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The following is a list of quotes for each Test in the Arash AF10's Research & Development event.

Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: So, ready to step up to the mic and test the Arash AF10 for us? All right, get out there!
  • Test .002.: That barely got us warmed up, and there's a ton to understand about this "hyper hybrid."
  • Test .003.: Don't even think about taking a break. A car like this demands we test it from every angle.
  • Test .004.: All right, here's our first curveball: Don't get eliminated!
  • Test .005.: Did that get your heart pumping? Well, keep it up! We need to do a stress test.
  • Test .006.: Smooth moves out there. But do you and that car have the endurance to go again?
  • Test .007.: All right, no Nitro for you this time. Let's see you rely purely on that 2,000-horsepower engine!
  • Test .008.: Your first real-deal test is next. Better make sure you're 100% comfy with that car!
  • Test .009.: Step on up! Time to see if you know the Arash AF10 better than the Ultimate AI!

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .010.: Your base tests are going to be put to great use here! But first, go warm up the Arash!
  • Test .011.: We're studying how the car reacts to unexpected situations... and how you react, too!
  • Test .012.: I wonder how you will react to this Takedown Challenge...
  • Test .013.: You certainly handled that with aplomb! But now I need to throw you back to basics.
  • Test .014.: Your ability to shift between challenges seems a perfect fit for this hybrid hypercar.
  • Test .015.: Not gonna lie: I designed this challenge just so I could see you do some cool moves.
  • Test .016.: Glad to see you've caught "Hybrid Fever." But here's a contagion you'll want to avoid.
  • Test .017.: That race was sick (no pun intended)! Can you show me more of those moves?
  • Test .018.: You might want to practice your tunes here: The next one is going to be interesting...
  • Test .019.: This is our first Drift test of the Arash AF10. Let's see how well you control its power!
  • Test .020.: Smooth as ice out there. Let's slide right into your next challenge.
  • Test .021.: You're looking a bit under-prepared for what's ahead. It's time to upgrade before the boss!
  • Test .022.: Ready for your rematch with the AI? Stay loose and stay ahead!

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .023.: Ah, a fresh face in a new lab... Okay, time to get out of MY face and on to the track!
  • Test .024.: You back already? Hmmm... let's see if you can survive a little Elimination Challenge.
  • Test .025.: Sorry for the rough welcome, but we're all about toughness here. And that means no rest for you!
  • Test .026.: Things only get tougher from here. Might wanna get some upgrades... like NOW!
  • Test .027.: I warned ya. Are you and your car prepared to fight off this Infected challenge?
  • Test .028.: What doesn't kill you make you stronger. So you should clear this challenge faster than ever!
  • Test .029.: Look at that; not a scratch on ya... This'll change that!
  • Test .030.: You're really thriving in this "trial by fire." But can you keep it up without firing Nitros?
  • Test .031.: You're certainly a survivor, but are you the fittest? Might be the time for a few upgrades.
  • Test .032.: It's time for another Hybrid versus Hybrid race-off! I can't wait to see it!
  • Test .033.: You deserve to celebrate that win... but there's no time. Back to the track!
  • Test .034.: You okay? You look like you're drifting to sleep... when I need you to Drift to victory!
  • Test .035.: Now that you're back on track, might be time to upgrade for the challenges ahead.
  • Test .036.: I'm impressed that you're still running at full speed. Keep it up!
  • Test .037.: We're close to the end of this lab's work. Better not hold anything back!
  • Test .038.: I'm glad to see you can take a few hits. But this time, I'd like to see you NOT take any hits.
  • Test .039.: Way to show your delicate side, haha! One more race before the boss!
  • Test .040.: So, you survived all but the final Arash AF10 challenge. Sure you have all the upgrades you need?

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .041.: You've come highly recommended, driver. I can't wait to see if you can harness "Hybrid Power."
  • Test .042.: The hybrid is about more than just power. It's about style and technology. Can you master this too?
  • Test .043.: Nothing can stop the future. So let nothing stop you from taking the competition down!
  • Test .044.: Your style is strong... but its nothing if you don't have the skills to back it up!
  • Test .045.: How many times have you upgraded your Arash AF10? Think it's time to do it again?
  • Test .046.: Technology never ceases to amaze. And I expect the same from you.
  • Test .047.: I'm curious if you rely TOO much on technology. Try this race without any Nitro.
  • Test .048.: I think you might be the wave of the future we've been looking for. Keep at it!
  • Test .049.: The thing about technology is it always evolves. Can you keep up with it?
  • Test .050.: The thing about evolution is it only works when there's Elimination...
  • Test .051.: You look like a new you! Maybe you've been evolving with your car...
  • Test .052.: Time to gauge how far you've come in a survival-of-the-fittest race against the AI!
  • Test .053.: You stand alone as the victor today. But there are still more challenges to win.
  • Test .054.: Technology only works when if it's not BROKEN! So try to be a little careful in this Flawless challenge.
  • Test .055.: I'm feeling more and more confident putting the future of hybrid racers in your hands. Keep it up!
  • Test .056.: You're in the homestretch. I strongly advise you upgrade your Arash to near perfection now!
  • Test .057.: I never get sick of talking tech. Learn from my example and avoid getting sick in this Infected race.
  • Test .058.: If you're not fully upgraded, just don't waste our time from here on out. I can wait...
  • Test .059.: Feel excited? Well, feelings have no place here! Stay in control and your final challenge will be next!
  • Test .060.: The final showdown. Man versus a true marvel of technology. Win this, and you've more than earned that Arash AF10!