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Showdown is a race mode added in its namesake update. The game mode adds power-ups that can be used during a race and is currently only available as a single-player TLE.


The Showdown race mode is a Classic race with power cores on the track that can be driven through to obtain power-ups. After driving through a core, there will be a short delay as the boost picked up is selected (displayed as two arrows surrounding the power-up circle). There are 8 types of power-ups that can be picked up, though only two can be held at a time. The power-ups can be used to speed up (Hyperboost), protect your vehicle from other players' attacks (Force Field, and occasionally Hyperboost, Pulsewave and Disruptor) and wreck other players (Surge Strike, Comet, Disruptor, Hyperboost, and Pulsewave). Some boosts can be used for both offense and defense such as the Disruptor. The goal is to finish the race first by effectively using power-ups to dominate your opponents.


  • Comet: Pursues opponents with an energy pulse, slowing them down upon contact!
  • Force Field: Shields user from opponent's Power-Ups and collisions for a short time!
  • Disruptor: Slows down opponents caught within its range!
  • Pulsewave: Emits an energy wave around the user, tackling opponents within range!
  • Hyperboost: User becomes invulnerable and extremely fast for a short time!
  • Surge Strike: Automatically targets the opponent in first place, slowing them down upon contact!

Note: "Slowing down" means Wrecking the vehicle.

Power-up mechanics[]

  • Comet: Can be nullified by a Force Field, Hyperboost, Disruptor, and a well-timed Pulsewave.
  • Force Field: Neutralizes every power-up and Wrecking but is destroyed after a single hit by a power-up.
  • Disruptor: Can be nullified by a Force Field, Surge Strike (if being deployed), Hyperboost and a well-timed Pulsewave. Can neutralize a Comet.
  • Pulsewave: Can be nullified by a Surge Strike (if it strikes while pulsing). Can neutralize a Disruptor or Comet.
  • Hyperboost: Speeds up the vehicle to 310 mph / 498 kmh but makes steering erratic. Hitting an opponent when a Hyperboost is active will almost certainly deal a knockdown (displayed as "Erased"). Can neutralize all other power-ups.
  • Surge Strike: Can be nullified by a Force Field and Hyperboost. Can also neutralize a Pulsewave or Disruptor if these Power-Ups are being charged/deployed.


  • Pulsewave, Disruptor (in deployment) and Hyperboost will be ended if the player wrecks.
  • There is a delay for the Disruptor, Pulsewave and Surge Strike between activation and being in effect.

Obtaining power-ups[]

Obtaining: Depending on the player's position in the race, they stand a higher chance to get certain boosts to balance out the game. A player that is in last or 2nd last place is more likely to get a Hyperboost or Surge Strike. Midfield players (2nd-4th, but depending on total racers) get the Comet and Pulsewave more often. 1st position players normally get Disruptors, Force Fields and Pulsewaves. Note that although these are standard throughout all Showdown races, this is only a guideline and there are exceptions to this general rule.

To activate a power-up, the icon has to be tapped for mobile platforms while Windows uses the V and B keys for the left and right slot respectively.


  • Comet: Should only be activated when it has locked on to the opponent. Comets shouldn't be used when there are multiple vehicles in front of as the aiming system may jump to a different opponent. Comets should also not be used in areas with elevation changes or turns as this will interfere with the path the comet takes towards its target. A purple reticle is shown when the player is has a Comet aimed at them and flashes when the Comet has been launched. The faster it flashes, the closer the Comet is to the car; if the reticle disappears that means the Comet has hit something else other than the car and has been destroyed.
  • Force field: Should only be used against a Surge Strike. Ineffective against a Pulsewave as the Force Field will be destroyed after the first wave. As a Pulsewave deals multiple hits when active, this leaves the player vulnerable to being shocked. Should not be used to deter knockdowns.
  • Disruptor: Should be placed in narrow passages, corner apexes, corner exits, blind spots, before shortcuts, ramps or nitro bottles to increase the chances of contact with an opponent and force opponents to avoid racing into those areas. A Disruptor can be used to neutralize a Comet but this requires good reaction time according to distance.
  • Pulsewave: Should be only used when opponents are in close range as its range is limited. A Pulsewave can neutralize a Comet or Disruptor but this requires precise timing. Using a Pulsewave and braking to come into contact with your opponent is another tactic that should only be used if the player is skilled. A blue proximity arrow is shown when a nearby opponent has an active Pulsewave.
  • Hyperboost: Should be used on straight stretches of track as the vehicle will steer erratically on its own. If luck permits, it may also be used to neutralize Surge Strikes as it lasts longer than a Force Field and speeds you up, extending your lead. A yellow proximity arrow is shown when a nearby opponent has an active Hyperboost.
  • Surge Strike: Only effective if the player is between second and last place. If two Surge Strikes are activated closely, the second strike will target the player in second place.

Tutorial Screens[]

Loading Screen Tips[]

  • COMET EXPIRATION - The comet can fly for a limited time. Once it reaches its limit, it self-detonates!
  • HYPERBOOST PROTECTION - Hyperboost doesn't just speed you up... It also makes you invulnerable to obstacles and Power-Ups, though collisions can still interfere with your vehicle's steering.
  • DISRUPTOR VS COMET - Deployed Disruptors can interfere with Comet Aiming, protecting the user from attack!
  • COMET TARGETING - The Comet requires a short amount of time to lock on the target. During this period, aiming crosshairs are pale gray.
  • SURGE STRIKE PRIORITY - If two Surge Strikes are both headed to the opponent in first place, only the first one will be used to hit that target! The other will hit the car in second place.
  • PULSEWAVE CHARGE - The Pulsewave requires a short time to charge before erupting around the vehicle! The progress bar on the Pulsewave icon will fill as you charge.
  • DISRUPTOR EXPIRATION - Deployed Disruptors will self-detonate after a short time.
  • AVOIDING THE COMET - Dodging an attack from a comet is tough but doable. Try hiding behind obstacles or speeding up to break free of the Comet's auto-lock!
  • FORCE FIELD DURABILITY - The Force Field will protect the user from any attack, but one hit from a PowerUp will destroy it. Use it strategically!
  • CHARGING THE DISRUPTOR - The Disruptor requires a moment to charge up. After this charging delay, it will spawn behind the vehicle. The progress bar on the Disruptor icon will fill as you charge.


  • The concept of using weapons against other vehicles is not new to the Asphalt game series. In the Catch mode of Asphalt Nitro, the player's vehicle is turned in to a police car.
    • Players can activate "EMPs" (electromagnetic pulses) around their car to damage AI opponents within their range, similar to the Showdown Pulsewave.
    • AI opponents, in return, can drop "Shock Mines" on the track that slow down the player's car upon contact, similar to the Showdown Disruptor.
    • This heritage may also be an explanation for the wrong description of the Showdown power-ups: In Showdown mode, power-ups do not "tackle" or "slow down" opponents but immediately wreck them. In Catch mode, however, tackling and slowing down is exactly what EMPs and Shock Mines do.
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