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The following is a list of quotes for each Test in the Renault Alpine Celebration's Research & Development event.

Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: The Lunar New Year is here! And our tradition is to work with the Shanghai engineers on something special for it. So take the Renault Alpine for an initial test run!
  • Test .002.: We almost have too many ideas to know what to focus on at the moment. Head out to the Azure Coast and show a once-in-a-Blue-Moon performance.
  • Test .003.: The Shanghai engineers are more than impressed with the potential you've shown them. Any way you can show them some real heat in Barcelona?
  • Test .004.: These guys have some secret techniques they'll only share if we can show off some secrets of our own. And where better to do that than Area 51?!
  • Test .005.: Now the Shanghai team wants to know that you're ready to FIGHT for our joint success. I think they'll get the point if you really take down the competition.
  • Test .006.: We're approaching our first AI showdown. They're not totally convinced you're up to the task, but I think you'll prove them wrong.
  • Test .007.: Here's your chance to wash away all doubt. Beat the Ultimate AI in the Renault Alpine and we can start getting to serious work on this car!

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: Welcome to our special lab built to maximize the Renault Alpine. So let's give the Shanghai devs a warm welcome with a quick run on the Great Wall.
  • Test .009.: That baby uses a rear engine to really push performance while accelerating. Show up how you harness that strength to the max.
  • Test .010.: That powerful acceleration really helps you take the lead. But can you keep it throughout this Elimination challenge?
  • Test .011.: Shanghai's top team set this record on the London track. You may want to grab some upgrades if you're going to sufficiently dust it.
  • Test .012.: We've made progress, but our partner engineers want undeniable result. So it's first place or go home in this race!
  • Test .013.: Some drivers have a hard time handling a car with the engine weight in the rear. But if you can drift to victory in the Alps, I'd say you mastered that challenge.
  • Test .014.: One of Shanghai's top men just gave me a revolutionary idea to eke out more performance. Bring home 1st place to show how big a small change can be.
  • Test .015.: We're finding new breakthroughs every day. So we expect you to keep breaking through records as we optimize this vehicle.
  • Test .016.: We're close to perfecting the rear engine's performance. Just hit up Venice to see if there's anything we overlooked.
  • Test .017.: Of course! Why didn't I see it before? Don't ask what I just thought of, just get back in there and bust the record on the San Diego Harbor track.
  • Test .018.: This has been an inspirational week, but its time to pass the torch to the next team... so long as you can beat the Ultimate AI once again!

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: Welcome to Lab .003! You know, this year we celebrate the Rooster, which symbolizes ambition. Let's honor it with great ambitions of our own.
  • Test .020.: My ambitions for this partnership have just begun! But you're going to need a few more upgrades to fulfill them.
  • Test .021.: The Rooster also symbolizes courage. I want you to exemplify that by knocking down the competition in Dubai without fear!
  • Test .022.: Do you have the courage to take chances? Because you'll need to if you want to push new boundaries and break the Rio de Janeiro record!
  • Test .023.: Way to fly across the track like a real bird of legend! Keep it up, because I'm trying some brave new ideas of my own this time.
  • Test .024.: No place better to celebrate the Chinese New Year than China itself! Go enjoy a joy lap around the Great Wall...
  • Test .025.: So you noticed that was actually a test I planned? Very observant (which is another trait of the Rooster)! Beat this record and I'll tell you more of my plans.
  • Test .026.: I want to give you the best edge possible against the Ultimate AI, so I've modified the aerodynamics slightly. Let's see you fly like a real bird!
  • Test .027.: Time to see if my gamble paid off. Beat the Ultimate AI in a showdown of Renault Alpines!
  • Test .028.: Another trait of the Rooster is being hard-working - and you clearly have it! So don't let up, and work hard to fend off the Infected in this challenge!
  • Test .029.: Your hard work is paying off. But your work might be more rewarding if you upgrade your Renault Alpine for the challenges to come.
  • Test .030.: You know, the Year of the Rooster is actually supposed to be BAD luck for people born under that sign. Let's remind everyone we put skill ahead of luck.
  • Test .031.: Now let's put it all together: ambition, courage and hard work in a challenge that requires them all! Take on this free-wheeling Drift Race!
  • Test .032.: It's been great learning about your abilities and those of the Renault Alpine. But the Ultimate AI challenge is next. Be sure to perfect your skills now!
  • Test .033.: I believe you have what it takes to beat the Ultimate AI! I hope to celebrate the Year of the Rooster along with your success today!

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: Greetings! I'm the head of Shanghai's R&D Team. It's been an honor to work directly with you at last. Let's celebrate the New Year and much more with a BANG!
  • Test .035.: I've seen all of your races up to this point. I know what you're capable of. But you'll need to upgrade that Renault Alpine for what's to come...
  • Test .036.: This is our home turf, and I wish to impress my colleagues with all the progress we've made. Don't let me down.
  • Test .037.: The Great Wall was a success! But now's the time for us to BREAK barriers again.
  • Test .038.: I've adjusted the car's weight distribution in a way that may yield big result. You should have no trouble adjusting to it, I'm sure.
  • Test .039.: Let's keep the momentum going, and throw your full weight into an intense drift challenge.
  • Test .040.: Your performance continues to impress. You're ready to test our top-secret power distribution technology. Care to guess where we got it from?
  • Test .041.: The new power distribution tech we installed has one significant flaw: It can break! Show us you can take it through a race without that happening.
  • Test .042.: My colleagues find our results hard to believe. Let's give them a private display, and crush the best time they've managed on the Great Wall.
  • Test .043.: Wow... the team says they didn't arrange this Ultimate AI challenge... it ASKED to challenge you! Better give it your all and grab all the upgrades you can.
  • Test .044.: I feel like every race with you is a step towards the future of racing, not just a step towards the New Year. Keep it up!
  • Test .045.: The fireworks have really started to fly, and we're all excited that our research is nearly complete. But there's still time to dust some more records.
  • Test .046.: Don't let the river get in the way of your flow! Drift to victory here and we'll be in the home stretch of the best Lunar New Year yet!
  • Test .047.: We have a few final mods to try out on the Alpine. But we can't afford to drop the ball here, so be sure to upgrade the Renault Alpine to the MAX!
  • Test .048.: Let's make out last race on the Great Wall a real show-stopper. I'm sure they'll celebrate with great Chinese style if we win without a single wreck!
  • Test .049.: This is our final test. It's been inspirational to work with you on making the Renault Alpine a legendary collaboration!
  • Test .050.: The Ultimate AI has watched your races even closer than we have! But we win here, and the Renault Alpine is yours to keep! Happy Year of the Rooster!