Lab .001.

  • Test .001.: The Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014 was designed to meet the latest safety criteria; let's give this baby a spin around the track and see how she holds up!

  • Test .002.: Beautiful! The quality of this German manufacturing really is something! Why don't you take 'er around for another lap so we can collect more data.

  • Test .003.: Hmm. Did you hear a whistling sound as you were coming around the bend? Take her out again and see if you can get fast enough to reproduce it.

  • Test .004.: Whoo! That was some run! Oh... sorry. I got so excited watching you that I forgot to listen for the whistle. Can you take her out again?

  • Test .005.: Nice run! Looks like a loose bolt in the engine was causing that whistle. Now that we've fixed it, get back out there and pour on the speed!

  • Test .006.: Time to push the new safety features of this baby to the limit! I want you to get out there and cause some serious mayhem on that track!

  • Test .007.: Nicely done! Looks like the steel roll cage held up perfectly to all the damage you just inflicted on her. Better take her out again just to be sure.

  • Test .008.: Safety's never looked SO sweet! All right, I think you're ready to pit her against our AI; show that bad bot who's boss!

Lab .002.

  • Test .009.: Good work! I pulled some new data and used it to modify the suspension a bit. Take her for a spin so we can see how she holds up!

  • Test .010.: Huh. Not bad, but she's not moving as slick out there as I'd like; could I have adjusted something wrong? Take another turn to find out.

  • Test .011.: Okay! I'm pretty sure I fixed the problem... Well, like 99.999% sure I fixed the problem. Only one way to be 100% sure: Take her out!

  • Test .012.: Still seeing the problem; this is what I get for messing with perfection. I'm fairly confident I fixed it now, though. Give it a shot!

  • Test .013.: Yes! Problem solved and she's running smooth as a dream now. Take her out and put her through her paces.

  • Test .014.: *sniff* Sorry, I got a little teary-eyed watching you come around the curve on that last run, just beautiful! Could you do it again?

  • Test .015.: These latest adjustments are working out great! Now that we've seen she can do a regular run with no problems, let's try something a bit trickier.

  • Test .016.: Uh oh! I detected a little wobble on your tail during that last barrel roll. I've made a few adjustments that should fix it. Let's give her a go!

  • Test .017.: Great race! These latest adjustments I made to the suspension seem to have done the job. Take her around for one more spin just to be sure.

  • Test .018.: Hmm... She's still not going as fast as I'd like. I made a few more little tweaks; put her through her paces again to test them out.

  • Test .019.: I finally figured out the problem. A bit of my gum got stuck in the suspension and gummed up the works. Funny... right? Try her out now!

  • Test .020.: Turbo-tastic! We're finally ready to do a test run of our new and improved suspension system against the AI. Take her for a spin!

Lab .003.

  • Test .021.: With this latest data, I've made a few tweaks to further streamline the naturally-aspirated engine. Take her 'round the track to test it out!

  • Test .022.: This naturally-aspirated engine is supposed to prevent turbo lag, but she looks to be lagging a bit when you change throttle. Take her around again!

  • Test .023.: I figured out the problem: That last adjustment I made was blocking the air's path into the engine cylinders. Let's see if she's fixed now.

  • Test .024.: One of the other techs just bet me that your new and improved engine can't outrun his. Let's show him how fast 9,000 RPM will leave him in the dust.

  • Test .025.: You got him good! But now he wants a rematch to prove your killer run wasn't just some fluke. Show him how it's done!

  • Test .026.: Now he's asking for the best two out of three. What do you say? Let's give it to him!

  • Test .027.: Whoo! That'll teach him never to bet against a Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014 again. Now why don't you take her out for a victory lap?

  • Test .028.: Nice driving! I've made a few more adjustments to the engine based off your last few races. Give her another go around the track to test 'em out.

  • Test .029.: Hm. Now I'm hearing an odd little rumble from the engine. I tightened up all the bolts a bit; let's find out if that took care of it.

  • Test .030.: Nope, I'm still hearing it. I made a few more modifications. Try taking her out and getting her up to top speed to see if we can reproduce it.

  • Test .031.: All right, I think that fixed it. Just to be sure, though, why don't you take her out for a few good spins; that outta shake loose any issues that are left.

  • Test .032.: She handled those spins really well, but I'd like to try one more test. Get out there and ram a few cars to prove she can take some damage.

  • Test .033.: Awesome! She's handling really well; how about you take her out for one more spin just to be sure everything checks out.

  • Test .034.: Will you listen to that engine purr! Take her out against our AI and show 'em you can really tear up the track!

Lab .004.

  • Test .035.: Now that we've got her engine humming, I'd like to focus on fine-tuning the brakes. Take her once around the track to gather some data.

  • Test .036.: She's stopping on a dime, but I'd like her to slow a little more gracefully for your own safety. Take her out and see if my fix worked!

  • Test .037.: Excellent! Speed and safety go hand-in-hand on this one. Take her out again so I can gather data to calibrate her even more.

  • Test .038.: Now don't panic, but it looks like the brakes were operating at only 30% on the right side. I'm pretty sure I've fixed it now; take her out!

  • Test .039.: Those brakes still weren't as tight as I'd like, but I think I've fixed her now. Take it out for a test run!

  • Test .040.: She's holding up well, but now comes the true test. Try crashing into a few of your opponents to prove her brakes are as responsive as you need.

  • Test .041.: Just gorgeous! Now I want you to take her out for one final lap so I can let you enter the AI race without fearing for your safety.

  • Test .042.: You've convinced me she's good to go. Let's show that AI that being able to stop is just as important as a hot start for a skilled driver!

  • Test .043.: I've got a surprise for you: The folks at Mercedes-AMG came out to see how you handle the C-Coupe Touring Car 2014. They say if you impress them, it's yours!

  • Test .044.: The folks at Mercedes-AMG like what they see so far, but they want to know if you can crank her up even faster around the track. Let's show 'em!

  • Test .045.: That was pretty good, but the folks at Mercedes-AMG think you can get her even faster. Now get out there and beat their time trial!

  • Test .046.: The folks at Mercedes-AMG were impressed by your speed, but now they want to see how the safety features are working. Let's show 'em!

  • Test .047.: Nice driving! The folks at Mercedes-AMG feel confident about our safety features. Now they want to see how the brakes are handling. Show them!

  • Test .048.: The folks at Mercedes-AMG are curious about the modifications we made to the engine. Take her out and show them how she's working!

  • Test .049.: The folks at Mercedes-AMG hear we also made some tweaks to the suspension. Take her around the track to reassure them she's running well.

  • Test .050.: Beautifully done! The folks at Mercedes-AMG are impressed and say if you can beat their AI, the C-Coupe Touring Car 2014 is all yours. Claim your car!

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