Lab .001.

  • Test .001.: A lot of test drivers have just been flares that fade into nothing. We're looking for someone for the long run. You think you have it in you?

  • Test .002.: Nice first race, driver. But consistency is key in testing. See if you can repeat your triumph on the Great Wall.

  • Test .003.: Enough of this "get in the top three" business... If you want to be our test driver, you have to start finishing in first!

  • Test .004.: We're putting you on an isolated track in Iceland. No racers or traffic to get in your way. This is pure driving. Show us what you got!

  • Test .005.: You're definitely earning your place, but the Suzuki Hayabusa isn't a machine you ride without respecting. Ride hard, but smart!

  • Test .006.: With the Hayabusa's masterly crafted suspension, it handles like a dream. But on the icy roads of the Alps? Getting that data is up to you!

  • Test .007.: We're back on the isolated track in Iceland. You should be able to get through it faster than you did last time. You should, but we'll see if you can...

  • Test .008.: Fantastic work. The data we're getting from your testing is incredibly useful. We're flying you out to Area 51. Push that Hayabusa to its limits.

  • Test .009.: You've been hitting the top speeds we need, but we're still lacking on handling data. Drift through Tenerife and get us the numbers we need.

  • Test .010.: Another lab is recruiting test drivers. If you lower your time in Iceland, you'll qualify for their final examination. You've got this, driver!

  • Test .011.: A lot of test drivers have just been flares that fade into nothing. Not you. You're different. Smoke this AI, driver. Thanks for everything.

Lab .002.

  • Test .012.: Welcome to the Minor Leagues of R&D. Lab 1 had nice things to say about you. That doesn't matter anymore... you're at the bottom rung. Start climbing!

  • Test .013.: We've got a lot of talented test drivers here in the Minor Leagues. Think you can beat any of them on our Tokyo track?

  • Test .014.: Lab 1 had isolated examinations, correct? Well so do we. If you want to advance in this league, you'll need to beat our race time in French Guiana.

  • Test .015.: We're activating a special test mode, labeled "Infected." It'll be a stress test on both you and your Hayabusa. Can you handle the pressure?

  • Test .016.: Sector 8 is where test drivers get broken or get going. If you finish first here, we'll see about getting you into a higher bracket!

  • Test .017.: You've gained entrance to another qualifier exam. Beat the exam's posted time in French Guiana, and we'll set up a real challenge for you!

  • Test .018.: This AI is used to keep the amateurs out of the professional testing circuits. If you can beat it, you may stand a chance against our other drivers!

  • Test .019.: You and your Hayabusa make quite a team. We're happy to welcome you into the Top Tier of the Minor Leagues. Keep it up! Good luck in Dubai!

  • Test .020.: In order to get clearer numbers on the Hayabusa's engine power, we're deactivating your nitro in this race. Get us that data, driver!

  • Test .021.: One of our veteran drivers wants you retested. He doesn't think you've earned your place here. Are you ready to shut him up? Good. Then drive!

  • Test .022.: That veteran still doesn't think you have the skills to stay in this tier. He challenged you to a race in Venice. Go gold or go home, racer!

  • Test .023.: Uh-oh... that veteran did not like losing. He and his fellow veterans challenged you to an elimination match. Are you tough enough to survive?

  • Test .024.: You've defeated every driver in the Minor League. You've earned your place in the final exam. Win this circuit, and you're in the Majors. Let's begin!

  • Test .025.: Your final examination is just beginning. Part Two sets you against some of the lower-tiered members of the Major League. Beat them on the Great Wall!

  • Test .026.: Part Three of the Four-Part Exam. Simple, old-fashioned race. You and your Hayabusa need to do what you always do: win!

  • Test .027.: You've reached the final hurdle between you and the Majors! Defeat our Ultimate AI and you can consider yourself a professional!

Lab .003.

  • Test .028.: Welcome to the Majors, driver! This is where the real testing gets done. Hop on your Hayabusa; we've got some handling tests to complete!

  • Test .029.: Here in the Majors, there are no more exams. Just pure tests and pure data. We'll be clocking your Hayabusa's horsepower in this Dubai showdown!

  • Test .030.: A new AI is being tested and it needs to see what pure racing looks like. Top our record in the Barcelona isolation track! We know you can.

  • Test .031.: Our AI team learned a lot from you in Barcelona. They've asked us to activate Test Mode: Fragile. No mistakes, driver... Not that you ever make them...

  • Test .032.: Area 51 is set for your race. Our AI team has set up sensors and cameras on every inch of this track. They just need you to do what you do: drive!

