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Lab .001.[]

  • Test .001.: The Beast is born... the Rezvani Beast X! It's a powerhouse of innovation. You got what it takes to test it? Let's find out!

  • Test .002.: Speed is imperative. There is no alternative. We have no time for those who take their time.

  • Test .003.: At its full power, no other variant can compete with the Rezvani Beast X. So unleash it... unleash the Beast!

  • Test .004.: Initiating Test Mode: Elimination! The Beast doens't just have speed, it has POWER! Combine its strength with your own... and win!

  • Test .005.: Initiating Test Mode: Unplugged! If you want nitro, you'll have to earn it! Perform tricks in Barcelona and finish in the top three to complete the test!

  • Test .006.: The Beast can no longer be contained. You must do more than finish this race... you must dominate it! Give it everything you've got, racer!

  • Test .007.: We've synthesized your racing data into the Ultimate AI. Who will come out on top: man or machine? Let's let the Rezvani Beast X decide!

Lab .002.[]

  • Test .008.: Welcome to Lab 2, driver! The Rezvani Beast X couldn't be contained in Lab 1. It needs room to grow. Let's continue its growth in San Diego!

  • Test .009.: Initiating Test Mode: Infected! Your fellow test subjects will only get more ferocious from here on out. Our tip: Be even fiercer!

  • Test .010.: Our Ultimate AI continues to unlock the potential of the Rezvani Beast X. It has shattered course records in Iceland. Can you match its efforts?

  • Test .011.: At 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, the Rezvani Beast X is the fastest amongst the Beasts. Use this superiority to conquer Rio.

  • Test .012.: Initiating Test Mode: Knockdown! The beast is ready to hunt. Dominate the competition to move forward!

  • Test .013.: Our Ultimate AI has reached another level of perfection. Its time in Tenerife is near-unbeatable. Care to prove us wrong?

  • Test .014.: In the jungle of Patagonia, the beast awaits glory. Maste the barrel roll here. Only the most adaptive Beast can survive this jungle.

  • Test .015.: On the beaches of Barcleona, the Beast prowls. It searches for its next victory. Will you provide it, or be the prey?

  • Test .016.: Initiating Test Mode: Drift! The Rezvani Beast X's light weight provides superior maneuverability without sacrificing power. Drift your way to victory.

  • Test .017.: Our Ultimate AI is fully prepared for another challenge. But it will only challenge the strongest beast. Will you prove your worth?

  • Test .018.: Our Ultimate AI, armed with the astounding Rezvani Beast X, is at the starting line. This is Lab 2's final test. Do not fail the Beast.

Lab .003.[]

  • Test .019.: The Beast grows stronger. Lab 3 will be testing you and the Rezvani Beast X to your limits. Your first test: Master the Beast's air capabilities.

  • Test .020.: Initiating Test Mode: Unplugged! The Beast craves Nitro. Perform stunts to feed(s) its hunger!

  • Test .021.: Will you win or will you fail? The choice is yours. Give this race everything you've got!

  • Test .022.: Lab 3 has optimized the Ultimate AI in ways the others never could have. It is nearing perfection. Can you match its time at Area 51?

  • Test .023.: Initiating Test Mode: Infected! Your Rezvani Beast X must survive the infection. Can you persevere? We hope so...

  • Test .024.: Further Ultimate AI optimization has been programmed. Your Rezvani Beast X is powerful... but can it compete with ours? We think not...

  • Test .025.: Legends say the Great Wall was built to keep out great beasts. Now the greatest beast of all has arrived... Can this wall contain you?

  • Test .026.: Initiating Test Mode: Knockdown! You must be savage, fierce, and dominant. You must be one with the Rezvani Beast X!

  • Test .027.: The Rezvani Beast X is rare. Only 5 were produced. It requires the perfect driver: our Ultimate AI. Can you claim the same for yourself?

  • Test .028.: We don't need anything less than perfection. If our data is flawed, our Ultimate AI will never reach its true potential. Perform perfectly, racer.

  • Test .029.: Initiating Test Mode: Drift! You have proven yourself to be a fiercer competitor than our Ultimate AI. We must learn from you. Show us how you move!

  • Test .030.: You'll need all 700 horsepower of the Rezvani Beast X's turbocharged engine to successfully scale the Alps. It's an uphill battle you must win!

  • Test .031.: Initiating Test Mode: Flawless! To err is human. But you can no longer be human. You must be a beast. A flawless, almighty, beast!

  • Test .032.: The Romans once believed that Britannia was infested with beasts. Today, the Beast returns. London will know your might.

  • Test .033.: Your perfection is undeniable. Your data has optimized our Ultimate AI beyond our wildest dreams. It is waiting for you. It wants to defeat you.

Lab .004.[]

  • Test .034.: We here at Lab 4 have been searching for a racer worthy of the Rezvani Beast X's power. We believe you are that racer. Do not disappoint us.

  • Test .035.: Your demonstration of the Rezvani Beast X's air capabilities was commendable, but we require more. Complete 3 Flat Spins in one jump.

  • Test .036.: Initiating Test Mode: Infected! Our Ultimate AI must learn more about your ferocity. Survive and reign supreme over the competition.

  • Test .037.: The Rezvani Beast X was crafted to win. Each component expertly arranged to achieve total victory. Do what it was designed to do.. triumph!

  • Test .038.: Initiating Test Mode: Elimination! A machine cannot match the savagery of man. But our Ultimate AI will never win without it. Please teach it.

  • Test .039.: Your 2.5-liter Cosworth i4 turbocharged engine sends echoes of power throughout the Great Wall. The sound of victory rings true. You will win.

  • Test .040.: Initiating Test Mode: Unplugged! Our Ultimate AI was capable of shattering a course record without being given nitro. Outperform its perfection!

  • Test .041.: In the desert sands of Dubai, the Beast scours for another victory. The other racers, your prey, cower at your power!

  • Test .042.: Initiating Test Mode: Elimination! Eight knockdowns. Eight racers who must be defeated by your Beast's might.

  • Test .043.: Our Ultimate AI has a few words for you. "I have grown stronger. If you can beat my time in Tenerife, meet me in San Diego. I will be waiting."

  • Test .044.: Ultimate AI: 98% optimized. The precipice of perfection! But it still has things to learn. Will you teach it a lesson or will you fail this course?

  • Test .045.: The Ultimate AI cannot match your air capabilities. You give the Rezvani Beast X wings! Continue teaching us. We must understand.

  • Test .046.: Initiating Test Mode: Unplugged! A true beast is not fed. It hunts... it feasts! Hunt for nitro and conquer all those who oppose you!

  • Test .047.: Initiating Test Mode: Drift! Grip the Rezvani Beast X's e-brake with all your might. Turn hard and fast. Control the Beast. Focus its immense power.

  • Test .048.: Initiating Test Mode: Flawless! Ultimate AI 99% optimized. We are so close to perfection. Perform flawlessly. Give us the final data.

  • Test .049.: Ultimate AI: 100% optimized. It has one last test for you before your final showdown: Survive Dubai. Your opponents will be relentless. Do not falter.

  • Test .050.: The Rezvani Beast X: a supercar of immense power. Unleash your inner beast and defeat the 100%-optimized Ultimate AI. The final showdown begins now!
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