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The Shop is an in-game store for Asphalt 9: Legends. It is accessed by its green button at the top of the screen or by pressing either the Credits and Tokens balance.


Legend Store

In the Shop, there are 5 different sections to buy items; these consist of Card Packs, Legend Store, Special Offers, Tokens, and Credits. Each section holds its own set of special items to buy and can be bought with Credits, Tokens, Trade Coins, or real money.

Card Packs[]

There are 4 different types of Card Packs available to obtain in the store; consisting of the Premium Pack, Ads Pack, Classic Pack, and Special Packs. Ads Pack and Classic Packs are obtained for free while Premium and Special Packs are only purchasable with Tokens. The content of a card pack is determined by the player's Garage Level. See Card Pack for more information.

Legend Store[]

The Legend Store is a market (similar to Exclusive Deals and Black Market of previous games) within the Shop where items can be bought before the timer ends. Once the timer ends, new items will be put into the store and the previous items are not available for purchase until it appears again in the next rotation. The items available in the store are randomized and the player is allowed a maximum of 3 refreshes to the store per day for Tokens 20 each. The Legend Store has vehicle and import part blueprints that can be bought using either credits, tokens, or Trade Coins. Six items (purchasable five times each) can be purchased using the former two. Epic Import Parts, SIN R1 550, Ford Shelby GR-1, Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, Ferrari 812 Superfast and Nissan Leaf NISMO RC blueprints are only purchasable with Trade Coins; there are two items purchasable using Trade Coins per timer cycle, and they can only be purchased once each.

A similar store also exists in Drive Syndicate events, selling only items relevant to the Drive Syndicate event.

Special Offers[]

Special Offers are rewards that have to be bought as a microtransaction. Special Offers are available for a limited time or semi permanent. These offers give players a discount on their items. Prices range from $1.39 – $279.99 USD per item.

During Special Events, Relay Packs may be available, costing Tokens Tokens. These reward blueprints for a particular car as well as Credits Credits. Relay Packs have multiple stages, with each stage granting more blueprints and credits. Some relay packs (that grant Tokens tokens) may require a microtransaction during a stage of purchase.


Tokens are only purchasable as a microtransaction. Like Special Offers, players are given a discount for larger purchases.


Credits are only purchasable by Tokens or as a special deal that offers credits. Players can receive up to 300% extra credits when making an expensive purchase.