Pro Kit Upgrade screen

The Pro Kit upgrade screen (with a McLaren P1 being upgraded).

The Pro Kit system was introduced to Asphalt 8: Airborne in the Winter Update. It gives players an alternate upgrading system for their cars, alongside the Upgrades system.

Pro Kit Card Mechanics


Pro upgrades are used to increase the performance values of a vehicle, similarly to Max upgrades. However, Pro upgrades do not give as much performance as Max upgrades.

Pro upgrades combine two performance features of a vehicle, reusing the same "statistics" seen in the Upgrades Menu:

  • Tires/Bike Tires = (Raw) Top Speed + Handling
  • Suspension/Fork Tubes = Nitro + Handling
  • Drivetrain/Transmission = (Raw) Top Speed + Acceleration
  • Exhaust/Bike Exhaust = Nitro + Acceleration

For motorcycles, these upgrades are named "Bike Tires, Fork Tubes, Transmission, and Bike Exhaust". Although motorcycles do require their own unique cards, the performance-increase mechanics mirror those of the cars.



Pro upgrades require credits, like Max upgrades. Unlike Max upgrade, Pro upgrades never require tokens. Also, Pro upgrades cannot be completed with Free Upgrades.

Unlike Max upgrades, Pro upgrades require special Pro kit cards alongside credits.

If there are not enough resources to perform a certain upgrade, two different messages can appear. One tells the player how to find more cards, while the other tells the player how to purchase more credits.

Card Types

Card types can be organized into four different categories:

  1. "Part cards" (aka "Class cards")
  2. "Tech cards" (Technology cards)
  3. "Engine cards"
  4. "Blueprints" (not Pro Kit Card but obtainable from Pro Kit Boxes)

These cards are combined with each other and a sum of credits for each Pro upgrade.

Card Rarity

Main article: Rarity

Pro kit cards can possess one of the following types of rarity:

  1. Common - Denoted by light blue coloring
  2. Rare - Denoted by purple coloring
  3. Legendary - Denoted by gold coloring

Obtaining Cards

Pro kit cards are obtained by opening Pro kit boxes. Pro kit boxes can be found in a variety of ways. They can be found through Time-Limited Event Rewards, Daily Bonus Rewards, Daily Challenge Rewards, Advertisements, Car Mastery Rewards, Special Event Rewards (R&D, EDD, Championship), Multiplayer League Rank Rewards, Multiplayer League Points Rewards, or through the Moto Blitz. Pro kit boxes can also be purchased. An internet connection is required to collect and open Pro kit boxes.

Chance of Obtaining Cards

Unless the box has "confirmed contents" or has a special "rarity-filter" or "type-filter", generally, the cards found in Pro kit boxes are completely random. Rarity affects the chance of finding cards; Legendary is the least common type, while Common is the most common type.

Some cards, such as Blueprint cards and i5 Engine cards, have hidden increased rarities. Other cards with hidden increased rarities include:

  1. W16 Engines, V16 Engines, F12 Engines, F6 Engines, i6 Engines, Rotary Engines, Serial Racing Engines, Custom Racing Engines, High-Grade Engines, V12 MPI Engines, Exceptional Engines, and Legendary Electric Engines. This is due to the Engines being used by very few vehicles. In the case of the i5 Engine, it's so rare because the only vehicles which use it are the Donkervoort D8 GTO,Audi RS 3 Sportback and Ford Focus RS.
  2. Generally, Engine cards and Tech cards tend to be rarer than Parts cards. Blueprints also adhere to this rule.
  3. Certain cards are sometimes rarer during their debuts. For example, the Bentley EXP10 Speed 6's Blueprints could not be found during its Blueprint-conversion debut, only being made available after its coinciding Multiplayer Season had ended. This is possibly due to it being the reward car of that season.
  4. Motorcycle Parts cards also tend to be rarer than car parts. This is especially true for Class S motorcycle parts. This is because there is currently only one motorcycle for each class (except D and A Class, where there are now two, other classes will get a second in the Lunar New Year 2018 Update). Motorcycle Tech cards also seem to be rarer than car techs. The same cannot be said about motorcycle Engine cards, which seem to be as common as V6 and V8 Engine cards.

Card Storage (Card Inventory)

Pro kit cards are stored in the Card Inventory (aka Inventory). The Inventory has a limited amount of space and can be expanded through the use of tokens. The cost of expansion increases as upgrade levels increase, despite the upgrade amounts being equal (20 spaces each).

