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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: Welcome to Lab 1, racer! We're not looking for any old test driver here... we're looking for a genuine talent on the bike. Think you got the stuff?

  • Test .002.: Let's see how you do on the old streets of London. Don't worry... we won't have you going over TOO many cobblestones. Ha!

  • Test .003.: Try not to slip on the sandy streets of Nevada. We're not worried about you! We just don't want you damaging the bike.

  • Test .004.: The boys upstairs think you've got a real talent... I don't see it. Try winning an elimination race in Barcelona. Then we'll talk.

  • Test .005.: Playtime is over. We don't need a biker who can finish races. We need one who can WIN them. Prove yourself, kid!

  • Test .006.: In my free time, I've been developing an AI biker. I'm looking to have a test run soon, but I need the best racer. The BEST. Are you it?

  • Test .007.: Now don't judge this AI too hard... it's just been a pet project so far... but it should give you a run for your money. Show me what you've got!

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: Biker? What are you doing at Lab 2? You got called up, too? Hmm... I guess that means we're still partners. Then let's get back to work!

  • Test .009.: We'll be activating a Lab 2 innovation... Test Mode: Infected. We need to see how this engine works under pressure. Survive this, biker.

  • Test .010.: Lab 2 was impressed with my AI and your performance against it. They want our rivalry to fuel innovation. I won't go easy on you.

  • Test .011.: The lead researchers of Lab 2 think they've got better racers than you. Do I disagree? Maybe. I'll need persuading... so start moving!

  • Test .012.: You're the golden child of Lab 2! Some of the other test drivers want to run you off the road. Good luck out there!

  • Test .013.: My AI is making some huge strides. Just beat your Lab 1 record on the Great Wall track. Question is... have you gotten any better?

  • Test .014.: Hmmm... back to the AI drawing board, I guess. Maybe I need to study your techniques a little bit more. Show me how it's done, biker!

  • Test .015.: Do that again. I think I've figured out your X-Factor... but I still need more data. If you win big in Dubai, I'll be one step closer to the answer.

  • Test .016.: My AI is sliding a bit too much during hairpin turns. I'm activating Test Mode: Drift! Give me the numbers I need, biker.

  • Test .017.: Lab 2 is allowing us to test on their experimental track, Sector 8. This is a big opportunity to prove ourselves. Don't mess it up!

  • Test .018.: Some higher-ups in Lab 3 want to see my AI in action. Give them a good show, biker. Do I expect you to win? Ha! Of course not...

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: Are you seeing this tech?! Lab 3 has got it going on. We've really made some big moves, haven't we? Well enough niceties... we got work to do!

  • Test .020.: Activating Test Mode: No-Nitro! If you're really as good as you think you are, this should be simple. Well... shall we get started?

  • Test .021.: In Lab 1, you posted a good time in London. In Lab 2, you smashed your record. I need you to do it again. The data will be invaluable. Get going!

  • Test .022.: You're a steady performer, biker. The data I'm getting out of you has done wonders for my AI. Keep it up!

  • Test .023.: The AI keeps seeing a dip in efficiency during high-pressure situations. Show him how it's done. Test Mode: Infected Activated!

  • Test .024.: That was it! That was the key. The AI is doing wonders on Lab 3's track, Nevada Desert. See if you can match or break its track record!

  • Test .025.: I cannot top you, can I? Jeez Louise, you are good! I'll have to keep studying your moves. Let's start with a speed test on the Great Wall. Do it!

  • Test .026.: The AI can't match your innate intensity. I want to see how an expert racer like you works your muscles. Good luck!

  • Test .027.: I've maxed out the AI's intensity and top speed. It should smoke you this time around. But you're full of surprises, aren't you? Go get him!

  • Test .028.: Man oh man... you're good. You're better than good. You're the best. I'm sorry I ever doubted you. From here on out, we're a team. Let's do this!

  • Test .029.: I've noticed that my AI has better drift efficiency than you. I've organized a track to help train those skills. We'll get better together!

  • Test .030.: That did the trick. You and that S 1000... like peanut butter and jelly. Keep it up! We're doing real good work right now.

  • Test .031.: Lab 3 has been ringing about our AI project. They're impressed with our numbers. They've set up a test in Venice for you. You'll ace it for sure!

  • Test .032.: Part two of Lab 3's Venice testing is all set for you. Take that S 1000 and smoke the competition!

  • Test .033.: The Lab 4 techs are here. This is our chance, bud. If you and the AI perform well, we'll be able to perfect this project. Let's do this, friend!

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: You're in Lab 4. Your friend is not here. We have taken his AI so that we could perfect it. If you fail us, you will also be replaced. Now race!

  • Test .035.: We expect better from our drivers. Enough amateur hour stuff. Win this race and win it well or you'll be done in this industry.

  • Test .036.: You defeated the AI in Dubai. We think your old scientist friend went easy on you. We will not. Activating Test Mode: Auto-start.

  • Test .037.: This will be your last assignment at Lab 4. Our AI has been perfected. We no longer need you. Your last check will be in the mail. Goodbye.

  • Test .038.: Biker? Can you hear me? It's your friend... the AI scientist. Listen, they want to use my tech for evil. We have to stop them. Let's get started!

  • Test .039.: They've increased the AI's efficiency, but with you gone, it'll never acquire your X-factor. Let's keep training. This time at Sector 8!

  • Test .040.: One of my inside men at Lab 4 gave me the AI's newest numbers. They're good. Really good. Can you even touch its San Diego record?

  • Test .041.: You shattered that AI's record. But if we want a chance for a one-on-one, we'll need to show Lab 4 we mean business. Tenerife Test Time.

  • Test .042.: Lab 4 doesn't even believe the numbers you got on the last Tenerife Test. They want to see you on the Patagonia track. This won't be easy!

  • Test .043.: We've got one last race to prepare for your face-off with Lab 4's AI. If you can break its Dubai record, we will win the showdown!

  • Test .044.: So you've returned... you're nothing compared to our AI. You may as well quit before you embarrass yourself.

  • Test .045.: We did it, buddy! We won our AI back from the scum at Lab 4. Now we can complete our work the right way! Come on... Tenerife awaits!

  • Test .046.: We're not through with you yet. Test Mode: Elimination activated. Our drivers will wipe you off the road. You should never have messed with us!

  • Test .047.: Lab 4 organized a drift test for you. To win, you'll need to drive fast -- almost recklessly. It'll be dangerous, but I know you can do this.

  • Test .048.: The scum of Lab 4 sabotaged your S 1000, biker. If you crash once, it'll all be over. If you really want to do this, I have your back, as always.

  • Test .049.: Lab 4 hired the best racers in the world to challenge you. If you win, they've agreed to stage a final showdown between you and the AI. Let's race!

  • Test .050.: This is it. If we win this, the AI will be ours to own and develop. You've done so much for this project. You're a true friend... Let's do this!

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