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Drive SyndicateResearch & Development
The Rimac C Two Drive Syndicate Special Event was launched as the second Drive Syndicate Event and was available between December 13, 2019 to January 24, 2020.

Car List

DS2 Car Lot

Cars released during the event


Track Race Mode I II III IV
Mountain Cats
Osaka (Rat Race + Kita Run) On the Run Beat 1:50 (Lv. 3) Beat 1:45 (Lv. 3) Beat 1:40 (Lv. 3) Beat 1:35 (Lv. 3)
Cairo (Thousand Minarets) Hacker Run
Shanghai (The Pearl of the Orient) Hacker Run
Scotland (Lighthouse) Classic
The Caribbean (Islet Race) Classic
U.S. Midwest (Covered Bridge) Classic
Himalayas (Cliffhanger) Classic
San Francisco (Bridge Finale) Classic
Rome (Alternative Route) Classic
Charging Boar
U.S. Midwest (Navajo Nation) On the Run Beat 2:10 (Lv. 3)

Beat 2:05 (Lv.3)

Beat 2:00 (Lv. 3)
San Francisco (Downtown Rise) Hacker Run
The Caribbean (Beach Landing) Hacker Run
Cairo (Subterranean Dash) Classic
Rome (Tiber Cross) Classic
Shanghai (The Pearl of Orient) Classic
Himalayas Classic
Scotland (The Windmills) Classic
Osaka (Welcome to Osaka) Classic
Rising Tanuki
Rome (Complete Tour) On the Run
Scotland (The Path of Wind) Hacker Run
Himalayas (Cliffhanger) Hacker Run
San Francisco (Waterside) Classic
Shanghai (Reach For the Sky) Classic
U.S. Midwest (Covered Bridge) Classic
Osaka (Industrial Revolution) Classic
Cairo (Pharaoh's Games) Classic
The Caribbean (Island Tour) Classic
Stalwart Monkey
Osaka (Welcome To Osaka) On the Run Beat 1:50 (Lv. 3) Beat 1:45 (Lv. 3) Beat 1:40 (Lv. 3) Beat 1:35 (Lv. 3)
Cairo (Thousand Minarets) Hacker Run
Shanghai (The Pearl of the Orient) Hacker Run
Scotland (Lighthouse) Classic
The Caribbean (Paradise Resort) Hacker Run
U.S. Midwest (Trainspotter) Classic
Himalayas (Cliffhanger) Classic
San Francisco (Bridge Finale) Classic
Rome (Alternative Route) Classic
Regnant Octopus
Shanghai (Shopping Spree + The Pearl of the Orient) On the Run Beat 1:50 (Lv. 3) Beat 1:45 (Lv. 3) Beat 1:40 (Lv. 3) Beat 1:35 (Lv. 3)
Osaka (Refined Finish) Hacker Run
The Caribbean (Islet Race) Hacker Run
Cairo (Thousand Minarets) Classic
Scotland (Lighthouse) Classic
Himalayas (Asphalt Cave) Classic
San Francisco (Rush Minute) Classic
Rome (Alternative Route) Classic



  • Playing Hazard 3 missions will give you the most Syndicate Coins and Points and help you progress faster.

Mountain Cat

  • Purchasing the 1st and 2nd Relay Bundles may be required to unlock the Furai as Syndicate coins given out in Mountain Cat I aren't enough to obtain all 30 blueprints based on drop rates.
  • It is recommended to only star up the Furai to A9 icon star yellowA9 icon star yellowA9 icon star yellowA9 icon star grey (rank: 2,486)

Charging Boar

  • It is recommended to only star up the Shelby GR-1 to A9 icon star yellowA9 icon star yellowA9 icon star yellowA9 icon star grey (rank: 2,613)

Rising Tanuki

  • It is recommended to only star up the Zerouno to A9 icon star yellowA9 icon star yellowA9 icon star yellowA9 icon star grey (rank: 2,937)

Stalwart Monkey

  • It is recommended to only star up the ZR1 to A9 icon star yellowA9 icon star yellowA9 icon star yellowA9 icon star greyA9 icon star grey (rank: 3,232)

Regnant Octopus

There are 2 ways to unlock the Rimac C_Two with one way being easier than the other. The ways to unlock the C_Two are:

  • Obtain all 45Blueprint epic a9 45 to 3 star the Rimac and upgrade it to its max rank (4231). You will need to at least have 700KSyndicate points small a9 700K to do this. You will then be able to complete all 17 RO IV Hazard 3 races.


  • Complete all Hazard 2 races. This way will take longer to unlock the C_Two since it will require you to complete 201 races.


Mountain Cat

Points Reward
2000Syndicate points small a9 2,000 1000Syndicate coins small a9 1,000
6000Syndicate points small a9 6,000 1Blueprint rare a9 1 (Mazda Furai)
11000Syndicate points small a9 11,000 10000Credits small a9 10,000
17600Syndicate points small a9 17,600 10Blueprint uncommon a9 10 (Nissan 370Z NISMO)
30000Syndicate points small a9 30,000 Unlocked Mountain Cat II
33600Syndicate points small a9 33,600 25000Credits small a9 25,000
49600Syndicate points small a9 49,600 2Blueprint rare a9 2 (Mazda Furai)
65000Syndicate points small a9 65,000 Unlocked Mountain Cat III
65600Syndicate points small a9 65,600 25Tokens small a9 25
81600Syndicate points small a9 81,600 2Blueprint rare a9 2 (Mazda Furai)
97600Syndicate points small a9 97,600 25000Credits small a9 25,000
105000Syndicate points small a9 105,000 Unlocked Mountain Cat IV
113600Syndicate points small a9 113,600 6Blueprint rare a9 6 (Mazda Furai)
129600Syndicate points small a9 129,600 25Tokens small a9 25
145600Syndicate points small a9 145,600 1Blueprint epic a9 1 (Rimac C_Two)
160000Syndicate points small a9 160,000 2500Syndicate coins small a9 2,500
Unlocked Ford Shelby GR-1 Card Pack
Unlocked Charging Boar