The Inventory can also be expanded through Car Mastery Rewards and by collecting Stars in Career Mode.

If the Inventory is full, cards cannot be purchased from the Exclusive Deals Menu, although, otherwise, Pro kit boxes can be obtained. Pro kit boxes that cannot be opened are stored in the Inventory in box-form. They can be opened individually or all at once. If there is not enough space in the Inventory, a prompt appears that tells the player to open fewer boxes or to buy more Inventory space.

Card Merging (Fusion System)

Unwanted cards can be merged together to form new boxes. Generally, more cards go in than go out, allowing the player to have an overall loss of cards, despite the returning supply of cards.

Cards are fused together with a "Fusion Points Collector". The Collector becomes full after being filled with A8Fusionpoints 22,500 (Fusion Points)-worth of cards. Different cards reward different amounts of points:

  • A8Fusionpoints 500 (previously A8Fusionpoints 650) - Class D Parts cards, Class C Parts cards, Class B Parts cards, and Common-Rarity Tech cards.
  • A8Fusionpoints 1,000 (previously A8Fusionpoints 1,500) - Class A Parts cards, Class S Parts cards, and Rare-Rarity Tech cards.
  • A8Fusionpoints 1,500 (previously A8Fusionpoints 3,000) - i4 Engines, V6 Engines, V8 Engines, i5 Engines, Four-Stroke Engines, V-Twin Engines, and Common-Rarity Blueprints.
  • A8Fusionpoints 2,000 - Hybrid Engines, Electric Engines, Serial Racing Engines, High-Grade Engines, Forced Four-Stroke Engines, and Hot Wheels Engines.
  • A8Fusionpoints 3,000 (previously A8Fusionpoints 9,000, then A8Fusionpoints 4,500) - Forced-Induction V8 Engines, F6 Engines, V10 Engines, V12 Engines, F12 Engines, W16 Engines, Rotary Engines, i6 Engines, V16 Engines, Custom Racing Engines, Exceptional Engines, Legendary-Rarity Electric Engines, Legendary-Rarity Tech cards, and Rare-Rarity Blueprints.
  • A8Fusionpoints 6,000 (previously A8Fusionpoints 18,000, later A8Fusionpoints 9,000 - Legendary-Rarity Blueprints.

There are three tiers of Fusion Boxes:

A8Box Starter Box Starter Box (A8Fusionpoints 5,500, A8Fusionpoints 2,750 per item) – Last checked: Sep 21, 2019
"Grants 2 random Cards!"
A8BoxInfo Common: 84.53 % | Rare: 12.93 % | Legendary: 2.54 %
Availability: Fusion system
A8Box Extra Box Extra Box (A8Fusionpoints 12,500, A8Fusionpoints 3,125 per item) – Last checked: Sep 21, 2019
"Grants 4 random Cards! At least 1 will be Rare!"
A8BoxInfo Common: 63.41 % | Rare: 34.69 % | Legendary: 1.9 %
Availability: Fusion system
A8Box Ultra Box Ultra Box (A8Fusionpoints 22,500, A8Fusionpoints 5,625 per item) – Last checked: Sep 21, 2019
"Grants 4 random Cards! At least 3 will be Rare or Legendary!"
A8BoxInfo Common: 21.13 % | Rare: 75.74 % | Legendary: 3.13 %
Availability: Fusion system

Note: If the cards do not add up to exactly A8Fusionpoints 22,500, the extra Fusion Points are left over for the next batch. Prior to Hot Wheels Update, players cannot merge any more than A8Fusionpoints 22,500 worth of cards at a time and must spend the Fusion Points by opening up boxes, before being able to merge more cards. As of Hot Wheels Update, players can keep fusing cards up to A8Fusionpoints 1,000,000, after which the player is required to open a fusion box.

Tip: To fuse all cards of the same type, press the icon for the card and hold the mouse button. This will select all cards. Alternatively, you can select a more precise amount by using "+" and "-" icons provided on-screen.

On the Asphalt Moments Update and the Halloween Update, the A8Fusionpoints points rewarded from fusing pro cards were reduced.

Selling Cards (Scrapped Feature)

With the introduction of the Fusion System, cards can no longer be sold for credits. Players must use the Fusion system to free up space, through deletion of cards and opening boxes. Fusion Boxes can be stored in the Inventory unopened if the player opens up enough Pro kit boxes to fill up the inventory, after merging cards to fill up the Fusion Points Collector, before opening up a Fusion Box.

