Rio de Janeiro (/ˈriːoʊ di ʒəˈnɛəroʊ, -deɪ ʒə-, -də dʒə-/; Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʁi.u dʒi ʒɐˈnejɾu]; lit. River of January), or simply Rio, is the second most populous municipality in Brazil and the sixth most populous in the Americas. The metropolis is anchor to the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area, the second most populous metropolitan area in Brazil and seventh most populous in the Americas. Rio de Janeiro is the capital of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's third most populous state. Part of the city has been designated as a World Heritage Site, named "Rio de Janeiro: Carioca Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea", by UNESCO on July 1, 2012 as a Cultural Landscape.

It is a commonly recurring track in the Asphalt series.


Asphalt Urban GT 2

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Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

Rio de Janeiro is only available on the Android version of the game.

Asphalt 3D

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Asphalt Injection

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Asphalt 7: Heat

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Asphalt 8: Airborne

MP Rio tracks
Bright highways, beautiful views, and seaside stretches make it hard to keep your eyes on the road of Rio de Janeiro's 4 racetracks!
In-game description

Rio de Janeiro was added to Asphalt 8: Airborne as part of the July 2016 update of the same name. It is the only track added in 2016.

Similar to Tenerife, each track for Rio has a different starting point from their reverse counterpart. The tracks also feature multiple alternate routes, long straights, and big jumps rushing through the mountains of Rio, the city, and its oceanside beaches. Racers are greeted by flocks of parrots and birds native to Rio de Janeiro. Similar to Dubai, there are two tracks with ramps and jumps (Oceanview Derby and Highland View), and two with a huge lack of ramps (Ipanema Showdown and Rapido Park). There are also trams that act as traffic, meaning it is possible to perform a Near Miss, Traffic Control, or Traffic Down on them. Trams appear on the rail roads in the inland Rio de Janeiro.

Many landmarks can be spotted, including Christ the Redeemer, Ipanema, and Sugarloaf Mountain.

Rio de Janeiro has four tracks:

  • Ipanema Showdown / Rapido Park
    • These tracks are set on a sunny day and lack ramps. At the festival part of the track, there are always traffic buses even in Multiplayer League. These are also the only Rio tracks selectable in Gate Drift, but the race is now set during sunset in Ipanema Showdown's case, in the same fashion as Oceanview Derby and Highland View.
  • Oceanview Derby / Highland View
    • These tracks are set at sunset and feature ramps. They have different starting points from their sunny day counterparts.

The Rio de Janeiro tracks are 3.11 mi (5 km) long.

The following cars have their banners depicted in Rio:

The only way to play them is either through Exclusive Metal Events, World Series/Multiplayer League, Enduro Double Down, Research & Development, Championships, Season 9, or Car Mastery. In the latter two cases, the new cars introduced from the Rio Update onwards must be used.

When its namesake update was first launched, Ipanema Showdown was the only selectable track in World Series. As of October 5, 2016, all 4 layouts are now available.

In the Multiplayer League Update, the Rio de Janeiro tracks were revamped to have better lighting and visibility, as well as new nitro power-up locations.

Recommended cars

As a combination of Azure Coast and Alps, vehicles with a high nitro efficiency, top speed and/or acceleration (e.g. Chevrolet 2016 Camaro SS, TRION NEMESIS, etc.) are recommended as nitro pickups on the track are few and far in between, and both Ipanema Showdown and Rapido Park lack ramps. All four tracks have similar lengths to Dubai and San Diego Harbor. Near the waterfall, the road is cluttered with puddles, which can be problematic to drifts.

Season 9 Usage

The following cars use the Rio de Janeiro tracks as their Season 9 tracks:

  • Ipanema Showdown
  • Rapido Park
    • Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe (01:15:000, 01:11:000)
    • Falcon F7 (00:57:000, 00:55:000)
  • Oceanview Derby
    • Cadillac ATS-V Coupe (01:08:000, 01:05:000)
    • 2015 GTA Spano (00:55:000, 00:53:000)
  • Highland View
    • BXR Bailey Blade GT1 (01:00:000, 00:57:000)
    • W Motors Fenyr SuperSport (00:55:000, 00:53:000)


Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • Rio de Janeiro is the only track to be added into the game in 2016.
  • Rio de Janeiro is the only track in the game to feature artwork from a real-world artist. Gameloft hinted at this as a teaser for the Rio Update.
  • A wall mural in Rio de Janeiro also appears as a decal design for certain cars (e.g. Felino cB7, Range Rover Evoque Coupe HSE Dynamic).
  • Coincidentally, the 2016 Summer Olympics was held in Rio de Janeiro and may have been the inspiration for the Rio de Janeiro Update.
  • Rio de Janeiro is the first location to have all three radio stations (Bass, Rock, and Electronic) as default radio stations.
  • Rio de Janeiro reuses the background sound effects of French Guiana (jungle/waterfall), Barcelona (beach/cruise ship), London (inland/beach), and Azure Coast (beach).
    • Ipanema Showdown's intro reuses the background sound effects of Barcelona and French Guiana.
    • Rapido Park's intro reuses the background sound effects of London and Azure Coast.
    • Oceanview Derby's intro reuses the background sound effects of London.
    • Highland View's intro reuses background sound effects, but they are different:
      • If in Multiplayer races or the race has less than 8 racers, the intro reuses French Guiana's background sound effects.
      • If in single player races and the race has 8~23 racers, the intro reuses London's background sound effects.
      • If in single player races and the race has 24+ racers, the intro reuses Azure Coast's background sound effects.
  • The W Motors Fenyr Supersport's Research & Development event starts and ends at Oceanview Derby; Rio de Janeiro was introduced in the Fenyr's debut Rio Update.
  • Since the Rio de Janeiro Update, some tests in the Alfa Romeo 4C's R&D event also take place here.
  • Ironically, in the Traditional Chinese version before the Championship Update, Oceanview Derby was simply called 里約熱內盧, which somehow translates into "Rio de Janeiro".
    • This marked the first time for a language where a track simply uses its name since Tenerife.
    • Since the Championship Update, it is now called 海景大道, which translates into "Oceanview Avenue".
  • Rio de Janeiro is the first track since Tokyo to have permanent traffic.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Patagonia, Area 51 and Munich Subway are the only tracks still not selectable in Quick Solo Race, even as of the Hot Wheels Update.
    • Rio de Janeiro has been unselectable for 7 updates.
    • All three tracks lack reverse track designations on their reverse tracks' banners.
  • Billboards advertising the game and Asphalt Xtreme can be found in Rio de Janeiro.
  • From August 3 to August 30, 2018, an advertising campaign for Asphalt 9: Legends was featured in the form of billboards in various locations across both versions of the track.
    • These billboards re-appeared on December 13, 2018, however the extra pre-race cinematics featuring said billboards are no longer present.
    • Rio de Janeiro, Munich and San Diego Harbor are the only Time-Released Tracks to feature the aforementioned billboards.

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