  • Test .033.: The AI team has some great news: Because of your data, our AI just beat your record on Barcelona. Think you can regain your title from the machine?

  • Test .034.: You beat our AI's time? It must not have the pressure-made spark of human ingenuity. Maybe if it studied you during a stress test... Let's try it!

  • Test .035.: Our scientists have nearly perfected the AI's design. They just need a little more data of the Hayabusa's top speed. How fast can you go in Tenerife?

  • Test .036.: Our developers have crafted this AI out of your data. We think it should pose a challenge, even to a master driver like you.

  • Test .037.: Something was off with our AI's numbers. Guess that means we'll have to study you even harder. Let's get back to work in Barcelona!

  • Test .038.: We've got word from a government organization that they're interested in our AI technology. That just means we need to work even harder. To Tokyo!

  • Test .039.: Our AI is getting confused with the engine readings whenever you use nitro. We're deactivating nitro on your Hayabusa and sending you to San Diego.

  • Test .040.: That was the ticket! Our AI broke the Barcelona record once again. But there's still work to do. Beat the AI's time so we can learn what we did wrong.

  • Test .041.: The government thinks you're the reason that the AI hasn't been completed. They're sending their best men to race you. Show them why you're the best!

  • Test .042.: They still don't trust you. The government's best racers have challenged you to an elimination race. This is for your job, racer! Go for gold.

  • Test .043.: You've proven yourself to them. But now... well, now the government doesn't trust us... They want to take you and the AI... Don't worry... we have work to do...

  • Test .044.: Sorry, driver. We need to keep this AI. We've gotten all our best racers together. If we beat you, we'll prove you're not worth taking. Sorry again...

  • Test .045.: This is our last shot. If our AI beats you, we can prove that we're capable of building it ourselves. If you beat it, we lose it and you...

Lab .004.

  • Test .046.: This is the Government Testing Center. You are not important. All that is important is the AI. Isolation Course: Azure Coast is ready for you. Go.

  • Test .047.: Your performance was satisfactory but not excellent. We require excellence. Activating Test Mode: Fragile. Do better.

  • Test .048.: In order to advance our AI, we are studying how you race against the bureau's greatest racers at Sector 8, our experimental track. Try to win.

  • Test .049.: Examination 2. Isolation Course: Azure Coast is ready for you. Be better or we will find someone new.

  • Test .050.: We have perfected your Suzuki Hayabusa. Any mistake made is a mistake on your head. Remember that during this race on the Great Wall.

  • Test .051.: A small bug has been found in the AI's software. We have created a drifting course for you in Dubai. Do not fail us.

  • Test .052.: Our AI has broken all previous records on the Azure Coast. You will beat its time or you will be sent on your way. The latter is most likely.

  • Test .053.: The mistakes which led to you breaking the AI's record on the Azure Coast have been fixed. You will lose this one-on-one in Venice.

  • Test .054.: The AI must fail due to your folly. Activating Test Mode: Fragile. No more mistakes. Each mistake influences the AI. No more mistakes.

  • Test .055.: Race through the Azure Coast. You will hit our required time. We wish our AI to be that fast, so you must be as well. Failure is not an option.

  • Test .056.: Our AI smashed the Alps course record. No human could race at that level at that altitude. Not even you. Don't even try...

  • Test .057.: You won... in the Alps... that's physiologically impossible... Activating Test Mode: Infected. This stress test will break you. Push you beyond your limits.

  • Test .058.: The AI has mastered all of your little "techniques." You and your Hayabusa stand no chance against its new record on the Azure Coast.

  • Test .059.: A one-on-one is being planned for you and the AI. Minor bugs are being fixed. Your race data in Dubai will be enough to solve these problems. Go now.

  • Test .060.: Nothing human can defeat our newest AI. We have seen every simulation play out. You will lose. Thank you for your work.

  • Test .061.: Another defeat... Your prowess is unquantifiable. Maybe if we get more data... Yes, of course... more racing data will solve this problem. Go to Tenerife.

  • Test .062.: Each step our AI takes is matched by a leap on your end. The Azure Coast record has been broken again. But you will just beat it, won't you?

  • Test .063.: You are the only racer capable of defeating our AI. So our higher ups have chosen to have you eliminated. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Test .064.: You survived the elimination race?! Well good, because we have a major breakthrough in Rio. The AI no longer needs you. It is perfect.

  • Test .065.: Countless times you have defeated the tech that you helped create. But no longer. This is a race for your life. Man vs. Machine. Goodbye, driver.
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