Note: Fusion Points awarded are roughly equivalent to previous credit amounts rewarded.

Pro Upgrade Mechanics

Tiers (Levels)

Pro upgrades are tiered, similarly to Max upgrades. There are generally five tiers of upgrades, however, four vehicles in the game have 10 tiers of upgrades. They are all Formula One cars, and this peculiarity may be due to their debuts as Championship cars.

Higher-tiered upgrades generally require more resources, but also provide more performance. Notably, they also provide larger amounts of rank points; this is a concern for players wishing to "Multiplayer Tune" a vehicle.

Note: Many early cars do not have five tiers of upgrades. Instead, they can have anywhere between 1-5 tiers of upgrades. It is currently not known what the Performance Boosts vs Rank Boosts (see below) are for cars which have more or less than 5 tiers. It is estimated that cars with 2 tiers have a 43% to 57% weighting ratio for their tier 1 and tier 2 upgrades.

Performance Boosts vs Rank Boosts

Pro upgrades give different performance boosts based on their tier. The weighting of tiers 1 to 5 tends to be approximately 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30%. These percentages are based on the entire rank increase of a certain Pro upgrade type. For example, if an acceleration upgrade of a non-F1 vehicle adds a total of 50 ranks, then it can be broken down approximately like so:

1a (5%) = 2.5 ranks

1b (5%) = 2.5 ranks

2a (7.5%) = 3.75 ranks

2b (7.5%) = 3.75 ranks

3a (10%) = 5 ranks

3b (10%) = 5 ranks

4a (12.5%) = 6.25 ranks

4b (12.5%) = 6.25 ranks

5a (15%) = 7.5 ranks

5b (15%) = 7.5 ranks

It is important to note that these upgrades are all shared with other upgrades. For this reason, it is necessary to find the rank increase of the joint upgrade as well (for example, raw top speed) in order to figure out the total rank increase of any particular upgrade, such as an exhaust upgrade.


Generally, higher-level upgrades require more cards and more credits, due to adding more performance. Of course, this isn't always the case; sometimes, higher-level upgrades can be cheaper credits-wise, as seen with the Nissan Juke Nismo. Also, higher-level upgrades can use the same amount of cards as lower-level upgrades.

Card Usage

Most upgrades require a combination of Parts cards and Tech cards. Often, higher-tier upgrades require Engine cards in addition to this. However, some vehicles require Engine cards alongside Parts and Tech cards for all tiers, such as most Class S vehicles. Also, some vehicles require nothing but Engine cards, such as the Bugatti 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse.

Generally, higher-tier upgrades require more cards and rarer cards. For example, many vehicles have Mid-Techs in their Tier-5 upgrades, but not their Tier-1 to Tier-4 Upgrades. Instead of Mid-Techs, these lower-Tier upgrades require Initial and Early-Techs. Early-Techs are only ever used with nitro-based Pro upgrades, while Initial-Techs are only ever used with raw top speed-based Pro upgrades.

Some vehicles don't use Tech cards for their earlier Pro upgrades.

An example of a Pro upgrade:

  • Vehicle name - Koenigsegg One:1
  • Vehicle type - Car
  • Class - S
  • Upgrade Type - Suspension Pro kit upgrade
  • Level - 5
  • Credits - 156,524
  • Class cards - 5 Class S Suspension cards
  • Engine cards - 4 Forced-Induction V8 card
  • Tech cards - 5 Advanced Tech cards
Pro Kit Section Pro Kit Level Parts Engines Tech Cost (A8 credits full)
Suspension 5/5 A8Suspension-S
A8 credits full 156,524
  • Vehicle name - Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR my2017
  • Vehicle type - Motorcycle
  • Class - S
  • Upgrade Type - Fork Tubes Pro kit upgrade
  • Level - 5
  • Credits - 120,000
  • Class cards - 3 Class S Fork Tubes cards
  • Engine cards - 1 Forced Four-Stroke Engine card
  • Tech cards - 1 Pro Tech card
Pro Kit Section Pro Kit Level Parts Engines Tech Cost (A8 credits full)
Suspension 5/5 A8ForkTubes-S
Forced Four-Stroke Engine
A8card Pro Tech
A8 credits full 120,000

Pro Kit Card Types and Rarity

Total Amounts of Different Pro Kit cards by category

This table does not account for Blueprints or motorcycle parts.

