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  • Race 1: The SCG 003S is one of the rarest cars on the market right now. You must feel pretty special.

  • Race 2: This car was built for racing, but without a driver who can handle it, none of it matters.

  • Grand Finale: This is it! The final heat! If you win all of these, you might find yourself the proud owner of an SCG 003S.


  • Race 1: Tenerife sounds like a location from a fantasy book full of elves and dwarves, but nope, it's just Spain.

  • Race 2: Can you blame these guys for wanting a piece of the SCG 003S? They're one of the most expensive cars on the market.

  • Race 3: The SCG 003S is road legal, but don't let that fool you into thinking the speed you're going also is.

  • Grand Finale: Enough with these timed trails. This is a real race with real consequences. Lose here and it'll be a tough climb back. Win and it's all worth it.


  • Race 1: I made a bet with my friend that London fog wouldn't slow you down. Please don't make me lose another bet to him.

  • Race 2: Elimination time! Only the best are left, and if you're not the best in this ride -- we need to reconsider our drivers.

  • Race 3: I like that the SCG 003S is a two-seater because then I come off as less lonely than I do in the empty SUV I drive every day.

  • Grand Finale: You need to prove to these wannabes who the real champ is. Buckle up, because we're breaking the sound barrier.

The Great Wall[]

  • Race 1: We probably should drive a souped-up sports car so close to ancient history, but this is where we mention how SAFE the SCG 003S is...

  • Race 2: You would think these are Wall tourists, but in reality they're here to see the SCG 003S. It's a very rabid, nomadic fan base.

  • Race 3: With 800 horsepower, the SCG 003S could go the whole distance of the Wall in... I was never good at math.

  • Race 4: This car might just be the pinnacle of casual racing in our day and age. But the way you drive it -- there's nothing casual about that.

  • Grand Finale: If you think you have what it takes, then you must relish an opportunity like this. Prove you know what it takes to drive an SCG 003S


  • Race 1: With a two-million-dollar price tag, the SCG 003S is one of the most expensive cars in history. Also one of the fastest, so it's worth it.

  • Race 2: With a top speed of 217 mph, you gotta admit this car is faster than a cheetah. Sorry, cheetah! You're no use to us anymore.

  • Race 3: No matter what happens, you will make it out of Barcelona alive. Just maybe without one of the coolest cars in the world. Do your best to win.

  • Race 4: Barcelona has treated us well. Let's bring it home and show these guys what the SCG 003S is made of!

  • Grand Finale: The pressure is on now! Don't let it catch up to you. Keep your speed and it'll never close the gap!


  • Race 1: Patagonia is quite the place. Beautiful! Less so when you're going 200+ mph in a premium sports car, so please trust me.

  • Race 2: The taillights alone are worth over 200 thousand dollars! I know, I feel like there's gotta be a typo somewhere too...

  • Race 3: Another group of guys trying to get their paws on one of the most expensive cars in the world. You're faster -- so stay ahead!

  • Race 4: With a twin turbo V8 engine, you can bet on this car keeping you warm in chilly Patagonia. But nothing will keep you warmer than a win!

  • Race 5: Push the SCG 003S to its limits! We want to see what you're made of!

  • Grand Finale: You've done well so far! Now let's see if you have what it takes to bring it home!


  • Race 1: The Swiss Alps are a great place to enjoy your vacation, and an even better place to enjoy underground high-speed car racing.

  • Race 2: The Swiss Bank is pretty interested in further evaluating the price point of the SCG 003S. Sounds like you should keep your distance.

  • Race 3: The SCG 003S can hit 60 degrees in under three seconds. In other words, it hit 60 degrees well before I finished this sentence.

  • Race 4: Near the Alps, in the city of Turin, the SCG 003S is built. So this is kind of a homecoming. Don't let this car down in front of its parents!

  • Race 5: We've seen a good chunk of these mountains. Win here and we can start planning our next big race.

  • Grand Finale: I'm impressed, but you still have a ways to go. Win here and I might just change my tune. Might.


  • Race 1: Nothing says rich like Dubai, the land of gold bars in vending machines. It looks like our extravagant SCG 003S has found a home.

  • Race 2: If you feel like this car belongs on the big screen, you're not far off -- the man behind the SCG 003S is a film producer. The fastest of all producers.

  • Race 3: The rich always want to get richer. That's why you have to make sure the Drivers of Dubai don't leave you behind with no wheels!

  • Race 4: We need to make sure you can hit the fast notes. To the limit!

  • Race 5: Speed is the name of the game, and if you're not fast you won't go far. Good thing you've already gone pretty far.

  • Race 6: Snag a good time here and I think we can move you on to some new competition... but you gotta perform well first.

  • Grand Finale: If you want the SCG 003S all to yourself, you need to prove it on the track. We're not giving these away to just ANYBODY...
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