The Porsche Season Update is the 11th update for Asphalt 9: Legends.


Be part of the Porsche legacy and discover a full tank of new content!

Level up your game with a Season Pass fo unlock exclusive content and other perks!

Experience Porsche history by racing in some of the brand’s most iconic models, then make them yours in a series of exciting new events.

From the Porsche Taycan to the 911 GT2 RS Clubsport, we’ve got the perfect Porsche for every racing fan alive!

New Vehicles

Game Changes

Gameplay Changes

  • New feature: Season Pass
  • Grand Prix changes:
    • Rewards awarded from qualifiers are now based on the player's performance. The times in the player's group will be compared against other groups and a tier is assigned.
      • Tier 1 - Top 1% of groups qualified.
      • Tier 2 - Top 10% of groups qualified.
      • Tier 3 - Top 25% of groups qualified.
      • Tier 4 - Top 50% of groups qualified.
      • Tier 5 - Top 100% of groups qualified.
    • New special packs containing the car’s key as a possible drop are added.
    • The entry fee if you fail to qualify has now been raised to Tokens small a9 500.
    • Each qualifier group will now comprise of 50 players (instead of 20), and the top 20 will advance to the finals (instead of the top 10).
    • Decals for the top positions are now the same in design, and only have a different number on the side to show the player's position.
  • The amount of flags required to participate in the Special Events has been raised to 150.
  • The Ad Pack drop rates have been altered. The chance for blueprints is now higher, while the chance for credits has been lowered.
  • The Caribbean and Osaka maps are now available in Club Races.
  • The club creation cost has been raised to Tokens small a9 250
  • The garage level requirements have been rebalanced and new cars have been added to each level:
  • iOS changes:
    • Improved game stability and performance.
  • Android changes:
    • Improved game stability and performance.
    • Unlocked 60 FPS on the Samsung Galaxy S20 family and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.
  • Windows changes:
    • Improved game stability.
  • MacOS changes:
    • Added Game Center functionality.
    • Improved game stability.
  • 3 cars have been rebalanced:
    • (New stats are listed, while old stats can be found in brackets next to new stats)
Ford GT
Car Level Rank Top Speed Acceleration Handling Nitro
4 Star Max ? 362.8 79.15 (77.54) 34.36 (34.11) 54.49 (48.64)
Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport
Car Level Rank Top Speed Acceleration Handling Nitro
5 Star Max ? 331.2 (335.4) 76.55 92.99 (94.52) 80.87 (81.88)
Car Level Rank Top Speed Acceleration Handling Nitro
5 Star Max ? 370.6 (369) 77.04 45.74 (45.58) 85 (74.13)

Cosmetic Changes

Special Events

  1. Porsche Season March 18 - May 7, 2020
  2. Porsche Carrera GT (Special Event) March 20 - April 27, 2020
  3. Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport (Grand Prix) March 20 - April 6, 2020
  4. Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport (Grand Prix) April 17 - May 4, 2020

Bugs and Glitches

  • For a short time after the 718 Cayman GT4's Grand Prix finished, when the player claimed their rewards they got a guaranteed key from the event packs, when the chance to get the key should have been less than 2%.
    • This has now been fixed.
  • On iOS devices, the game crashes after inactivity when not playing.
    • This only occurs when a player launches the game again trying to reconnect to the server after a couple of minutes.
      • This has been fixed after the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport Grand Prix event was available on April 17, 2020.

Fixed bugs

The following bug(s) have been fixed:

  • An indicator of missing events due to the player’s garage level was showing even when you had unlocked all limited-time events.
  • The colour glitch that allowed players to change the colour of their car and add carbon fiber by selecting a car in club race and going back.

Post-Update Screen


Asphalt 9 - Porsche Season Update

Asphalt 9 - Porsche Season Update

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