Cat. # Card Type Subcategory Amount of Cards % of All Cards Common Rare Legendary
1 Parts cards 20 55.6 % 12 8 0
Tires 5 13.9 % 3 2 0
Suspension 5 13.9 % 3 2 0
Drivetrain 5 13.9 % 3 2 0
Exhaust 5 13.9 % 3 2 0
2 Technology cards 4 11.1 % 2 1 1
3 Engine cards 12 33.3 % 3 2 7
(a) Common 17 47.2 % 17 0 0
(b) Rare 11 30.6 % 0 11 0
(c) Legendary 8 22.2 % 0 0 8
Total 36 100 % 17 11 8


The probability of receiving a card from the most common boxes (Daily Kit Box, Engine Box, Extra Box, Finish Line Box, Multiplayer Pro Box, Optimal Shuffle Box, Optimal Split Box, Random Box, Starter Box, Tech Box, Ultra Box) can be obtained by calculating the arithmetic mean of their current drop rates:

  • Common: 64.19 %
  • Rare: 26.28 %
  • Legendary: 9.53 %

These values change depending which boxes are opened more than others (see rarity for further details). A statistical overview of the rarity distribution for the most common boxes can be found on Pro Kit Box statistics comparison.

There are some reports on the Gameloft Forum that the spread inside a category or between the different types of cards isn't even - though some of the cases listed in the thread might simply be due to tough luck or too small sample size.[odds 1] On other forums, similar reports can be found:

"I've got 3 rotary engine for my Furai since winter update, and I've been through close to 1000 cards by now, so 0.3% chance"
— Hippida
Odds when i5 Engine card doesn't exist[odds 2]
  • If the spread was even, the odds of receiving one particular Common card is 7/170 ≈ 4.12 %.
  • If the spread was even, the odds of receiving one particular Rare card is 2/110 ≈ 1.82 %.
  • If the spread was even, the odds of receiving one particular Legendary card is 1/80 = 1.25 %.


  1. The probability of receiving a Mid-Tech card is interesting, though, because those cards are needed so often: Over 2/3 of the vehicles need it during the PRO process and prior to Decals Update it occupied 616 (~14.2 %) of the total 4340 applicable Pro Kit card slots (see the table below under the header Pro Kit Formulas). If the applicable Pro Kit card slots' spread was even, it would occupy only 4340/36 ≈ 120 (~2.8 %) of the available slots. So the players' felt scarceness of the Mid-Tech card is built in the Pro Kit system, if the odds of receiving that card are not elevated by default. After the built-in Mid-Tech card bottleneck, Engine cards might turn out to be the next Pro Kit cards, that the players feel are not received according to a calculated even distribution.
  2. Total amount of cards = 36. In the calculations it is assumed that the Common cards (n=17) are received at the rate of 7/10, Rare cards (n=11) are received at the rate of 2/10 and Legendary cards (n=8) are received at the rate of 1/10. If the rarity system didn't exist ("unweighted" or neutral probability), the odds of receiving a certain card, be it Common, Rare or Legendary, would be 1/36 ≈ 2.78 %.

Parts Cards

Up to 5 Pro Kit levels of Tires, Suspension, Drivetrain and Exhaust can be unlocked (the amount of levels available varies car by car). All Parts cards are tied to the Car class. and Up to 5 Pro Kit levels of Bike Tires, Fork Tubes, Transmission and Bike Exhaust can be unlocked (the amount of levels available varies bike by Motorcycle). All Parts cards are tied to the Motorcycle class.


Tires copy

Pro Kit Tires cards: Class D, C and B are Common cards. Class A and S are Rare cards.


  • Pro Kit Suspension cards: Class D, C and B are Common cards. Class A and S are Rare cards.


  • Pro Kit Drivetrain cards: Class D, C and B are Common cards. Class A and S are Rare cards.


  • Pro Kit Exhaust cards: Class D, C and B are Common cards. Class A and S are Rare cards.

Bike Tires

  • Pro Kit Bike Tires cards: Class D, C and B are Common cards. Class A and S are Rare cards.

Fork Tubes

  • Pro Kit Fork Tubes cards: Class D, C and B are Common cards. Class A and S are Rare cards.


