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Introduced in 2007 as a 2008 model, the RZR (pronounced as razor) is a sport side-by-side originally marketed as a sub model of the work-oriented ranger. It eventually was designated to be a standalone model focused more on sport and recreational purposes, although military variants of the RZR (Designated as MRZR models) are used within the military as light, portable, transport vehicles since 2013.

Part of the 2016 lineup of Polaris vehicles, the RZR XP® 1000 EPS High Lifter is the most powerful naturally aspirated option of the RZR line-up in 2016, as well as having the largest displacement of the line-up at 999cc. The XP® stands for Xtreme Performance models, given to models that have the largest possible engine displacement or produces the largest engine power, and have transverse mounted motors, twin front a-arms, skinny seats, and 14" wheels. 1000 refers to the 999cc engine, producing 110 horsepower. EPS is the abbreviation for Polaris' Electric Power Steering kit, meant to give smooth, easy, precisely responsive automotive-quality steering through challenging terrain.

The RZR XP® 1000 EPS was also featured in the 2017 line-up of vehicles according to the official Polaris website, but was discontinued from 2018 onwards, the RZR XP 1000 High Lifter is still available for 2021, but forgoes the EPS designation.

Asphalt Xtreme Asphalt Xtreme[]


The RZR XP® 1000 EPS is a high D-class buggy that was added in the Mini John Cooper Update. Originally purchasable with 70 tokens, the Polaris now requires Class-D Blueprints 20 blueprints to be unlocked, and starts at a rank of level 3. Oil changes take 20 minutes, and cost Credits 200 for each refill.

Due to already being a sport-oriented side-by-side vehicle for off-road terrain by design, no external custom modificiations can be seen on the Polaris that differs from its real life counterpart.


The RZR XP® 1000 EPS is the most direct rival to the Lynx DCC 2016-J, with both being contenders as the fastest buggies in the game. Compared to the DCC, the Polaris makes sacrifices in certain aspects in performance, in exchange for better stats in other areas. One of the aspects the RZR lacks in comparison to the DCC is its handling, while the drift radius is actually somewhat decent, maintaining drifts are much more difficult, thanks to the Polaris' tendency to straighten itself out. The Polaris is also noticeably less planted when driving, being especially noticeable when traversing uneven terrain, or landing a series of short jumps. The lack of stability actually introduces a unique problem to the RZR, it tends to roll over and wreck much easier than with other buggies, especially at maximum level. The Polaris' miniscule design makes it susceptible to easily wrecking when colliding walls, hitting certain geometry for airspeed, or not landing on an awkward angle. Interestingly enough, the Polaris tends to land barrel rolls more reliably on ramps where the Lynx would sometimes wreck due to stopping the barrel rolls early and landing on its side.

The RZR is slightly lacking in terms of nitro power and drift-boosting capabilities compared to the Lynx, but is still very good for its class. The Polaris makes up for these issues by having much higher airspeed capabilities, being almost as high as pickups, as well as having slightly more top speed in both long, and all-in nitro, making the overall package a powerful albeit less reliable alternative to the Lynx.

Being a class D car, the Polaris is limited to the rank of 15 without the use of rank up tools. Its stability issues are less apparent here due to the lower speeds, and can serve as a reliable option for getting off the line quickly and gaining airspeed. It is rivaled by the Chevrolet C10, both being very good options for multiplayer, and both being able to challenge the higher class vehicles in their archetype at just level 15.

The RZR is also useful at level 50, being a more difficult but sometimes quicker version of the Lynx. The acceleration and nitro power, and drift-boosting capabilities are very strong, and the significantly higher airspeed means that ground can be quickly covered if utilized properly. While not being susceptible to physics issues larger cars tend to have, the Polaris' instability can be the cause of unwanted and hard to predict wrecks, as it is very difficult to figure out what will and what won't cause a rollover. Another problem is the long nitro top speed, being slightly lower than the lynx, and being much lower than a good amount of other vehicles in other archetypes. Ultimately, avoid all Coachella Valley tracks, and beware of tracks with very rough terrain that may cause rollovers.

Speed Modifier Approximation[]

Modifier: 99.0 %* km/h mph
Real Displayed Real Displayed
No Nitro 229.8 km/h 232.1 km/h 142.8 mph 144.2 mph
Long Nitro level 1 256.4 km/h 259 km/h 159.3 mph 160.9 mph
Long Nitro level 2 262.4 km/h 265 km/h 163 mph 164.7 mph
Long Nitro level 3 271.4 km/h 274.1 km/h 168.6 mph 170.3 mph
Long Nitro level 4 Extra Tank 273.2 km/h 276 km/h 169.8 mph 171.5 mph
All-In Nitro 292.1 km/h 295 km/h 181.5 mph 183.3 mph
All-In Nitro Extra Tank 296 km/h 299 km/h 183.9 mph 185.8 mph
Max Airspeed 340.6 km/h 344 km/h 211.6 mph 213.8 mph
Max Airspeed Extra Tank 343.5 km/h 347 km/h 213.5 mph 215.6 mph

* when using the Land Rover Defender as 100 % benchmark

The Polaris' most valuable asset when it comes to top speed is the max airspeed stat, being noticeably higher than the Lynx and even competing with the likes of pickups. Extra Tank Extra Tank can increase the overall top speed to an even higher level, although the worsened handling does make the Polaris even more of a challenge to tame than it is already. The Polaris is capable of performing very well on most tracks where the Lynx can, and can sometimes even outperform the Lynx as the fastest vehicle in the game. Examples of tracks where the Polaris can slightly outperform the DCC are Himalayan Mountains and Dry Plains, where cars with airspeed are preferred, but don't necessarily require cosmic drift-boosting power to achieve max airspeed. While the RZR can be useful for multiplayer, its less reliable stability doesn't make it as good of an option as the Lynx.

In terms of time-limited events, the Polaris is a very good option as an always available alternative to the DCC. It can be used to take the top of the leaderboard very easily on some tracks, and does not suffer from being unavailable to use in any warm-ups or championships.

In conclusion, while there is no doubt that the Polaris is a strong choice for leveling up to 50, it is ultimately up to the driver's preference on whether they would choose the Lynx's more reliable performance, over the Polaris' TLE usability and higher all-in nitro and airspeed. It is not recommended as the first choice of helping drivers understand how to drift-boost for airspeed, as the overall difficulty will make learning more difficult for newcomers.


Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS Blueprint Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS Blueprint – Last checked: Jun 25, 2021
Price: Credits 25,200 or Tokens 22
Rarity: Class D
Vehicle: Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS (20 to build, 22 to overclock)
Availability: Boxes, Black Market


The Polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS is required for a Stars Star goal in the following career races:

  • Race 105 (Class B, Class B, levels 15–17)
    • Recommended level: 17
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