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Rank-Up Tool
Rank-Up Tool
Last checked Mar 29, 2021
Rarity Class S
Availability Boxes
Test Drive
Exclusive Bundles

Rank-Up Tool is a Card in Asphalt Xtreme. It is the rarest Tool Card in the game and often the bottleneck for further upgrades of a vehicle.

Althrough it is sorted under Class-S Cards in the inventory, it is needed for upgrades of all vehicles, mostly at certain upgrade levels divisible by 5, starting at level 15.


The Rank-Up Tool is the only Tool Card that cannot be bought at the Black Market. It is only obtainable from Boxes and some Exclusive Bundles, for example the Oktoberfest Bundle Oktoberfest Bundle.

It is also obtainable as a reward for reaching the top 2,000 in the following Limited-Time Events, repeating every 7 weeks.
Status icon explanation:
Starting in x days: Not running – Running: Running – Starting today: Starting today

Status Event Next
Starting in 13 days Bailey Blade XT4 Test Drive ax.png Bailey Blade XT4 Test Drive Jan 31, 2022
(in 13 days)
Starting in 20 days GMC Vandura Test Drive ax.png GMC Vandura Test Drive Feb 7, 2022
(in 20 days)
Starting in 41 days Porsche Macan Test Drive ax.png Porsche Macan Test Drive Feb 28, 2022
(in 41 days)