  • Pro Kit Transmission cards: Class D, C and B are Common cards. Class A and S are Rare cards.

Bike Exhaust

  • Pro Kit Bike Exhaust cards: Class D, C and B are Common cards. Class A and S are Rare cards.

Technology Cards

In addition to the standard cards required to perfom a Pro Kit upgrade, the following Technology cards might be required.

Tech copy

Pro Kit Technology cards: Early Tech, Initial Tech and Common Tech are Common cards. Mid-Tech and Rare Tech are Rare cards and Advanced Tech and Pro Tech are Legendary cards.

Engine Cards

Main article: Pro Kit/Engine Cards

Also Engine cards might be required to perfom a Pro Kit upgrade - usually at higher Pro Kit upgrade levels or with some high end cars. The Toyota Supra RZ (Mark IV), Ferrari Testarossa, Mazda Furai, Volkswagen W12, and Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, however, prior to the Fast Lane Update, are upgraded to PRO level entirely only with Engine cards and Credits.

Pro Kit Box Prices

See the dedicated Pro Kit Boxes page for a complete listing of all the boxes ever sold.

A8Box Daily Kit Box Daily Kit Box – Last checked: Sep 21, 2019
"Grants 10 random cards! They can be Common, Rare or Legendary!"
A8BoxInfo Common: 54.93 % | Rare: 38.26 % | Legendary: 6.81 %
Availability: Permanent offer (every 24 hours)
Free, available once every 24h.
A8Box Expert Kit Box Expert Kit Box (A8 tokens full 100, A8 tokens full 12.5 per item) – Last checked: Oct 6, 2019
"Grants 8 random Cards!"
A8BoxInfo Common: 84.53 % | Rare: 12.93 % | Legendary: 2.54 %
Availability: Permanent offer, VIP level reward
A8Box Specialist Kit Box Specialist Kit Box (A8 tokens full 275, A8 tokens full 18.33 per item) – Last checked: Sep 21, 2019
"Grants 15 Cards. At least 5 will be Rare or Legendary!"
A8BoxInfo Common: 62 % | Rare: 33.49 % | Legendary: 4.51 %
Availability: Permanent offer, Mastery
A8Box Champion Kit Box Champion Kit Box (A8 tokens full 500, A8 tokens full 16.67 per item) – Last checked: Sep 21, 2019
"Grants 30 Cards, including one V8 Engine card guaranteed. At least 10 cards will be Rare or Legendary!"
A8BoxInfo Common: 56.87 % | Rare: 38.53 % | Legendary: 4.6 %
Availability: Permanent offer, Mastery, VIP level reward
A8Box Master Kit Box Master Kit Box (A8 tokens full 900, A8 tokens full 15 per item) – Last checked: Sep 21, 2019
"Grants 60 Cards. At least 15 will be Rare or Legendary!"
A8BoxInfo Common: 63.41 % | Rare: 32.2 % | Legendary: 4.39 %
Availability: Permanent offer
A8Box Special Offer Bike Box Special Offer: Bike Box (A8 tokens full 275, A8 tokens full 22.92 per item) – Last checked: Sep 21, 2019
"Grants 12 Bike cards! At least 1 will be a Bike Engine!"
A8BoxInfo Common: 54.59 % | Rare: 40.03 % | Legendary: 5.38 %
Availability: Permanent offer

Note that while the Racer Kit and Expert Kit Boxes do not say anything about Rare or Legendary cards, it is still possible to get Rare or Legendary cards from these two boxes.

According to Driver 4118 Gameloft's official streamer bought and opened a Lunar New Year Box in early March 2015, and he got one Legendary Forced Induction V8 card and one Rare Mid-Tech card, so even a bigger amount of Rare or Legendary cards in a box won't guarantee that a certain card of that type is received.

Pro Kit Formulas

A comprehensive list of all Pro Kit Formulas can be viewed here.

Cards Needed for a PRO Vehicle

Main article: Pro Kit/Pro Kit Formulas


  • The aforementioned spreadsheet
    • Conversions: The two Common Technology cards are named almost identically in the documents. In the table above, the following conversions to the Technology cards' names were made:
      Early Tech copy
      Initial Tech
      • Early Research → adjustable wrench → Early Tech (Common)
      • Early Research 2 → the inverted L-shaped unmotorized unadjustable nut driver → Initial Tech (Common)
      • Mid Research → Mid-Tech (Rare)
      • Advanced Research → Advanced Tech (Legendary)

Pro Inventory

Quantino stats (MP)

MAX+PRO nanoFlowcell QUANTINO. The Rank number shows the combined rank value of both (standard) upgrades and Pro Kit upgrades.

