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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: Our lab has tested a whole lot of cars in the McLaren 650S series to arrive here. The 650S GT3. Let's see how this sucker moves on the track.

  • Test .002.: You left those other racers in the dust. But we're far away from this R&D's finish line. Time to test the GT3 out on the streets of London.

  • Test .003.: The folks here at Lab 1 have started calling you "Donuts" because you're driving circles around these other racers. Show 'em how it's done, Donuts!

  • Test .004.: Time to step up, Donuts. We've been accepting a third-place finish, but not anymore. We want the best stats possible. Go for gold or go home.

  • Test .005.: A gold medal in Nevada? Donuts, you do not disappoint. We're "cooking" up something nice for our lab's racer. We think it's you. Prove it!

  • Test .006.: You've made it, Donuts. The Elite Racers of Lab 1 have come together to see who can compete against our little pet project. Win big, bud!

  • Test .007.: Donuts, you'll need to upgrade your GT3 to compete with our AI. But if you manage to win, word is that Lab 2 will be calling you up. Good luck!

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: So you're "Donuts"? You don't look like much to me. Listen, Lab 1 may have coddled you, but Lab 2 ain't like that. You have to earn your place here!

  • Test .009.: That was some solid racing back in Rio, but to make sure that wasn't a fluke, we're sending you out to Barcelona. Give us a repeat performance.

  • Test .010.: Now I'm seeing why they call you Donuts. Well, D, you can drive fast, but can you turn hard? Drift your way through Iceland and try not to crash.

  • Test .011.: Look at you. You managed to drift through Iceland without crashing. What? You want a cookie? I guess Donuts loves sweets. Just get to work, okay?

  • Test .012.: Listen, D, our Alps track is one of the most dangerous in the world. You sure you want to do this? You do?! Good. Let's get some high-altitude stats.

  • Test .013.: We've been messing with the code of Lab 1's AI. It's even faster now. Look at the time it got in Venice. Is your GT3 fast enough to beat it?

  • Test .014.: D, you are something else. We think we've perfected our AI and you blow it out of the water. Keep racing. We've got to study your moves!

  • Test .015.: Our Dubai associates are busy working on the AI's hardware, and they want a taste of your skills, Donuts. Give a nice demonstration, won't you?

  • Test .016.: Remember the Rio team? They want you back. They've got a brand-new experiment they want you to go through. It's Elimination time, D!

  • Test .017.: Lab 3 has been calling about you. They've set up a track to test your skills over at Sector 8. It's a doozy, D! Show them what you've got.

  • Test .018.: Lab 3 wants your skills. But before you head off, they have one final test. An AI showdown. Get your GT3 optimized, D. You'll need to be perfect.

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: Welcome to Lab 3, Donuts. Word around town is you can drive circles around even the best racers. Care to show us if these rumors are true?

  • Test .020.: Hmm... the rumors are true. Well, every donut has a hole in it and Lab 3 is known for finding even the best driver's weakness. Time to find yours!

  • Test .021.: Well, now that I think about it, not every donut has a hole in it. But no one has beaten our AI's time in Patagonia. Do you really think you can?

  • Test .022.: So you really are as good as they say? Then I'm glad you're on our side. Now get back to work. There's still lots of research to get done.

  • Test .023.: Lab 3 has a couple tricks up its sleeve that you may have never faced. Don't worry; you'll do fine, Donuts! Activating Test Mode: Infected.

  • Test .024.: We've set up an array of optical scanners around Area 51. We should get some stellar results. All providing, of course, that you deliver.

  • Test .025.: Our other drivers want a piece of you. They want to see if you're really as good as everyone says. Good luck, kid. Activating Test Mode: Knockdown.

  • Test .026.: You drove like a bat out of hell. Another thing to add to the AI. Now get back out there. And this time, try not to maim our other drivers, okay?

  • Test .027.: Using your results, we've upgraded our AI into something of a masterpiece. Have you and your GT3 gotten any better since you two last raced?

  • Test .028.: How you continue to defeat our AI is beyond me. Donuts, we've got a lot to learn from you. Race that GT3 through Venice and start teaching!

  • Test .029.: After reviewing our numbers, we've noticed that you drift through turns 11% more effective than our AI. Show us how you do it, D.

  • Test .030.: We're *this* close to understanding your drift techniques. We're sending you out to the Alps to see how you work in snow. Just avoid the cliffs, okay?

  • Test .031.: Our AI keeps wrecking -- making human errors -- based on your numbers. That's why we need a perfect run from you. Activating Test Mode: Fragile.

  • Test .032.: Our numbers from your last run did a world of good. Our AI is nearly perfect. Donuts, one more race, and I think it'll be time for an AI showdown.

  • Test .033.: The numbers we are getting from the AI are unheard of. This showdown won't be easy, Donuts. Make sure your GT3 is prepared for this face-off!

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: Donuts, is it? Lab 3 is closed. You've proven that they are incapable. We have decided to take over Project: Ultimate AI. Prepare to be worked... hard!

  • Test .035.: Impressive numbers, kid. When I first got your reports, I thought Lab 3 was going mad. But it turns out you really know how to drive. Keep at it!

  • Test .036.: The Ultimate AI is still far from having the type of human ferocity that you have. But it'll learn. Oh, it'll learn. Activating Test Mode: Knockdown.

  • Test .037.: You know that you can't actually see the Great Wall from space? Guess what you can see? Our gap of intel on your use of nitro. Time to fill it in, D!

  • Test .038.: We've made a breakthrough in our AI's instinct programming. It just shattered the track record in Tokyo. Is your GT3 ready to tackle this new time?

  • Test .039.: Your instincts are sharp as nails. We'll need a miracle to get our AI to that level. Well... you ready to give us another miracle, or what?

  • Test .040.: Maybe it's a glitch. That must be it! The only reason our AI is losing is due to a glitch. While we fix this mistake, go gather more intel on the GT3.

  • Test .041.: We're putting our AI through a stress test in order to sniff out the glitch. We're putting you through the same test as a control. Elimination time!

  • Test .042.: The AI is now officially glitch-free. But readjusting the code has led to a 7% drop in efficiency. We'll need a few more tests to fix this.

  • Test .043.: Last time you raced through Dubai, you were up against Lab 3's AI. Now our creation is almost ready. The question is... are you?

  • Test .044.: Lab 4 knows how to make an AI. Ferocious, fast, and focused. You'll need to be better than you've ever been, Donuts. Think you've got a shot?

  • Test .045.: Jeez, D... you are not making our job any easier. What are we missing? What do you have that our AI doesn't? Back to the drawing board.

  • Test .046.: Well, that's interesting... Do that again. Do exactly what you just did. I could be wrong, but I'm seeing a pattern. We may be onto something.

  • Test .047.: I think I'm finally seeing it. A mathematical equivalent to your X-Factor. Activating Test Mode: Elimination. Show me how you work under pressure.

  • Test .048.: There it is. The variable we've all been looking for. Still... it's just a hypothesis. And a hypothesis must be tested. You know what to do!

  • Test .049.: Donuts, you were a tough nut to crack, but boy howdy did we crack you! Our AI is almost ready for a showdown. We just need a little more…

  • Test .050.: This is it. The Ultimate AI. The perfect mix of computer and racer. Cool, but cunning. Calculated, but courageous. Good luck, Donuts. You'll need it.

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