Charging Boar


Charging Boar (Wild Boar)

Points Reward
179800Syndicate points small a9 179,800 10Blueprint uncommon a9 10 (Lotus Evora Sport 410)
195000Syndicate points small a9 195,000 Unlocked Charging Boar II
197800Syndicate points small a9 197,800 50000Credits small a9 50,000
215800Syndicate points small a9 215,800 2Blueprint rare a9 2 (Ford Shelby GR-1)
233800Syndicate points small a9 233,800 50Tokens small a9 50
65000Syndicate points small a9 65,000 Unlocked Charging Boar III
251800Syndicate points small a9 251,800 2Blueprint rare a9 2 (Ford Shelby GR-1)
269800Syndicate points small a9 269,800 50000Credits small a9 50,000
280000Syndicate points small a9 280,000 Unlocked Charging Boar IV
287800Syndicate points small a9 287,800 6Blueprint rare a9 6 (Ford Shelby GR-1)
305800Syndicate points small a9 305,800 50Tokens small a9 50
323800Syndicate points small a9 323,800 2Blueprint epic a9 2 (Rimac C_Two)
340000Syndicate points small a9 340,000 5000Syndicate coins small a9 5,000
Unlocked Italdesign Zerouno Card Pack
Unlocked Rising Tanuki

Rising Tanuki


Rising Tanuki (Raccoon Dog)

Points Reward
362000Syndicate points small a9 362,000 10Blueprint rare a9 10 (Ford GT)
380000Syndicate points small a9 380,000 Unlocked Rising Tanuki II
382000Syndicate points small a9 382,000 75000Credits small a9 75,000
402000Syndicate points small a9 402,000 2Blueprint rare a9 2 (Italdesign Zerouno)
422000Syndicate points small a9 422,000 75Tokens small a9 75
425000Syndicate points small a9 425,000 Unlocked Rising Tanuki III
442000Syndicate points small a9 442,000 2Blueprint rare a9 2 (Italdesign Zerouno)
462000Syndicate points small a9 462,000 75000Credits small a9 75,000
475000Syndicate points small a9 475,000 Unlocked Rising Tanuki IV
482000Syndicate points small a9 482,000 6Blueprint rare a9 6 (Italdesign Zerouno)
502000Syndicate points small a9 502,000 75Tokens small a9 75
522000Syndicate points small a9 522,000 3Blueprint epic a9 3 (Rimac C_Two)
540000Syndicate points small a9 540,000 7500Syndicate coins small a9 7,500
Unlocked Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Card Pack
Unlocked Stalwart Monkey

Stalwart Monkey


Stalwart Monkey (Japanese macaque)

Points Reward
564200Syndicate points small a9 564,200 10Blueprint epic a9 10 (Ferrari LaFerrari)
585000Syndicate points small a9 585,000 Unlocked Stalwart Monkey II
586200Syndicate points small a9 586,200 100000Credits small a9 100,000
608200Syndicate points small a9 608,200 2Blueprint epic a9 2 (Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C7))
630200Syndicate points small a9 630,200 100Tokens small a9 100
635000Syndicate points small a9 635,000 Unlocked Stalwart Monkey III
652200Syndicate points small a9 652,200 2Blueprint epic a9 2 (Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C7))
674200Syndicate points small a9 674,200 100000Credits small a9 100,000
680000Syndicate points small a9 680,000 Unlocked Stalwart Monkey IV
696200Syndicate points small a9 696,200 6Blueprint epic a9 6 (Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C7))
718200Syndicate points small a9 718,200 100Tokens small a9 100
740200Syndicate points small a9 740,200 4Blueprint epic a9 4 (Rimac C_Two)
760000Syndicate points small a9 760,000 10000Syndicate coins small a9 10,000
Unlocked Rimac C_Two Card Pack
Unlocked Regnant Octopus

Regnant Octopus


Regnant Octopus

Points Reward
786400Syndicate points small a9 786,400 5Blueprint epic a9 5 (Rimac C_Two)
810000Syndicate points small a9 810,000 Unlocked Regnant Octopus II
810400Syndicate points small a9 810,400 250000Credits small a9 250,000
834400Syndicate points small a9 834,400 5Blueprint epic a9 5 (Rimac C_Two)
858400Syndicate points small a9 858,400 250Tokens small a9 250
865000Syndicate points small a9 865,000 Unlocked Regnant Octopus III
882400Syndicate points small a9 882,400 5Blueprint epic a9 5 (Rimac C_Two)
906400Syndicate points small a9 906,400 250000Credits small a9 250,000
925000Syndicate points small a9 925,000 Unlocked Regnant Octopus IV
930400Syndicate points small a9 930,400 5Blueprint epic a9 5 (Rimac C_Two)
954400Syndicate points small a9 954,400 250Tokens small a9 250
978400Syndicate points small a9 978,400 25000Syndicate coins small a9 25,000
1000000Syndicate points small a9 1,000,000 Rimac C_Two key
Rimac C_Two exclusive event decal
2 Rimac C_Two Epic Import Parts


Drive Syndicate
Event Featured Vehicle Other Featured Cars
Koenigsegg Jesko
Drive Syndicate Event
Koenigsegg Jesko Ferrari 812 Superfast Genty Akylone Ginetta G60
Rimac C_Two
Drive Syndicate Rimac
Rimac C_Two Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Ford Shelby GR-1 Italdesign Zerouno Mazda Furai
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