Takedown race!

  • Test .026.: Even our AI is surprised at how good you are, and we did NOT program surprise into our AI... Get racing while we check that out!

  • Test .027.: Racer, we heard you were ready for anything, but even WE'RE worried for you in this race. Good luck out there. You'll need it!

  • Test .028.: You've proven yourself again! And for the record, we totally knew you would... Let's see if you can do it again!

  • Test .029.: We hope no London fog has drifted down with you to sunny Barcelona. Speaking of drifting, get ready for another test mode!

  • Test .030.: Did you know Tenerife is known for exotic wildlife? Best this race and see how rare of a breed you are!

  • Test .031.: Your performance is surprising. If you like surprises, you should have told us... Surprise! Better outrun those infected cars!

  • Test .032.: Lab 3 sees that you can take on any challenge! Well, as they say, when in Venice, do as the Venetians do and get racing!

  • Test .033.: Dubai is all about striving to break boundaries. We broke a few boundaries as well with our Ultimate AI. Let's see if you can break its win streak!

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: Welcome back! We have a rhyme for you: Roses are red, this coast is azure, beating you is our AI's pleasure. How sweet. Let's race!

  • Test .035.: It seems that our poetry charmed you to victory! Fortunately, our Tech Team has other moves. Test Mode: Infected! Get ready!

  • Test .036.: Good work! Our AI loves a challenge! Our AI also loves close encounters of the timed kind. Beat the clock!

  • Test .037.: Not to start trouble, but our AI said something about how you and your Nissan 370Z are pretty analog. Strong words! Try an elimination race!

  • Test .038.: We are blown away! Lab 4's techs are going to make some adjustments to our AI! In the meantime, get out there and see if you can finish first!

  • Test .039.: You are a championship racer! But now that we've tweaked our AI, we have a championship system. Try to beat our clock!

  • Test .040.: Amazing work! We had to get creative, so we sent our AI to the zoo to research cheetahs... It had a great time! Now, get ready for some new moves!

  • Test .041.: Ready for a race in the Canary Islands? Our AI will make you sing like a canary and give up your racing secrets!

  • Test .042.: You're taking down the competition like a prize fighter! Let's see who's left standing after this takedown race!

  • Test .043.: Some people come to Dubai for the nightlife... Well, we hope you didn't stay out too late last night, because it's time to race!

  • Test .044.: Lab 4's Ultimate AI will separate the true racers from the pack. Let's see if you can take on a real challenge!

  • Test .045.: You've shown us that you are no Sunday driver, racer. But Lab 4 has a few more tricks up its sleeves!

  • Test .046.: We hear that some people have been calling you the eighth wonder of the world. Let's see you live up to the name!

  • Test .047.: Do you have the skill to master Drift Mode, or will you end up as a UFO: Unidentified FLAMING Object?

  • Test .048.: Let's put your Nissan 370Z to a real test in Iceland, the land of the Vikings. Now bleach your beard and get out the oars -- it's time for a challenge!

  • Test .049.: Lab 4's Tech Team has been behind closed doors for weeks... Wonder what they're up to? For now, just enjoy the Great Wall race!

  • Test .050.: Are you ready for the Ultimate race? Don't be nervous if you hear our Tech Team popping champagne corks a little early! Just drive!
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