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Referred to as Update 2 by Gameloft, this is the fifth update of the launch version of Asphalt Street Storm Racing. The update adds 3 new race modes to the game.



Strap yourself in and ride in the Ferrari 812 Superfast, W Motors Fenyr SuperSport, Ford GT and Chevrolet Camaro LT


Take on 3 special single-player challenges every week, and race against AT opponents to sharpen your skills and rake in more in-game rewards!


Quick Race: Place your bet and get paired with opponents automatically.
Test Drive: Choose and track length and weather type to practice on and perfect your skills.


Celebrate 70 years of Ferrari excellence in three events, each focusing on a different Ferrari supercar. You can also unlock special Ferrari customization options in the Seasonal League and Champions Clash


Car ratings now reflect performance potential more accurately. That means better matchmaking in multiplayer modes and a clearer understanding of each upgrade's effect.


Based on your feedback, we've streamlined the UI, putting single-player modes front and center, and giving multiplayer modes their own section.


By popular demand, there is now a "Retry" icon you can select after any lost single-player race.


New Cars

AST v1.4 Preview (1).jpg
AST v1.4 Preview (2).jpg

Class C
Class S

Game Changes

AST v1.4 Promo SC.jpg
AST Vulcan P1 SC.jpg

Gameplay Changes

  • New racing modes: Street Series, Test Drive and Quick Race
    • Street Series loans a promoted car to the player in a series of 12 races
    • Test Drive allows the player to practice racing with a car under specific conditions and records their best times.
  • In-game recording of races has been added
  • The game now asks for confirmation if the player wants to leave the lobby
  • Instant engine repairs for Diamonds are now offered as soon as the player's car is sufficiently damaged
    • Cash repairs now have to be bought from the garage
    • Cars undergoing a repair are no longer drivable during the repair
  • Diamonds can be used to pay for upgrades with immediate installation instead of just to skip the duration
  • Cash bets are now based on the class of car the player is driving
    • Placing a bet now uses the same button as checking it
  • 4 way races now locks out spectators from joining when the counter reaches 2
  • The free 4 hour Bronze Gift Box now requires an ad to be watched before it can be claimed
    • The Silver and Gold Gift Box also allow for a free box to be claimed by watching an ad
    • This was eventually phased out with free boxes now requiring a waiting period before it can be claimed
  • The reward pool for each Gift Box has been changed

Cosmetic Changes

  • New loading screens of a 4 way race between a Chiron, Fenyr, 750-4 SV & P1 and a Vulcan against a P1
  • New opening cutscene showing races in all 3 locations
  • The UI has been recolored to a shade of turquoise
  • The Race menu has been redesigned to a format similar to Asphalt Xtreme's horizontal scrolling
  • Car rating has been increased for all Classes
    • The minimum rating for a fully upgraded car is now 499
    • A damaged car no longer shows a reduced rating
  • The garage now has a "Cars Owned" counter with a collection limit of 400
  • Inventory is now shown in 2 rows and scrolled through vertically
  • The tabs for visual customization are now at the bottom of the screen with a particle effect when a customization option is selected
    • The number of custom paints, decals and underglows are also shown
  • The weight and torque figures for a car are back in a drop down window when the car's name is tapped on. The best times for a 1/4 & 1/2 mile race are also shown.
  • The Dodge Viper ACR is now named as the Viper ACR instead of Viper Viper ACR in the shop
  • The post race results screen now has a white background with a checkered flag
  • Daily Tasks now have a counter to show progress
  • The reward listing for each Gift Box has been rearranged.
  • New Halloween themed drag strip
  • New sound effects play when a Perfect Start and shift(s) are made


  • Street Series Difficulty
    • The series' are notoriously difficult, more so than Daily Races and it is unknown if this was an intentional design choice or a difficulty curve was overlooked
    • The Street Series for the Ferrari 812 Superfast was also suspended due to technical difficulties
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