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A non-player character (NPC) is any character in a game which is not controlled by a player. NPCs in the Asphalt series consist of two types: basic traffic NPCs and racing NPCs with both serving as an obstacle to the player during a race.


Traffic NPCs[]

Traffic NPCs appear in two types: cars or trucks. Traffic cars are either four-door sedans, SUVs, or limousines. Traffic trucks are either buses, pickup trucks, and semi-trucks. In Area 51 and San Diego Harbor of Asphalt 8, military trucks and armored vehicles will appear as variants of trucks.

In Asphalt 8, traffic NPCs only appear in Carer Mode. In the Paint Job game mode for Asphalt 7: Heat, every time the player collides with a traffic car (even after activating Adrenaline mode), 2 seconds are added to a timer.

Racing NPCs[]

Racing NPCs are opponents, capable of moving by themselves as opposed to a predetermined course.

Racing NPS will appear in vehicles that are available to the player and can come in a variety of colors and decals. Although they cannot knock down the player during a race, they can knock down the player's car after a race when it is controlled by the game. Racing NPS can also knock each other down, knock down traffic, and collide with traffic. At the end of a race, the name, vehicle, rank, and position of each racer is shown.


Asphalt Street Storm Racing Asphalt Street Storm Racing[]

Username Meaning
0 to 100
321 -> G0N3 321 → gone
Cl1ck Click
D 4 R 3 M 3 Dare me
G34Rup_88 Gear up 88
~ . G3t R34L . ~ Get real
G1mm3_the_$ Give me the $
H0tJam Hot jam
J1bb3rish Gibberish
Legend4Life Legend for life
! M1n3 ! Mine
n0sw34t No sweat
n33d$ Need $
noob_play4fun Noob play for fun
not a bot
r3cluus3 Recluse
R U OK? Are you ok?
Sp33dL-v3r Speedlover
three4me Three for me
V4n1ll4 Vanilla

Asphalt Street Storm Racing does not tell if an opponent in Multiplayer or Champions Clash events is human or an NPC. Identifying NPCs can be advantageous because they usually have a bad reaction time and are easy to beat, even with cars at stock level.

NPCs can be recognized by the properties listed below. Some confirmed NPCs are listed in the table to the right.


  • Usernames mostly contain a version of leetspeak where only vowels are replaced with numbers which is very uncommon among real players.
  • Usernames also often use underscores instead of spaces although the game allows spaces.
  • When a player leaves and re-enters the lobby, the same NPC may appear, but with a different avatar image (often also changing gender).
  • NPC usernames never appear in leaderboards.


  • All NPCs only bet once per day. Only if the player has lost this first bet, they bet again. After this, every NPC will chicken out.
  • NPCs will immediately leave the 4P Race waiting room when a second real player enters.
  • NPCs never propose or accept a Pink Slip.

Asphalt Xtreme Asphalt Xtreme[]

In Asphalt Xtreme, traffic NPCs only appear in Versus races and are always trucks or monster trucks (the two archetypes that can most easily knock down other vehices when controlled by the player). There is only one generic truck and one generic monster truck type; both can appear in different colors.








Pickup truck[]

Delivery truck[]


London bus[]

Hackney taxi[]

Military vehicles[]