A sponsor is an enhancement that can be bought in Asphalt 7: Heat with in-game currency. Sponsors last for one race and can be bought when starting one for Dollars full a7 5,000 (at Level 1) all the way up to ? (at Level ?). Before a race, the player has a choice of 3 sponsors already pre-picked for that race.

This idea later evolved into boosters with future Asphalt games.

Sponsors: Alutec - Earn extra Nitro when drifting
Furious Fuel - Using Adrenaline stops the timer
Quantum Engines - Earn extra REP
Nitro Beach Club - Earn Nitro when passing an opponent
Body Pusher - Get a speed boost after a crash
Untamed Water - Earn Nitro when doing combos
Magic Armor - Earn extra REP from Knockdowns
Hair Fantasy - Adrenaline lasts longer
Greedy Pig Bank - Picking up items stops the timer
Muscle Mover - Earn Nitro when hitting opponents

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