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Slipstream Mode is a game mode in Asphalt 9: Legends.


In Slipstream Mode, cars leave behind a 'slipstream', a trail of blue light that other cars can drive over. When driving over a slipstream, the car's nitro gauge will fill up drastically. This is called Nitrosurfing. When racers drift or 360, their slipstream is temporarily deactivated.


At the start of the race, it is recommended to get behind other cars to catch their slipstream, allowing the player to perform a nitro shockwave instantly and quickly accelerate to their top speed. If the player starts the race at the front, a common tactic is to drift, which stops a slipstream from being created and builds up nitro.

Cars with high top speeds but low nitro efficiency will be able to perform better than usual in this game mode, as their low nitro efficiency is somewhat negated by the ability to pick up nitro quickly from other racers. This allows them to use a nitro shockwave early on in the race and accelerate up to their top speed. Therefore, it is recommended to use faster cars such as the Apollo N or Koenigsegg Regera as they will be able to keep speed very well and get ahead of everyone else.