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The following is a list of quotes for each race in the Sbarro Sparta's Enduro Double Down

Tier 1[]

  • Race 1: Welcome to the Enduro Double Down. Let's see if you got the spark to handle the Sbarro Sparta!
  • Race 2: You've come out the gate strong, but I can't tell if you're an inferno, or just a flash in the pan.
  • Race 3: Have you gotten the hang of things yet? Hah, neither have I.
  • Race 4: Ready for your first Ace Race? This is where we separate the rookies from the completely hopeless.

Tier 2[]

  • Race 5: You're on the right track, but I can't say you've impressed us quite yet.
  • Race 6: Listen to me, rookie. There's no getting used to"random." You just have to go with the flow.
  • Race 7: Another day, another challenge. We like to keep things fresh around here.
  • Race 8: Already on your second Ace Race, huh? Well that was fast!

Tier 3[]

  • Race 9: Getting into the groove of things? Because we're getting into our groove of inventing new challenges.
  • Race 10: Ohhh, I haven't seen this challenge before! I hope you like what we have in store.
  • Race 11: These challenges may seen chaotic, but I swear there's a method to our madness!
  • Race 12: Your next Ace Race is just 'round the bend. Better not burn all your gas up here!
  • Race 13: Ace Race 3 coming up! You'll be one step closer to bagging your Sbarro Sparta after this!

Tier 4[]

  • Race 14: Still hanging in there, huh? Well, tighten that seatbelt, because there's a lot more surprises coming!
  • Race 15: You looked a little shaky that last race. Hope you're not already losing your touch.
  • Race 16: I think it's clear you have too much style for this tier. So let's hope this challenge doesn't keep you here for long.
  • Race 17: This race is special... because it's sure to be your last!
  • Race 18: Is it just me, or does it feel like your last Ace Race was, like, just a moment ago? Keep blazing ahead!

Tier 5[]

  • Race 19: I haven't seen too many people make it this far. And fewer with such a determined look on their face.
  • Race 20: I'm starting to think Tier 5 is just another stop on your much longer journey...
  • Race 21: Are you... still improving as you go along? That's insane! And probably a sign you're meant for big things.
  • Race 22: I'm not impressed that you keep winning. I'm impressed that you're barely breaking a sweat doing it!
  • Race 23: You're getting close to the next Ace Race. Have you learned all you can from here yet?
  • Race 24: Ace Race 5 coming up! Then it's on to greener pastures and tougher challenges!

Tier 6[]

  • Race 25: We're mixing things up even more from here on out. So get ready for the Tier 6 shuffle!
  • Race 26: You think you can just roll up and best everything we throw at ya? Oh... you really do, huh?
  • Race 27: I'm not taking your winning streak lightly. It just inspires us to devise more insidious challenges.
  • Race 28: It's starting to get frustrating to see you best our challenges so easily...
  • Race 29: You gotta have a weakness! And we'll keep trying new things until we find it!
  • Race 30: After all those curveballs, a good ol' Ace Race might be just the thing to trip you up!

Tier 7[]

  • Race 31: The more you rise, the fewer the challengers there are to divide our attention. We've got our eyes on you...
  • Race 32: We've reviewed your races over the past few days. And we think we found a way to bring you down!
  • Race 33: Aren't you tired of winning yet? Why not really mix things up and just lose for once?
  • Race 34: I can't believe that last one didn't work! Is someone leaking you info about our challenges?
  • Race 35: We've pulled out all the stops! This is going to make your progress hit a speed bump for sure!
  • Race 36: So you made it to another Ace Race... don't look so smug! You're still nowhere near the top!

Tier 8[]

  • Race 37: You've come pretty far... but as we like to say, "The higher they rise, the harder they fall."
  • Race 38: How about we make a deal... you stop winning challenges, and we can finally take a break... No? FINE!
  • Race 39: Those same tricks you use won't work forever. You're bound to slip up soon...
  • Race 40: This is where most racers start to really feel the fatigue. Have enough gas to get you over the finish line?
  • Race 41: I'm not actually rooting against you. I just need to make sure you truly sweat for this prize.
  • Race 42: You're getting close... but don't think you can let up for a second!
  • Race 43: Your 8th Ace Race is a testimony to your dedication. Make it count, and let Tier 9 know what you're about!

Tier 9[]

  • Race 44: So you've come to the final leg of this Enduro Double Down. Hold nothing back!
  • Race 45: Are you tired? Well wake up! Because we're not going to give you a second to breathe!
  • Race 46: The competition has thinned out... but that means you've only got the best to content with.
  • Race 47: We've got nothing better to do than devise ways to give you a bad day. Good luck!
  • Race 48: Can you almost feel that Sbarro Sparta humming away in your garage? Well stop dreaming and make it happen!
  • Race 49: You're close... closer than anyone else has come. Can you bring it home and make it to the final Ace Race?
  • Race 50: This is it champ! Win and the Sbarro Sparta is yours by virtue of your skill, sweat and perseverance!