Saint Petersburg (Russian: Санкт-Петербу́рг, tr. Sankt-Peterburg, IPA: [ˈsankt pʲɪtʲɪrˈburk]) is a city situated on the Neva River, at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. It is Russia's second-largest city after Moscow. With over 5,351,935 million inhabitants as of 2018, it is the 4th-most populous city in Europe.An important Russian port on the Baltic Sea, it has a status of a federal subject (a federal city).


Asphalt 3: Street Rules

The scenery likes Moscow. Tracks starts from two twisy corners lends to a corner with a C curve. Then a short S curve with a twist hairpin. A straight S bend with a pair of easy curve soon appeared with a C curve and a straight away lends to the start/finish line later.

Asphalt 4: Elite Racing

The track is the same as the older version.


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