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  • Race 1: That Renault Trezor you've got is quite a beauty, but can its speed match its aesthetic appeal? One way to find out!

  • Race 2: Wow! Beautiful and fast, this car's got it all! Take another turn around the track and let's see how fast you can go!

  • Grand Finale: Grand Finale time! It seems like everyone has come out to watch you race. Give 'em a good show!

French Guiana[]

  • Race 1: The championship is really heating up in French Guiana. Let's smoke the competition in this time trial!

  • Race 2: The bold, futuristic design of your car has put the other racers on edge. Now, let's knock them out in this race!

  • Race 3: Eliminations are fun, but the only true competition is trying to beat your personal best. Show me how it's done!

  • Grand Finale: You've aced all the races here so far, but will you fold under the pressure of a championship? I don't think so!


  • Race 1: Since your car is one of the most aerodynamically efficient in the world, this next race should be a breeze! Get to it!

  • Race 2: You breaking a sweat going into this race? No? Well the other racers look like they just came out of a sauna! Race hard!

  • Race 3: You're turning heads wherever you go, racer! The Trezor's just THAT captivating! Get some more gawkers!

  • Grand Finale: Put one final coat of wax on your Renault Trezor. You want it to glisten in the Grand Finale Winner's Circle, don't you?! Go get 'em!


  • Race 1: Welcome to the dusty, rusty Nevada Desert! You wonder if this is what the future will look like... Better race hard to prevent it!

  • Race 2: The Renault Trezor's speed is downright addictive! You could REALLY get used to this, driver!

  • Race 3: Don't feel bad about making other drivers eat your dust -- you've got the WORLD to save, remember?

  • Race 4: The brutal Nevada sun glints off the hood of your Trezor like a shining star -- become a comet, driver!

  • Grand Finale: Take your turns hard and your straightaways fast. Speed through the competition and claim your Grand Finale victory!

The Great Wall[]

  • Race 1: Your quest carries you across the ocean to China, where you'll have to prove your speedy supremacy once again!

  • Race 2: You'll never discover the Trezor's secrets if you don't trounce the competition! Get going!

  • Race 3: The track is your kingdom and YOU are racing royalty! Exert your rule, racer!

  • Race 4: Now THIS is heaven -- the wind over your hood, the growl of the engine... Seek out your paradise, driver!

  • Grand Finale: Make your rivals flee the winner's circle when you rush in like a force of nature! You're almost there!


  • Race 1: Don't let the foul weather throw you off course, driver -- nothing stops you and your Trezor!

  • Race 2: It's a little tough trying to figure out the Trezor's calibrations, but there's one language you both speak well: SPEED!

  • Race 3: Tokyo's all ABOUT drifting -- so consider the competition BRUTAL! Bet you can come out on top, though, driver!

  • Race 4: Glide through this rain-soaked city like a koi through a river! You've got beauty and grace to win the race!

  • Race 5: Grappling with the truth of where your car might've ACTUALLY come from is tough... We suggest racing instead!

  • Grand Finale: Fight for the fate of the future with this next race! You've nearly done it! Go, driver, go!

San Diego Harbor[]

  • Race 1: No funny business on the naval base, driver... But if funny biz equals racing, we say you should break a few rules!

  • Race 2: The Trezor is a weapon of mass destruction in your hands! Keep destroying the competition!

  • Race 3: Drop the coy act, driver! You know your hypersonic speeds will ensure your victory, so let your talent shine through!

  • Race 4: You're pretty sure folks are starting to realize how dreamy the Trezor can be. Does that mean you've saved the world yet? Almost!

  • Race 5: The Trezor is your treasure, driver! Show it off with another high-speed run!

  • Grand Finale: We'd say "good luck," but you won't need any luck, driver! You've got this competition in the bag, so get going!


  • Race 1: Welcome to Venice, the City of Water! Will you leave a champion or finish all washed up? Time to find out.

  • Race 2: You're serving those other racers a steaming plate of spaghetti and STREET BRAWLS! Keep on trouncing those punks!

  • Race 3: Your doctor just called. He said you had a deficiency... a gold deficiency! It's true what they say... a win a day keeps the doctor away!

  • Race 4: Venice has more twists than a knot factory. Wait... there's no such thing as a knot factory? Listen... I don't tell you how to drive, right?!

  • Race 5: You eat chump racers like this for breakfast. And while they all scramble to win, in the end, they'll all be toast. Go get 'em!

  • Race 6: Pain is temporary, but winning is forever. Don't let racing fatigue get to you! Don't stop 'til you reach the top, racer.

  • Grand Finale: You've finally made it! The Grand Finale. Finish the climb, reach the summit, and claim your place amongst racing royalty!

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