Ax pro copy

Gameloft news "Introduction to the Pro Kits" (Dec 23rd 2014, 02:58pm): There's something fishy in this picture...

Your Cards will be stored in your Pro Inventory. You can obtain additional inventory slots if ever your inventory tends to fill up too quickly.

Pro Inventory Size

  • Total amount of Free Pro Inventory expansions available: 29
    • After earning a certain amount of Stars, the size of the Pro Inventory can be increased.
    • Min: 60 slots @ 0 Stars
    • Max: 300 slots @ 1,590 Stars
  • Total amount of IAP Pro Inventory expansions available: 60
    • Every expansion adds 20 to 35 slots to the Pro Inventory, the price increases from 15 Tokens to 500 Tokens.
    • Max: 2,040 slots with 18,975 Tokens   
  • Total amount of Car Mastery Inventory expansions available: 30
    • Max: 545 slots with A8Licenses 7,500

Free Pro Inventory Expansions

Click on [Expand] to discover the size of the Pro Inventory at various Star Levels.

Inventory Extension Slots Added Pro Inventory Size (Slots) Unlocked at Star Level
Default - 60 0
Free Expansion 1 5 65 25
Free Expansion 2 5 70 50
Free Expansion 3 5 75 75
Free Expansion 4 5 80 100
Free Expansion 5 5 85 125
Free Expansion 6 5 90 150
Free Expansion 7 5 95 175
Free Expansion 8 5 100 200
Free Expansion 9 5 105 225
Free Expansion 10 5 110 275
Free Expansion 11 5 115 325
Free Expansion 12 7 122 375
Free Expansion 13 7 129 425
Free Expansion 14 7 136 475
Free Expansion 15 7 143 525
Free Expansion 16 7 150 575
Free Expansion 17 7 157 625
Free Expansion 18 7 164 700
Free Expansion 19 10 174 775
Free Expansion 20 10 184 850
Free Expansion 21 10 194 925
Free Expansion 22 10 204 1000
Free Expansion 23 12 216 1075
Free Expansion 24 12 228 1150
Free Expansion 25 12 240 1225
Free Expansion 26 15 255 1325
Free Expansion 27 15 270 1425
Free Expansion 28 15 285 1525
Free Expansion 29 15 300 1590
Total 240 Slots - -

A8 tokens full Pro Inventory Expansions

Click on [Expand] to discover the complete price list.

Inventory Extension Slots Added Price (Tokens)
Paid Expansion 1 20 15
Paid Expansion 2 25 25
Paid Expansion 3 25 40
Paid Expansion 4 25 55
Paid Expansion 5 30 70
Paid Expansion 6 30 85
Paid Expansion 7 30 100
Paid Expansion 8 35 115
Paid Expansion 9 35 130
Paid Expansion 10 35 140
Paid Expansion 11 35 150
Paid Expansion 12 35 160
Paid Expansion 13 35 170
Paid Expansion 14 35 180
Paid Expansion 15 35 190
Paid Expansion 16 35 200
Paid Expansion 17 35 210
Paid Expansion 18 35 220
Paid Expansion 19 35 230
Paid Expansion 20 35 240
Paid Expansion 21 35 250
Paid Expansion 22 35 260
Paid Expansion 23 35 270
Paid Expansion 24 35 280
Paid Expansion 25 35 290
Paid Expansion 26 35 300
Paid Expansion 27 35 310
Paid Expansion 28 35 320
Paid Expansion 29 35 330
Paid Expansion 30 35 340
Paid Expansion 31 35 350
Paid Expansion 32 35 360
Paid Expansion 33 35 370
Paid Expansion 34 35 380
Paid Expansion 35 35 390
Paid Expansion 36 35 400
Paid Expansion 37 35 405
Paid Expansion 38 35 410
Paid Expansion 39 35 415
Paid Expansion 40 35 420
Paid Expansion 41 35 425
Paid Expansion 42 35 430
Paid Expansion 43 35 435
Paid Expansion 44 35 440
Paid Expansion 45 35 445
Paid Expansion 46 35 450
Paid Expansion 47 35 455
Paid Expansion 48 35 460
Paid Expansion 49 35 465
Paid Expansion 50 35 470
Paid Expansion 51 35 475
Paid Expansion 52 35 480
Paid Expansion 53 35 485
Paid Expansion 54 35 490
Paid Expansion 55 35 495
Paid Expansion 56 35 500
Paid Expansion 57 35 500
Paid Expansion 58 35 500
Paid Expansion 59 35 500
Paid Expansion 60 35 500
Total 2,040 Slots 18,975 Tokens

Car Mastery Inventory Expansions

Click on [Expand] to discover the complete list.

