Introduced in the Leaderboard Update, Seasonal Leagues serves as Asphalt Street Storm Racing's equivalent of Multiplayer League's.


Similar to its Airborne counterpart, players win races to earn Driver rating small as Driver Rating Points. Once enough points are earned, the player is placed in a new rank group or League. When the event finishes, prizes are awarded based on the player's League and rank.


AST League Icon
While being functionally similar, Seasonal Leagues has several differences:
  • The lack of Tickets
  • The score multiplier is given at the end of a league rather than after every race
  • There are only 3 Leagues instead of 5
  • Ranks, the equivalent of Tiers, do not have a set point range
  • Unlike Tiers, each Rank group has its own set of prizes
  • Each event only lasts for 14 days instead of every month
  • The player's points are set back to 0 at the start of every season.


  • Bronze League
    • A minimum of 500 Driver rating small as is required.
  • Silver League
    • A minimum of 3,500 Driver rating small as is required.
  • Gold League
    • A minimum of 10,000 Driver rating small as is required.


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