Finish first by riding three cars in one race, one by one! Car switches are linked to a timer!
In-game description
Tag Racing Season

Tag Racing is a new race type introduced in the Santa's Gift Update for Asphalt 8: Airborne. Tag Racing can only be played in certain Time-Limited Events and in the Tag Season.


Tag Racing Instruction

The player has to choose a deck of 3 cars within a specific class or group of cars. Like Career Mode, the player races against 5 or 7 racers in an event, and traffic is enabled in a 5 opponent setting (except in the Tag Racing Unlimited race in Barcelona), while disabled in a 7 opponent setting. Tag Racing can only be played in the single player mode Tag Season or in Tag Racing Time-Limited Events. Tag Racing is not available in Online Multiplayer, Quick Solo Race, and in Wi-Fi matches.

The rules are very similar to Career Mode. However, unlike in Career Mode, the player has to choose 3 cars for one event, which will transform into the next car selected after a certain time. The time between the transformations depends on the event, though is usually somewhere between 15-30 seconds.

The Tag Racing race type is based on the Classic race type.

With the introduction of motorcycles in Motorcycles Update, motorcycles cannot compete in Tag Racing. However, in a recent Limited-time Event which involved all vehicles competing, selection of a motorcycle in the tag race will cause the game to crash.

Star System

Tag Season features blue stars, which is a new game element. Blue Stars unlock Tag Races, but seem to have no other use in the game.

As in Career Mode, stars are rated for the player's placement, 1 star for third place, 2 for second place, and 3 for first. The other 2 stars are usually time limit and performing other tricks, although some Tag Racing Events only require time limits (like recent Season 9 Events).



  • After finishing a race, it is common for the next car to be switched into have its engine note constantly play until the game goes back to the main menu (Note: This can be done for 1 Lap & finishing the race before the Vehicle 3 switches back to Vehicle 1)
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