Inventory Extension Slots Added Licenses
Car Mastery Expansion 1 10 250
Car Mastery Expansion 2 10 500
Car Mastery Expansion 3 10 750
Car Mastery Expansion 4 10 1,000
Car Mastery Expansion 5 10 1,250
Car Mastery Expansion 6 10 1,500
Car Mastery Expansion 7 15 1,750
Car Mastery Expansion 8 15 2,000
Car Mastery Expansion 9 15 2,250
Car Mastery Expansion 10 15 2,500
Car Mastery Expansion 11 15 2,750
Car Mastery Expansion 12 15 3,000
Car Mastery Expansion 13 15 3,250
Car Mastery Expansion 14 15 3,500
Car Mastery Expansion 15 20 3,750
Car Mastery Expansion 16 20 4,000
Car Mastery Expansion 17 20 4,250
Car Mastery Expansion 18 20 4,500
Car Mastery Expansion 19 20 4,750
Car Mastery Expansion 20 20 5,000
Car Mastery Expansion 21 20 5,250
Car Mastery Expansion 22 25 5,500
Car Mastery Expansion 23 25 5,750
Car Mastery Expansion 24 25 6,000
Car Mastery Expansion 25 25 6,250
Car Mastery Expansion 26 25 6,500
Car Mastery Expansion 27 25 6,750
Car Mastery Expansion 28 25 7,000
Car Mastery Expansion 29 25 7,250
Car Mastery Expansion 30 25 7,500
Total 545 Slots -

How to improve a car with a Pro Kit card?

A good Pro Kit tutorial can be found inside the game [by clicking (i) on the Pro Kits page (you get a free Dodge Dart GT Pro Kit Tires upgrade during the process)]. There's also a Pro Kit Inventory Tutorial inside the game [Main Menu → Options → Tutorials → Pro Kit Inventory Tutorial]. Some advice can be found from the official Gameloft forum, too.

  1. Make sure your device is online
  2. Select a car you wish to improve
  3. Tuning → Pro Kits → Apply (requires some amount of Credits)

On the Pro Kits page

  • In order to make the next level-up all side-by-side listed Pro Kit cards are needed. The exact amount of cards required for each Pro Kit level-up are listed in the documents mentioned above (under the header "Pro Kit Formulas" - the table is a summary, but the files contain each and every Pro Kit level-up) and are soon to be found on every Car page, too.
  • The first number below a picture of a Pro Kit card indicates the amount of those cards in the Pro Inventory and the second number below the picture of a Pro Kit card (after the slash) indicates the amount of cards required to make the next level-up. So "4/2" below the picture of a Pro Kit card, for instance, would mean that there's four cards of that type in the Pro Inventory, but only two are required to make the next level-up.
  • The numbers after the name of the category follow the formula: "current Pro Kit level in this category" / "maximum Pro Kit level in this category". So "Suspension 4/5" would mean that currently the Pro Kit Suspension level of the car is 4 and there's still one more level available. After reaching the final Pro Kit level in a category a Pro-banner "You are at the top Pro Kit level!" is displayed instead of the cards. After reaching the final Pro Kit level in all the categories, on the Car selection page a PRO symbol is lit beside the (lit/unlit) MAX symbol.


  • The "Forced-Induction V8" card has a bright glow.
  • The "Drivetrain - A" card glows also but less than the V8 Forced Induction
  • The i5 engine card has the same selling price of A8 credits full 3,000 for Legendary rarity cards despite being a Common rarity card.
  • While the Pro Kit formulas for the Mazda RX-8 and Mazda Furai are correct in using Rotary engine cards, a more accurate name for the card would be Wankel engine as rotary engine can also refer to pistonless rotary engines
  • While the Pro Kit system is not directly brought over to Asphalt Xtreme, its design of requiring cards to install the upgrade is still used.

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